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House Grinberryall

The infant Yuno and his parents

Yuno was born to Loyce and Ciel of House Grinberryall, the royal family of the Spade Kingdom.[1] As an infant, Yuno is given a magic stone found in a Grand Magic Zone.[2] Later that year, the Zogratis siblings attack the royal castle and kill many of the royals. Knowing that Yuno will be killed if he is found, some members of the Mage Defense Force escape with the infant, and Ralph Niaflem's father carries Yuno across the Grand Magic Zone between the Spade Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom. Upon arriving at the village of Hage, the mage uses the last of his magic to deliver Yuno to the front of the church before collapsing to his death.[3]

Yuno Asta as infants

Father Orsi finds Yuno and Asta.

As an orphan, Yuno spends his childhood in the church and grows along with Asta and the other orphans.[4] One day, during a trip home after grocery shopping with his foster family, Yuno overhears a few villagers talking about life in the Noble Realm of the Kingdom. After Sister Lily explained the social status within the Kingdom, Yuno hears Asta's dream to become the Wizard King for the first time.[5]

Sometime later, a thug tries to take Yuno's necklace away from him so that he could sell it for the money. However, Asta steps in and forces the thug to return it. In the end, the said thug decides to leave without the necklace after the boy's rigorous attempt. Ever since then, Yuno has stopped crying and is determined to become the Wizard King like his brother.[6] One night, Yuno and Asta go into the forest and stand on top of a hill while facing towards the Noble Realm. Asta begins to talk about their relationship as a family despite their lack of blood relation, which prompts Yuno to ask the reason behind the former's sudden interest in the topic. At that moment, they promise to treat their future comrades the same way they treat each other.[7]

Young Yuno and Asta training

Yuno trains his magic with Asta.

Yuno and Asta also trained from time to time to sharpen their combat abilities. The training usually consists of Yuno using his Wind Magic to prevent Asta from reaching him with a stick. After he sees Asta fail multiple times, Yuno suggests for him to stop. Asta refuses and, to Yuno's surprise, manages to break through, explaining that his persistence plays a significant role in his success.[8]

Years later, Yuno still lives at the church, where he takes care of chores such as doing laundry, chopping firewood, or taking care of the younger children.[9] When he turns 15 years old, Yuno receives a four-leaf clover grimoire during the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. He declares his ambition to the public while brushing off Asta's declaration of rivalry. Later that day, Yuno is confronted by Revchi Salik, who manages to snatch his grimoire and immobilizes Yuno with his Chain Magic. Once again, Asta steps in to save him, which prompts Yuno to clarify his previous statement during the ceremony and declares Asta as his rival.[10]

Yuno exam result

Yuno is accepted by all captains.

Six months later, Yuno and Asta travel to Kikka for the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Yuno manages to easily perform all of the required tasks.[11] During the combat test, Yuno fights against Salim Hapshass from a noble House Hapshass, and finishes the match the moment it started. Yuno managed to impress the captains so much that all nine of them want to recruit him into their squads. Yuno chooses to join the Golden Dawn, as he believes that entering the strongest squad is the fastest path to become the Wizard King.[12]

Before he leaves for his squad, Yuno stops Sekke Bronzazza, Asta's opponent in the exam, from harming Asta who is in the toilet. He intimidates Sekke, saying that Sekke is not worthy of Asta, and leaves without meeting his rival.[13] As he meets his new squadmates, Yuno is quickly shunned by the other Magic Knights due to his social standing. While he ignores their harsh treatment, Yuno begins to isolate himself as he hones his skills even further.[14]

Black Bulls vs

Yuno is reunited with Asta.

A few days later, Yuno is dispatched with Klaus Lunettes and Mimosa Vermillion to explore the newly emerged dungeon. As they enter, Yuno creates a flurry of wind blades and saves Asta from a man-eating plant trap. Yuno confirms that he has paid his debt from when Asta saved his life.[15] Yuno and his group then meet with Asta and Noelle Silva, but Yuno decides to stand in silence as Klaus condescends to the Black Bulls.[16]

Not long after, Klaus ends the conversation and orders Mimosa to locate the center of the dungeon and Yuno to take them there, so Yuno uses Heavenly Wind Ark to carry the three of them. Along the way, Yuno warns Klaus not to underestimate Asta after hearing his condescending remark about his rival.[17]

Golden Dawns vs Mars

Yuno and Klaus fight Mars.

When they finally arrive at the gate to the center of the dungeon, an ambush manages to break through Mimosa's defenses, which prompts Yuno and Klaus to prepare and fight the perpetrator.[18] Klaus immediately asks Yuno to be his support in the fight as soon as the mage from the Diamond Kingdom, Mars, tries to attack Mimosa who has begun her healing treatment.[19] They end up in a stalemate with both sides unable to break through the other's magic attacks.[20]

Suddenly, Klaus asks Yuno to leave and conquer the dungeon on his own. Yuno declines at first but soon agrees after Klaus gave him a direct order. However, Yuno quickly turns back to protect Klaus from an incoming attack and declares that he will not leave his comrade behind.[21][22]

Yuno using two spells concurrently

Yuno releases his full strength.

