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|species= Human
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|gender= Male
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|affinity= [[Bone Magic]]

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Zenon 「ゼノン」 is a member of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.[1]


Zenon is a tall man with dark-colored, messy hair. His most notable feature is a cross-shaped scar on the left side of his forehead and it extends down across his left eye.

Zenon wears a dark-colored shirt with a high collar and dark-colored pants that tuck into light-colored boots. Additionally, he wears a dark-colored fur coat with a short light-colored fur mantle on top. The back of the mantle is emblazoned with a spade symbol.


Zenon is extremely merciless. He does not seem to talk much, preferring to settle things with his magic.

A facet of Zenon's personality seems to be his devotion for his home kingdom of Spade. He is highly meticulous and determined to acquire more power to add to the Spade Kingdom's war force. He goes as far as invading the Clover Kingdom and directly attacking the Golden Dawn's base for the sole purpose of obtaining an Arcane Stage mage for his kingdom's military.


By himself, Zenon attacks and defeats a Diamond Kingdom army, including two Shining Generals.[2]

Six months later, Zenon attends a meeting with the rest of the Dark Triad.[1]

Zenon defeats William

Zenon captures William.

Zenon and two Dark Disciples travel to the Clover Kingdom and attack the Golden Dawn base in search of an Arcane Stage mage.[3] Zenon confronts William Vangeance. Alecdora Sandler steps in to defend the captain, but Zenon easily defeats the Magic Knight. Zenon expresses his wish to collect William's World Tree Magic for the Spade Kingdom.[4] Zenon captures the captain in a tangle of bones, and the destruction from their fight causes the floor to collapse. After landing on the ground floor, Zenon notes that not all of the Golden Dawns are dead.[5]

Battle Prowess


  • Bone Magic: Zenon uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate bones.[6]



  • Grimoire: Zenon possesses a spade grimoire that contains various bone-based magic spells.[2]


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