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Yuno vs. Gaderois Godroc is a fight that occurs in the Golden Dawn base.


Zenon Zogratis and his two Dark Disciples, Gaderois Godroc and Foyal Migusteau, attack the Golden Dawn base. The Dark Disciples easily tank the Golden Dawns' attacks, and Gaderois proceeds to slaughter a great number of them.[1] Yuno Grinberryall, who was notified about the attack, hurries back and finds Gaderois standing over the bodies of several of Yuno's comrades. Yuno immediately uses Spirit Dive and angrily demands answers from Gaderois.[2]


Gaderois informs the angry Yuno that half of his comrades are dead while the others are just barely alive. Yuno immediately uses Spirit Storm on Gaderois, who blocks and destroys the spell. Seeing Yuno's surprise, Gaderois boasts that his Stone Magic is reinforced by a devil and that the spirit of wind is no match. Gaderois launches multiple projectiles at Yuno, who uses Spirit's Hushed Dance to dodge the attacks and to save his injured comrades. Gaderois is delighted that there is another Stage Zero mage to fight. Gaderois introduces himself and asks for Yuno's name, which Yuno refuses to give. Gaderois and Yuno continue fighting, and Gaderois manages to block and counter Yuno's attacks, significantly injuring the vice-captain.

Yuno defeats Gaderois

Yuno cuts through Gaderois's armor.

Gaderois begins to praise the strength of the Dark Triad and to criticize the former king. Upset by these remarks, Yuno asks what Gaderois feels when he kills people. Gaderois responds with a devilish smile that the destruction and fights he is involved with are all thrilling and exciting to him, and accuses Yuno of being the same as he is also strong. Enraged by Gaderois's comparison, Yuno attacks Gaderois with Spirit of Zephyr. Though Gaderois is able to block the spell, he notices that the wind is accelerating and eroding his stone armor. As Yuno cuts through Gaderois and shatters the stone armor, he declares to himself that regardless of his status as a Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom or a Prince of the Spade Kingdom, he will stop the people who have warped the world and break the chain of curses.[3]


Yuno leaves Gaderois's lying on the ground[4] and heads over to the courtyard to help in the fight against Foyal.[5]


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