After he explains himself to Klaus, Yuno releases his magical power and activates two spells at the same time. He then states that the Golden Dawn will be the one to conquer the dungeon.[23] Unfortunately, as the fight continues, Mars manages to suppress Yuno, who is barely able to remain standing as his spells begin to vanish.[24] Mars continues his assaults as Yuno struggles to evade every attack. Yuno tries to launch another attack, but it resulted in another failure as Mars reinforces himself with crystal-made armor.[25]

Mars then asks Yuno to give up and admit defeat, which reminds him of the past when he trained with Asta. The memories lead to Yuno's refusal on admitting defeat as he continues to evade Mars' merciless attacks. When one of the attacks is about to hit, Asta steps in and stops it. Asta's action slightly irritates Yuno as the former saves him yet again. He then begins to argue with his rival about his circumstances with Yuno tries to cover for his struggles. The arguments stop when Asta decides to join Yuno in the fight.[26] Soon after, the fight continues when Mars creates a number of clone puppets with his magic to attack all of them.[27] Yuno is then stuck fighting against these puppets while Asta is able to defeat Mars.[28][29]

Yuno grimoire reacting to a scroll

Yuno's grimoire reacts to Sylph's scroll.

After Klaus restrains the unconscious Mars, both the Golden Dawn and the Black Bull members enter the center of the dungeon with Asta forcefully cuts down the door. They are quickly taken by surprise with the spectacles, which they see behind the door. As soon as they enter, each member quickly explores the treasury and tries different magic tools within. Yuno then notices a scroll surrounded by wind streams as he opens it, the young Knight finds writings that he could not understand. Before he realizes it, the scroll and his grimoire begin to shine and the writings mysteriously disappear.[30]

Yuno then hears Luck Voltia warns them to get away from the door, but Yuno fails to react in time as he is ambushed by Mars' attack. The mage of the Diamond Kingdom then manages to trap him within a crystal structure, which renders him immobile.[31] The crystal structure also prevents him from using his grimoire as Yuno is unable to help Mimosa and Noelle from Mars' attacks.[32] Yuno then tries to slowly break his binding with his magic as he witnesses Asta suddenly releases a water-based attack.[33]

Yuno new magical partner

Yuno meets Sylph.

Unfortunately, Mars is able to suppress Asta and about to move in for the kill. Seeing this, Yuno forcefully breaks the crystals that have been binding him and quickly searches his grimoire for a spell to stop Mars. Unfortunately, he is unable to find a suitable spell, but he refuses to give up. At that moment, Yuno's surroundings suddenly become motionless and he finds Sylph has appeared by his side. She then easily defeats Mars with a single blow. Afterward, when Yuno looks back at her, she has already disappeared and similar writings, which he found within the scroll earlier, appear on a page of his grimoire. Not long after, the dungeon suddenly begins to collapse.[34]

Seeing that the dungeon begins to collapse, Yuno quickly creates a vessel for all of them to escape. They quickly head towards the exit after they failed to fulfill Asta's request of taking Mars with them. They manage to escape from the dungeon mostly unscathed due to Luck's guidance and effort of getting rid of any falling debris with Klaus. As soon as they are outside, Yuno quickly instructs them to take Asta to a safer place for Mimosa to properly heal him.[35] When Asta regains his consciousness, Klaus suddenly hugs him and Yuno as the nobleman acknowledges them.[36]

An audience with the Wizard King

Yuno meets the Wizard King.

After their return from the mission, Yuno immediately tries to activate the spell that he accidentally used to defeat Mars. Unfortunately, he fails as the spirit, which he saw, refuses to respond to his effort.[37] A week after the mission's completion, Yuno along with Klaus and Mimosa travel to the Magic Knights headquarters to report about the mission. When they encounter Asta and Noelle, the five Knights then head to the designated venue together. Upon arrival, they are greeted by the Wizard King himself, Julius Novachrono who then examines the treasures that they took from the dungeon. While in the presence of the Wizard King, Yuno and Asta ask Julius about the method they should use to attain the Wizard King title. Julius simply explains that great results are very vital for the acknowledgment.[38]

Afterward, Yuno is invited to attend a War Merits Conferment Ceremony that honors several Magic Knights that have produced the most results.[39] At the end of the ceremony, Yuno and his fellow Knights who explored the dungeon with him, are scrutinized during the celebratory banquet, but Yuno decides to remain silent.[40] While he watches Asta confronts the honored Knights, Yuno becomes curious when one of those Knights, Leopold Vermillion, declares Asta as his rival. Mimosa then explains to him that the two brothers from the Crimson Lion squad are her cousins.[41]

Yuno, Alecdora, and Mimosa surrounded by corpses

Yuno surrounded by an army of corpses.

Not long after, someone suddenly enters the banquet hall and reveals that the Royal Capital is under attack.[42] Yuno then joins his colleagues as they figure out a counterattack strategy. In the end, Yuno leaves along with Alecdora Sandler and Mimosa to the Northwest District of the Royal Capital.[43] As they arrive, an army of corpses quickly surrounds them from every direction.[44] Yuno then proceeds to defeat every corpse that he sees while Mimosa is healing the injured.[45]

After all of the corpses are defeated, Yuno's grimoire begins to shine and a Spatial Magic spell activates beneath their feet.[46][47] At that moment, Sylph, of her own volition, lifts Yuno up into the air, saving him from being transported a considerable distance away from the Royal Capital.[37] With the Knights gone, Catherine appears and begins to attack the citizens, and Yuno quickly engages in a fight against her.[48]

Yuno summons Sylph to protect him

Yuno summons Sylph for the second time.

