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Yuno vs. Catherine is a fight that occurs during an invasion at the Clover Kingdom's Royal Capital.


After most of the Knights that have been protecting the Royal Capital were cast off to an unknown location, Catherine reveals herself to the confused citizens. She then proceeds on absorbing their mana, which puts them in critical conditions. Fortunately, Yuno is able to escape from the spell that teleported his colleagues and he tries to defend a citizen from her. A fight soon ensues as Yuno unapologetically remarks on Catherine's age and appearance.[1]


Catherine attacks Yuno

Catherine assaults Yuno.

Catherine begins to manifest spheres, which composed of ashes, and launch them towards Yuno. As he tries to avoid them, Yuno begins to question Catherine and her group's objective for attacking the Royal Capital. Catherine then ambiguously reveals to him that her group was assigned to assassinate someone.[2]

As the fight continues, Yuno begins to receive damages from Catherine's spell. The attacks slowly render the former's senses obsolete to which the latter reveals that her attacks are infused with curse magic. As his senses are deteriorating at a considerable pace, Yuno's attacks begin to miss its mark. Upon his struggle, Yuno begins to reminisce his experience thus far, in regards to his slow improvements since he received his grimoire.[3]

Breath of Sylph

Yuno overwhelms Catherine.

The young Knight then finally losses all of his senses as he is engulfed in darkness. At that moment, his latent ability arise as he begins to see the flow of mana. Using his newly emerged ability, Yuno amasses a large amount of wind mana around himself as Sylph also emerges to assist him. Using Sylph's assistance, Yuno launches a powerful spirit magic spell attack towards Catherine.[4]

The spell is strong enough to engulf the latter in it without allowing her any chance to retaliate nor escape, as she is being thrusted by it. It also forces Catherine to use her entire mana, in order to withstand the attack.[5]


Catherine survived the attack

Catherine barely survived.

Yuno's attack manages to send Catherine crashing into a nearby tower where Charmy Pappitson is feasting. After exhausting all of her mana to defend herself, Catherine's appearance is greatly altered into the appearance of an old lady. Due to this, she immediately threatens Charmy and the other cooks whom is present in tower, as she tries to steal their mana. Using his mana sensory ability, Yuno learns that Catherine managed to survive the attack and immediately flies towards the tower.[6]

In the middle of way, Yuno began to sense a sinister mana is manifesting within the tower before seeing Catherine flying away from the tower. When he arrives at the tower, Yuno also arrives in a conclusion that the sinister mana belongs to Charmy after seeing her affiliation to the Black Bull. The young Knight then passes out after overexerting himself from the fight.[7]


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