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Yuno, Klaus Lunettes, and Letoile Becquerel vs. Zenon Zogratis is a fight that occurs in the Golden Dawn's base.


As Zenon Zogratis comes crashing down from the floor above, Klaus notices that Captain William has been defeated and wonder just who Zenon is. Yuno Grinberryall sees Zenon and remember him from the memories that Ralph Niaflem had shown him.[1] Zenon notices that both Gaderois Godroc and Foyal Migusteau both got eliminated, and comments about how there is no point in bringing anyone who is not over 50 percent. Sylph senses Zenon power, and tells Yuno to cast Spirit Dive since Zenon is very bad news.


As Zenon attacks with his Bone Magic, Klaus, Letoile, and Yuno notices that there is no room to evade his attack. Klaus uses his Steel Magic while Letoile uses her Compass Magic to defend against the attack, but Zenon magic easily breaks through their defenses. Yuno uses his Spirit Dive and manages to defend against Zenon's attack. Yuno check up on Klaus and Letoile, but notices that there have been defeated and penetrated by Zenon's bone magic.[2] Yuno becomes angry at this and attacks with his Spirit of Zephyr, but Zenon defends himself with his magic. Yuno notices that Zenon's magic is regenerating faster then his spell can erode it. Zenon notices that Yuno is a zero stage mage and decides to show him 55 percent of his power, which Yuno sees the image of a Devil behind Zenon.[3] Zenon then says that Yuno is not weak, but he is just that strong while attacking Yuno with a bone sword.


Later Ralph arrives at the Golden Dawn base, and finds that Yuno has been defeated with a sword pierced through him.[4] As Sylph starts to vanish while crying on Yuno's chest, which Ralph sees this and says that Yuno cannot die yet. Suddenly a surge of mana appears and plants wrap around the members of the Golden Dawn, which Sylph notices that it is the work of Captain William. William spell Budding of Yggdrasil activates and heals the members of the Golden Dawn.[5] As the Golden Dawn member start to checking around to see what the damage is, which they notices that Captain William's spell was not able to heal the ones that were already gone. They find out that half of the squad has been killed, which Yuno thinks that this would not have happened if only he was stronger and yells out.[6]


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