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Yuno vs. Ragus is a fight that occurs in the city of Kiten.


The citizens of Kiten cheer as Yuno has saved them from Broccos, who gets back up and compliments Yuno on his power. Ragus shows up and tells Broccos that he is going to lend Broccos a hand since he cannot stand to see Broccos in the state that he is. Broccos tells Ragus not to interfere, but Ragus ignores him and decides to attack, asking Yuno if he can protect both the citizens and himself.[1]


Ragus fires Thunderbird Cavalry: Sky-Splitting Magic Bow Armament at Yuno, who counters the spell with Gale White Bow, which easily defeats Ragus's spell and destroys the barrier protecting Ragus and his men. Ragus wonders who Yuno is, while Yuno asks if Ragus can protects himself and his men. Ragus and Broccos argue over who will fight Yuno[2] until William Vangeance creates a large tree and Broccos goes to avenge his men.[3] Yuno and Ragus continue to clash above Kiten. Ragus cannot believe how powerful Yuno is and says that his beautiful magic will defeat him. Yuno tells Ragus that beauty has no place on the battlefield and defeats Ragus with a spell, saying that only the stronger man will win. Ragus is defeated and crashes into a building.[4]


Yuno lands on the ground and asks what Asta is doing there and also comments about how Asta is a wreck. Finral Roulacase recognizes Yuno and thinks that he is going to look down on Asta and the Black Bulls. Yuno says that Asta must have gotten stronger but is not going to beat him. Asta replies that Yuno is the one that has gotten stronger but he will be the one to come out on top.[5]


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