Poison Plant Magic: Zofnir's Garden of Lingering Burns 「毒草魔法『ゾフニールの執烙園』 Dokusō Mahō "Zofunīru no Shitsurakuen"」 is a Poison Plant Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user spawns a variety of poisonous and carnivorous plants from the ground. People struck by the vines are immobilized by a burning poison.[1] The vines can tunnel under the ground and take enemies from behind, and some of the flowers can spew dark clouds that obscure visibility.[2]

The plants are durable enough to withstand a large blast of water.[1]


  • Vidofnir, or Zofnir, is Old Norse for "Tree-Snake" and was a rooster which sat atop Mímameiðr ("Mimir's Tree").


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