As the fight begins, Yuno tries to find the reason behind the invasion but Catherine only reveals that their attack is a part of an assassination mission.[49] She then quickly begins to outmatch him with her curse magic spell that slowly renders the latter's senses obsolete. During his struggle to land even a single attack against her, Yuno starts to reminisce his experiences since obtaining his grimoire where he is disappointed with his own slow progress of honing his skills. In the end, Catherine's spell finally takes all of his senses away from him. However, at that moment, Yuno's latent ability to sense mana is suddenly awakened, which allows him to summon Sylph, who has been lying within his grimoire. Using Sylph as his medium, Yuno launches an enormous attack towards his opponent.[50][51]

Using his new ability to sense mana, Yuno realizes that Catherine managed to survive his attack. The young Knight immediately moves towards her position in one of the towers of the city. As he is closing in, Yuno began to sense a sinister magical power is brewing inside the tower before his opponent is sent flying away from the said tower.[52] When he arrives, Yuno encounters Charmy Pappitson in which after seeing her affiliation with the Black Bull squad, he believes that the sinister magical power belonged to her. Subsequently, Yuno passes out after he exhausted all of his mana from fighting the mysterious mage.[53]

Yuno sends his regards to the Black Bulls

Yuno sends his farewell.

Later on, as the invasion is over, Yuno strolls around the Royal Capital with Klaus and Mimosa. They then encounter Asta and the other Black Bull mages, who are about to depart from the city. Yuno then launches an attack towards them, which turns into words of farewell to Asta. He then leaves without saying anything else to his rival.[54]

Months later, an army from the Diamond Kingdom attacks Kiten. Fourteen members of the Golden Dawn squad arrive to repel the invaders.[55] Yuno confronts Broccos, one of the Eight Shining Generals, and defeats his giant boar and his men with a single Tornado Fang. Sylph accuses Yuno of trying to impress someone else, and the two bicker.[56]

Wind trident

Yuno defeats Ragus.

Broccos wants to take on Yuno, but Ragus swoops in and questions if Yuno can defend himself and the citizens. With Sylph's help, Yuno counters the Lightning General's attack with Gale White Bow, piercing the general's barrier. Yuno then returns Ragus' question, asking if the general can protect his own men. Ragus and Broccos argue who will get to fight Yuno, while Sylph claims that he is hers.[57] After William's Great Tree Mistilteinn defeats most of the Diamond soldiers, Broccos leaves the fight,[58] and Yuno and Ragus continue, both flying up into the air over Kiten. After exchanging spells, Yuno begins overwhelming Ragus and defeats the general with a giant trident, which knocks him down into a building.[59]

Yuno notices Asta below and lands in front of him. Smiling, Yuno reaffirms their rivalry.[60] Yuno and Asta exchange insults, which makes Sylph jealous. Yuno then takes a pastry that Charmy offers him, which also makes Sylph jealous.[61] Yuno later watches as the Black Bulls fight Yagos, and afterward catches Asta with a wind stream.[62]

When the Diamond Kingdom forces retreat, Yuno bids farewell to Asta as Sylph and Charmy bicker. After the Black Bulls leave, Langris suggests that Yuno should choose his friends more carefully, but Yuno states that he is proud of Asta and that Asta is his rival. Langris laughs and asks for what they are competing,[63] to which Yuno replies that they are both aiming to be the Wizard King. Langris laughs and says that commoners must not feel embarrassment, but also says he would expect nothing less from the peasant chosen by a four-leaf grimoire. Sylph gets angry at him, but Yuno calmly points out there is no rule stating commoners cannot become the Wizard King. He then deadpans that first, he will become the Captain of the Golden Dawn. Langris angrily notes that Yuno is ignoring him, the vice-captain.[64]

Yuno and Sylph at Awards ceremony

Yuno receives recognition at the Star Awards ceremony.

Weeks later, at the Star Awards Festival, Julius announces that the Golden Dawn is the top-ranking squad and calls Yuno to the stage as he contributed the most stars.[65] Asta is thrown onstage as the Black Bull representative and the two rookies greet each other.[66] When the crowd doubts the boys' strength, Yuno has Sylph release her full power and fires an arrow at Asta, who cuts it. The resulting streams of wind blow through the audience, which impresses them. Julius takes that moment to rally the citizens behind the two boys. Yuno and Asta marvel at how far they have reached, while the crowd cheers for them.[67]

Yuno and Asta are left speechless but unimpressed when Augustus Kira Clover XIII takes the stage.[68] The king announces the Royal Knights Selection Exam, but Asta questions why the king is the one choosing the Knights. Yuno and Asta openly discuss the king and his lack of achievements, so Augustus orders their execution. Julius steps in and talks the king down. Afterward, Julius talks alone with Yuno and Asta and warns them not to be arrogant in the coming exams.[69]

Mereoleona yells at Crimson Lions

Yuno and Asta witness Mereoleona's fury.

As the boys make their way down the tower stairs, they witness Mereoleona Vermillion berate the Crimson Lion squad.[70][71] They overhear Mereoleona mention training in a hot spring, which Yuno considers easy while Asta considers it fun. Overhearing them, Mereoleona grabs both of their heads and forces them to join the training.[72] She carries them to the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail after also picking up Yami Sukehiro, Charlotte Roselei, and Noelle.[73] Leopold challenges Yuno and declares that they are rivals because they are both Asta's rivals, but Yuno does not care.[74]

Mereoleona forces everyone onto the path, and most struggle to withstand the heat. After watching Yami and Charlotte use Mana Skin, Yuno concentrates and creates his own protective barrier. He then flies on ahead, taunting Asta, and destroys the falling rocks with whirlwinds.[75] As he is reaching the peak, Yuno spots Asta flying after him and covered in Anti Magic. Yuno lands and watches Asta fly past him and be taken out by Mereoleona.[76]

