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Zetten 「絶天」 is an advanced ki-manipulation technique.

The technique's name literally means "sky-severing" and comes from the creator's legendary feat of splitting the sky with the technique.[1]


By precisely manipulating their ki, the user builds up magic power within their own body and concentrates it into their limb. Subsequently, the user swiftly performs a physical motion, such as a punch or a kick, and explosively releases the magic power, generating a focused blast of energy from their limb. This energy's form depends on the physical motion; for example, a hand swing will generate a flying slash that is capable of slicing targets from a distance.[2]

Alternatively, the built up magic power can be equally split among multiple attacks, depending on the user's style of fighting.[3] However, Zetten's strength is determined by the amount of magic and the speed of the action, so the individual attacks will be weaker.[4]

Zetten can be utilized alongside other spells, increasing their power,[5] and can be replicated with Anti Magic.[6]


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