That night, when the volcano crater fills with water,[77] Yuno joins the men on their side of the hot spring. Leopold heats up the water in an attempt to break Yuno's cool demeanor, while Yuno uses his Wind Magic to cool the air around him. Yami interrupts and suggests that they all peek on the women, which Yuno refuses to do. Yami threatens Yuno, and Asta comes to his brother's defense, pointing out that Yuno has only ever bathed with men, which frustrates Yuno because it could be misunderstood.[78] For the rest of the week, Yuno continues training with Mana Skin and Sylph.[79]

As the Knights gather for the Royal Knights Selection Exam, Yuno and Asta greet each other and bicker with Leopold about who will win a spot.[80] After listening to Augustus and Julius explain the exam, Yuno is placed on Team P with Noelle and En Ringard.[81]

Before the second match of the tournament, Yuno wonders who Kirsch Vermillion is, which Noelle and Klaus answer.[82]

Before Team P's first match, Yuno and Noelle are bickering when Solid interrupts them.[83] As the match begins, Yuno and Noelle disagree on who will lead the attack. The conversation is cut short when Yuno senses Team O rapidly approaching. Yuno attacks them while Noelle raises a defense, but when Alecdora uses his sand to absorb the water, Team P is forced to split up. Yuno flies off with Noelle and the crystal, and Alecdora chases after them. Noelle convinces Yuno to let her go after Team O's crystal by herself, so he creates a small Heavenly Wind Ark for her. He then turns and confronts Alecdora.[84]

Yuno turns down Sylph's offer to help[85] and destroys Alecdora's sand warrior by creating a Towering Tornado inside of it.[86] Afterward, Yuno criticizes the defeated Alecdora, rejoins the others back on the platform, accepts a dessert from Charmy, which causes her to faint.[87]

Later, after the Black Bulls stop Langris from killing Finral, the vice-captain tries to attack Asta, and Yuno senses that something is wrong.[88] After Team B vs. Team G ends in a draw, Yuno defeats Team M by himself.[89]

During the final match, Yuno and Sylph fight Rill Boismortier, while Nolle and En fight Nils Ragus and Ruben Chagar. Yuno initially struggles as Rill seals away any attacks within paintings. Yuno decides to show off his Spirit Dive, absorbing Sylph and greatly increasing his magic power.[90] He unleashes his Spirit Storm, which Rill matches with Phantom Dragon Vouivre's Shout. The two Knights grow more and more excited until Rill accidentally shatters his own crystal. Team P are declared the victors of the match and the tournament.[91]

Several days after the exam, Yuno and the others selected to be Royal Knights all assemble in the Royal Capital and are placed under the command of Mereoleona.[92] Yuno changes into the new squad robes and reminds Asta, who is spacing out, of their competition for Wizard King.[93]

After the squad travels to the Gravito Rock Zone, Mereoleona explains the situation and divides the squad into teams. Yuno infiltrates the dungeon with Mimosa, Klaus, and Hamon.[94] As the team progresses, Yuno hears something from further ahead.[95] After defeating three more mages by himself, Yuno reaches a stair leading to the source of the sound,[96] the central chamber. There the team finds a man floating in a large sphere of magic.[97] At the same time, Patolli finishes placing the magic stones in the sephirot. Yuno, Klaus, and Hamon begin glowing[98] and are possessed by elf spirits.[99]

Yuno saves Asta and Mimosa from elves

Yuno returns to his senses.

Yuno stands by as Mimosa is beaten and restrained by her possessed teammates. Rhya drops Asta in the room, and the boy tries to free Mimosa but is attacked by Klaus and Hamon. Asta reaffirms his dream to become the Wizard King, which rouses Yuno to his senses. Yuno then defends Asta from Klaus and Hamon's combined attack and counters that he will claim that title.[100] Asta asks Yuno if it really him and Yuno replies that it is, which makes Asta happy. Yuno tells Asta to rest as he will fight the elves in front of them. Asta laughs and says he will fight along with him. Using Black Asta and Spirit Dive, they both defeat the two elves. [101] Seeing the elves defeated gathers Licht's attention. Asta quickly notices how he is the leader of the Eye of the Midgnight Sun.

Licht steals Demon-Dweller

Licht steals back his sword.

After placing the defeated elves on the ground, Licht pulls a sword from the floor, and walks towards Asta and Yuno, with the two of them preparing to fight back. As Asta draws his Demon-Dweller Sword, Licht closes the distance between them in an instant, catching them both off guard. He then takes the sword from Asta and uses it to repel the boys crashing into a wall.[102] Asta is heavily injured by the attack and loses his black form in the process. He thinks how powerful Licht is and that his body is unable to move anymore. Still being able to fight, Yuno proceeds to fight back against Licht alone, with the elf on the verge of victory. However, before Licht can release his attack, Asta regains the use of his black form and charges into the air, surprising the elf and striking him together alongside Yuno.[103]

However, Licht deflects their attack with his second sword, which is knocked out of his hand and then grabbed by Asta. Licht then releases a magical blast from the Demon-Dweller Sword, which sends Asta and Yuno crashing out from the air all the way through to the bottom of the dungeon and down to the ground below, with Yuno using his magic to protect them, and Mimosa as they are all sent crashing into the water below them.[104] After surviving Licht's attack, Asta, Yuno and Mimosa are meet by the other surviving members of the royal knights and later regroups with them outside of the dungeon. While being healed by the magic item given to them by Nozel, Asta and the others are informed about the elves attacking the kingdom, with Nozel stating that the kingdom needs to be saved even if it means killing the possessed Magic Knights. After Noelle suggests saving them instead of killing them, Asta and others agree, with Nozel accepting the decision and creating a vessel for everyone to travel back to the kingdom.[105]

Asta and Yuno defend Lily and Nash

Asta and Yuno come to Lily and Nash's defense.

As they pass over the Forsaken Realm, Asta and Yuno notice that Hage is under attack. Nozel refuses to detour from the capital; however, he does allow Asta and Yuno to go alone, telling them to catch up later in the capital.[106] After departing, Asta and Yuno manage to arrive in time to stop the possessed Digit Taliss from killing Nash, Sister Lily, and the rest of their foster family. After complimenting Nash for his bravery, the two step up to fight against the elf,[107] holding back the elf's Poison Plant Magic. After hearing that Father Orsi was poisoned, Asta leaves the elf to Yuno and goes to the father's side to help. After the Demon-Slayer Sword fails to remove the poison, Asta's new sword extends Anti Magic to Orsi and the other afflicted villagers and removes the poison from them all. Asta gets an idea and returns to Yuno's side to fight the elf. As the elf is overcome with hatred, Yuno resolves to stop him before he becomes more twisted. Yuno creates a tornado that propels Asta through the plants. Asta jabs the elf with his new sword, dispelling the Reincarnation Magic and exorcising the elf spirit, which amazes both Yuno and Asta. With the danger gone, their foster family rushes in and hugs the brothers.[108]

Shortly after being thanked by everyone in the village, Yuno and Asta, along with Digit, leave and head straight for the capital to help save the kingdom. As they approach the Common Realm, Yuno senses elves' magic coming from two directions, so Asta suggests that they split up, with Yuno taking Digit since Asta has his new sword. Yuno agrees since Digit's can paralyze the elves. Both Asta and Yuno then agree to meet up at the capital.[109] As Yuno and Digit make their way to the capital, they defeat Ado and other elves whom Rhya sent to retrieve Yuno's magic stone.[110] Yuno also gathers as many unpossessed Magic Knights as he can find along the way, and eventually reaches Clover Castle, arriving just in time to help the Black Bulls and Kirsch Vermillion fight off several possessed Golden Dawns. Charmy rushes over and offers him food to restore his magic power, which he accepts. Yuno's magic stone then reacts to the Shadow Palace, reopening the gate, and both Yuno and Charmy pass through the gate.[111]

Yuno's Spirit Dance

Yuno dodges the elves' attacks.

After being separated from Charmy, Yuno ends up in a chamber with Rhya, Patolli, and Ronne. Patolli and Rhya attack Yuno for the magic stone, but Yuno easily dodges around the light swords and counterattacks, hitting both of them. Suddenly Ronne appears next to Yuno and grabs for the stone. Yuno flies away but Ronne taps his foot. Yuno then appears next to Ronne, who snatches the stone, and Yuno realizes that Ronne used magic to switch Yuno's place with a rock. Yuno demands his necklace back, but Ronne ignores him and betrays Rhya, blasting a hole in the elf's abdomen.[112]

Yuno watches as Ronne places the magic stone in the pedestal and summons a devil from the underworld. After returning to his body, Zagred sends Patolli's attack back at the elf. Yuno grabs both elves and pulls them to safety since he recognizes that Patolli is in his captain's body. Yuno then summons a Spirit Storm behind the devil, but it is blocked by a Vacuum Wall. Realizing how strong his opponent is, Yuno admits that he cannot beat the devil without the help of Asta, who happens to drop into the chamber at that time.[113]

When Zagred begins torturing Patolli, Yuno announces to Asta that the devil is the mastermind behind everything, and they both charge at him. Zagred calls on a Storm of Blades, which rains down countless swords, forcing Yuno and Asta dodge and block them. While they are distracted, Zagred pins them to the floor with a Vacuum Wall and then issues a series of commands to smash them further into the floor.[114] However, both boys stand back up and are disgusted by the devil. The magic power coming off Yuno's Spirit Dive increases and erodes the physical objects around him. Yuno and Asta then charge at Zagred again, with Yuno fending off the physical swords and Asta, the magical swords. They manage to strike the devil's right arm, breaking it.[115] Zagred heals it with a simple command and then compliments the boys' strengths.[116]

They watch as Patolli's grimoire becomes a five-leaf clover one. Once Zagred takes it for himself, Yuno and Asta charge at him, but he sends Patolli to attack them as the elf has become a dark elf. Patolli's Demon Light Magic is faster and stronger, and Yuno is injured while trying dodge the light blades. Zagred then leaves them fighting the dark elf. When Patolli attacks a distracted Asta, Yuno attacks with Spirit Storm, but Patolli dodges, launches several lights blades at Yuno, and then strikes at Asta again. After Asta forces the elf back, Patolli begins charging a Light Shaft of Divine Punishment.[117] Sensing the threat, Yuno supports Asta as he attempts to reflect the spell with the Demon-Slayer Sword. They succeed but Asta's black form ends, so Yuno holds him aloft with a small tornado. Yuno assumes that the spell exhausted Patolli's magic power, but the dark elf charges another one and fires it. However, Nozel's Mercury Magic surrounds Yuno and Asta, protecting them and deflecting the beam.[118] Yuno watches in amazement as Nozel spreads mercury around the chamber and then traps the dark elf in a Silver Star of Execution, which prevents the elf from fleeing and reflects back all of the elf's attacks. Nozel tells Yuno and Asta that he will be the next Wizard King.[119]

After Patolli loses consciousness, Asta asks Nozel not to kill the elf, and Yuno explains that Patolli is in William's body and that Asta's sword can remove the Reincarnation Magic. However, when Asta attempts it, a mass of Anti Magic surrounds Asta and pulls him into Patolli's mind.[120] When the Anti Magic disperses, Patolli has regained consciousness but is still in William's body. Not knowing what happened, Yuno accepts that William will have to wait until later. Patolli asks for the humans' help in taking down Zagred.[121]

When Zagred summons a creeping monster in the topmost chamber, Yuno and the others can sense the sinister magic.[122] As it floods down into their chamber, Yuno and Patolli attempt to block it, but their spells are ineffective. After Asta throws Mimosa and Rhya to safety, he is swallowed but emerges safe, which Yuno blames on Asta being magicless.

Asta, Yuno and Patolli team up

Yuno, Asta, and Patolli team up.

Nozel decides that they should split up, with Yuno, Asta, and Patolli heading up to the topmost chamber while he and Mimosa gather the other Magic Knights and elves.[123] They eventually cut their way to the topmost chamber. At the same time, Lemiel Silvamillion Clover and Secre Swallowtail enter the Shadow Palace and also arrive in the chamber.[124] Yuno and Asta are astounded to see the first Wizard King. Yuno tells Asta to calm down but his own heart is racing.[125] After Licht's soul is unsealed, the humans and elves gather on a floating platform. Zagred tries to swallow them all in his magic, but Lemiel and Licht stop it with their tainted magic. Yuno and Asta watch in amazement as Lemiel and Licht continue fighting Zagred. When the devil's trident manages to sever Lemiel's arm, Yuno launches Asta, who blocks the trident with the Demon-Slayer Sword.[126] Zagred forces back and launches another Storm of Blades, so Yuno, Licht, Lemiel, and Patolli fly up to block the blades. Yuno appraises the awakened Licht's magic power.[127] Licht then draws on the power of all the elf spirits in the Shadow Palace, and unleashes his Ultimate Magic, Demon-Dweller Sword: Conquering Eon, which demolishes Zagred's body and a portion of the Palace. The devil's heart, however, survives the attack and regenerates the rest of the body.[128]

Spirit of Zephyr

Yuno creates Spirit of Zephyr.

Inspired by Licht's example, Asta unleashes a large amount of Anti Magic but cannot control it. As he gets pulled along, he accidentally cuts through Zagred's trident, so the devil summons more monsters.[129] Yuno and Patolli struggle to fight because the monsters absorb their magic. Eventually Yuno condenses the tainted magic in the air into a sword so that he can cut through the devil's magic. He and Asta then exchange jabs at who will become the next Wizard King, while Asta condenses Anti Magic into a sword as well.[130]

Zagred has his creature attack, which Asta and Yuno easily counters the attack. Yuno uses his magic to push Asta towards Zagred, which Asta manages to pierce the devil with his sword. Suddenly multiple mouths appear all over the Zagred's body, and uses them to force Asta away and have his creature multiple faster. While Patolli defends against the creature, Lemiel and Licht tells Patolli that they are leaving this area in his care while they help the others on the lower floor. As Zagred says that its now over, Asta and Yuno tell him that its not finished until they take care of the devil. Secre thinks about how she originally wanted to use Asta but changed her mind after seeing all the hard work he had put in, and tells Asta to win.

Zagred has his creature attack Asta and Yuno, which the two easily counters the attack. Asta and Yuno head towards the devil, but Asta suddenly feels a pain and notices that he is reach his limit. Licht and Lemiel then uses a spell to protect the elves along with those around them, from Zagred's creature. As the creature goes to attack Asta, Yuno comes to his rescue. Zagred sees this and tells them that this is were they will meet their end, and has his creature attack again. Yuno notices Asta and wonder if he is already at his limit. Yuno tells Asta that he will leave him behind if he cannot keep up and head towards Zagred, which Asta quickly chances after him. The devil sees this and thinks about how Yuno cannot cut through his heart, while Asta will will not be able to cut through his heart. Zagred notices that Asta had gotten behind him, and thinks about how Asta used the remnants of the shredded magic in order to get behind him. Asta and Yuno manages to reach Zagred and cut into him. Suddenly Asta's Black Form comes undone, which Asta thinks about how he is has reach his limit. Zagred forces Yuno away, then starts to taunt Asta. Yami then launches his spell and manages to cut the devil in half. While the others are shocked by this, Zagred is confused about how this can happen. Secre uses this chance to heal Asta's wounds with a spell and thinks that Asta should be able to summon his Anti-magic. As Zagred goes to attack, Yuno shows up and stops him. Asta then uses a spell to cut the devil in two.

Licht, Lemiel, Patolli, and Secre are shocked by the sudden victory. Patolli and Secre remember everything that has happened in the past, and Secre thanks Asta and Yuno for what they did. Yuno holds up an exhausted Asta.[131] As the mages celebrate their victory, Licht warns that the structure is collapsing. Yuno thinks about how they have to get out of the Shadow Palace but there are people among the lower floors. Lemiel's body is beginning to give out so the magical protection will not last. With Lemiel's magic reaching its limit, and the protective light disappearing, Asta yells in terror at the fate awaiting those below. However, a portal appears and drops the assorted Magic Knights and elves on top of Asta and Yuno. Rades Spirito and Valtos appear from another portal, and Valtos explains that this is the first step in his atonement. Rades is unrepentant though. Patolli is reminded he too must atone for William Vangeance's situation. Suddenly Yami cuts a hole through the spell while Charla and Revchi Salik pull them up out of it. Yami has hold of Gueldre Poizot. Asta notices that Revchi and Geuldre are with the captains of the Black Bulls and Blue Roses. Lemiel is fascinated by the odd magics and consders the Clover Kingdom to be in good hands. With everyone gathered, they all head to the exit.[132]

Spirit Light Tree

The Spirit Light Tree releases the rest of the elves' spirits.

After returning to the Kingdom, Nozel tells them all that they have to stop the rampaging elves that are still trapped by the revenge ruse they were all tricked into. After Patolli says that they still have a chance since Licht's and William's magic will be able to reach everyone in the kingdom, Valtos appears before Patolli and gives him William's grimoire, which Patolli thanks him for. Yuno then watches as Asta exorcises Patolli from William's body, and then watches as William, Licht and Asta work together to finally exorcise the rest of the elves' spirits, undoing the Reincarnation Magic and saving the rest of the Clover Kingdom.

Days after the battle with the elves, William retrieved and returned the Magic Stone necklace to Yuno, which Yuno was very appreciative of.[133] As the Clover and Heart Kingdoms enter into an alliance, Yuno is one of the many mages in the clover kingdom seen preparing to train to get stronger in six months.[134] During this time, Yuno managed to advance through the ranks of the Golden Dawn, becoming their new Vice-Captain in the process.[135]

Six months later, Yuno is headed out on a mission when he receives a message from Hage.[136] After quickly finishing his mission, Yuno flies back to his old home and greets Sister Lily. She takes him inside to meet Ralph who addresses Yuno as the rightful prince of the Spade Kingdom.[137] Yuno doubts the claim, so Ralph shows him memories of his past. Even though he believes them to be true, Yuno rejects the title. The conversation is interrupted by an emergency alert that the Golden Dawn base is being attacked.[138] Ralph fears that it is the Dark Triad and warns Yuno not to go, but Yuno heads out anyway since he is a vice-captain.[139]

Yuno defeats Gaderois

Yuno cuts through Gaderois.

Yuno arrives at the partially destroyed base and finds the Dark Disciple Gaderois Godroc standing among the bodies of several Golden Dawns.[140] Yuno attacks but the Disciple's devil-reinforced Stone Magic is undamaged. When Gaderois attacks, Yuno dodges the stones while rescuing his squadmates who are still alive. As the fight continues, Yuno refuses to give his name to Gaderois and rejects the Disciple's notion that they both are powerful because they enjoy hurting and killing others. Yuno defeats Gaderois with a slash from Spirit of Zephyr.[141]

Yuno moves out to the courtyard where the other Dark Disciple, Foyal Migusteau, has trapped and defeated some more Golden Dawns. Yuno blows away the Mist Magic hiding Foyal's real body, but Foyal's Sealing Spectral Hands catch the vice-captain due to Yuno's injuries from the previous battle. Letoile Becquerel takes advantage of the distraction and catches Foyal in Another Atlas, which strips away his mists and allows Klaus's Blazing Spiral Lance to strike Foyal, defeating him.[142]

Yuno defeated by Zenon

Impaled by the bone sword, Yuno is left to die.

As the three Golden Dawns talk, part of the ceiling collapses and reveals that Zenon Zogratis has captured William.[143] Yuno recognizes Zenon as one of the Zogratis siblings, and Sylph warns Yuno about the man's strength. Zenon attacks the three with a tangle of bone spears. Yuno survives by cutting them with his sword, but Klaus and Letoile's defense crumbles and they are impaled. Outraged, Yuno charges at Zenon, who blocks the strike with bones that regenerate faster than they can be destroyed. Zenon is impressed with Yuno's strength and decides to demonstrate 55% of a devil's power. Zenon creates his own sword and cuts through Yuno's Spirit of Zephyr. Yuno is then defeated and left dying amidst the rubble.[144]

Ralph reaches the base and finds Sylph crying on Yuno's chest. As she begins crumbling away, William's Budding of Yggdrasil activates and heals the injured Golden Dawns. Yuno wakes up, to the delight of Sylph and Ralph. Hearing that half of the Knights there are dead, Yuno yells out in frustration over his own weakness.[145]

Days later, Yuno attends a meeting with the remaining captains gather for a meeting. They are briefed on the Dark Triad's plot, and Yuno remarks that the Dark Triad members are stronger than the captains. When Jack the Ripper dismisses this claim, Yuno glares at him. The meeting is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Nacht Faust and Asta.[146] Yuno is surprised to see Asta there. After Julius vouches for Nacht's identity as the Black Bull's vice-captain and a spy in the Spade Kingdom, Yuno listens as Nacht explains the Tree of Qliphoth's ritual and structure. Afterward, Nacht expresses his desire to build a team around Asta and his Anti Magic in order to rescue Yami and William and to destroy the Tree of Qliphoth.[147] Yuno requests a place on the team. Nacht asks about Ralph's visit to Yuno, so Yuno admits that he is a prince of the Spade Kingdom and offers to have Ralph share information about the Dark Triad and castle. When Jack accuses him of being a spy, Yuno proclaims that he will be the one who saves William since William protected the squad while fighting Zenon. Jack senses the magic swirling around Yuno and tries to get him to sit down, but Sylph interrupts Jack, declaring that Yuno will not lose again. Nacht announces that the team will leave on the morning of the third day, and Asta encourages Yuno to help defeat the Dark Triad and rescue their captains.[148]

While Yuno is training to counter Zenon's Spatial Magic, Langris approaches Yuno and offers to help him train.[149] The next morning, Yuno, Langris, and the other Magic Knights selected for the Spade Kingdom invasion gather at the Magic Knights Headquarters.[150] When Nacht informs them that Asta will be late, Yuno and Jack claim to be the ones to defeat the Dark Triad before Asta arrives, but Nozel asserts that it will be the squad as a whole who will defeat the Dark Triad.[151] After infiltrating the castle,[152] Yuno, Langris, and Nozel split off to face Zenon. Nozel trails behind to handle the Dark Disciples along the way, while Yuno and Langris continue on to fight Zenon.[153]

Zenon forces Yuno back

Yuno's full Spirit Dive is forced back by Zenon's 100% devil power.

Zenon asks how did Yuno survive the attack. Yuno says it was due to the power of William and declares they will take him back. He proceeds to attack with Tornado Fang while noting how Zenon uses his bone magic to defend. Yuno watches as Langris and Zenon fight each other using Spatial Magic. Zenon casts Spatial Mana Domination and claims he will kill them without moving an inch. At that moment, Yuno summons Sylph and they reveal a more complete version of Spirit Dive, along with a new spell, Spirit of Boreas. He takes control of the mana surrounding them and strikes Zenon in his torso.[154] After overpowering Zenon's 80% devil power, Yuno senses the growth of the Tree of Qliphoth as the first gate opens.[155] Zenon then accesses 100% of his devil power, healing himself and forcing Yuno back.[156] Zenon tells Yuno about the demon they sent to the Clover Kingdom,[157][158] but Yuno is unworried since Asta is there to protect the kingdom.[159]

After continuing to fight and destroying more of the chamber, Yuno asks Langris to hold out for three minutes as he prepares a final attack.[160] While Yuno gathers magic power, Langris uses Mana Zone to defend against Zenon's attacks.[161] After Langris acknowledges Yuno as the vice-captain, Zenon's attacks break through the barrier and pierce Langris, but he refuses to give up. Before Zenon can kill Langris, Yuno finishes his Spirit of Euros and notes that like himself, Langris must hate losing more than anything.[162] Yuno releases the arrow, which punches a hole clean through Zenon's sternum.[163] Because Yuno aims the arrow to avoid hitting Langris, Zenon survives long enough to make a new deal with his devil. With the increased magic power, Zenon easily overwhelms Yuno, knocking him through multiple walls.[164]

Yuno receives second grimoire

Yuno receives a second grimoire.

Yuno lands in a grimoire tower and passes out for a few minutes. When he wakes, he sees that Langris and Finral have also failed to defeat Zenon. Yuno cries and begins to lose hope; however, upon remembering his promise with Asta, Yuno refuses to give up and sits back up. The spirit of Licht and Tetia's son appears before Yuno and points out that although they are the same, Yuno has his own power. Suddenly a grimoire flies over to Yuno, and a beam of light shoots up into the sky, piercing the clouds. Wielding both of his grimoires, Yuno confronts Zenon again.[165] With his new Star Magic, Yuno shoots beams of magical light, one of which frees Finral from Zenon's whips. Yuno reassimilates Sylph and tells her to charge up power. He then creates a Heavenly Wind Ark to carry Langris and Finral to a healing mage. After Yuno blocks Zenon's attacks, Zenon tries trapping Yuno in a subspace cube, but Yuno's Conjunction spell allows him to escape and his Quartile Hasta blasts a hole in Zenon's right shoulder. Infuriated, Zenon unleashes Eternal Fangs, and then they fly through the bones toward each other and clash swords.[166]

Yuno kills Zenon

Yuno's Saint Spirit of Zephyr slices through Zenon and his devil heart, killing him.

As their fight continues, Yuno creates a whip, which slices through Zenon's body but cannot damage his heart. When Zenon creates a sword capable of releasing flying slashes of offensive Spatial Magic, Yuno is forced to dodge away from the slashes. One of his stars is destroyed, and Yuno realizes that he cannot recreate stars immediately. Their attacks eventually destroy the tower, and as it crumbles around them, Yuno attacks with Spirit of Boreas. Although the halberd itself is blocked by Zenon's sword, its wind streams cut into Zenon's chest and expose his heart. At the same time, Yuno's last star is destroyed, so Zenon opens three portals behind Yuno and pierces his body with bones extending out of the portals. With Yuno pinned, Zenon swings his sword for a final attack; however, Yuno has managed to create a new star and teleports behind Zenon. Yuno then swings his new Saint Spirit of Zephyr, slicing through Zenon's heart.[167] As Zenon bleeds out and his body begins to crumble, Zenon questions what made him and Yuno so different despite their similarities, but Yuno does not know either since he has not yet finished his vow to Asta.[168]

Shortly after, the second gate opens, and Lucifero combines the bodies of all the devils into one giant, monstrous form. Asta cuts the monster in two, destroying the coffins holding William and Yami. As half of the monster falls toward the castle town, Mimosa heals Yuno so that he can fire another Spirit of Euros. The arrow destroys the upper portion, saving the citizens and Magic Knights below. Yuno then gazes off in Asta's direction and is proud of Asta's achievement.[169] Yuno meets up with the Resistance and Ralph hugs him. However, they interrupted by the highest-ranking devil of the second level, who announces that Lucifero's manifestation is half-complete. The monster's flesh swirls and compresses into a sphere, and Lucifero emerges from it and forces all the humans to lie facedown on the ground.[170]


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