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Yrul 「ユルル Yururu」 is one of Lucius Zogratis's Paladins.[1]


Yrul is a slender man with long, shaggy light-colored hair that is darker at its roots. He has sharp, pointed teeth.

Yrul wears a pair of harem pants, and his grimoire pouch hangs off his belt in the back.

While using purified devil power, Yrul grows a pair of wings and horns. A halo appears over his head, and lines appear running up his neck to his cheeks. His clothes are turned light-colored and covered in light-colored designs.[1]


Same as most Paladin, Yrul is loyal to Lucius. He has a sadistic side of himself, using the fears and pasts of opponents against them, while mockingly sneering at them for faltering, because of it. Despite this, Yrul is not without fear, becoming fearful of a resolved Asta and immediately attacked him.


Purified five-headed dragon

Yrul awakens and purifies the five-headed dragon.

Yrul is granted purified devil power by Lucius Zogratis. He travels with the Paladins Lily Aquaria and Heath Graice to the Hino Country.[1] The three drop down to Goshu and find the town deserted. After Heath destroys the torii gate in the black sea, Yrul lets out a loud howl that awakens the five-headed dragon and purifies its power.[2] After the five Ryuzen Seven destroy the dragon's heads, Lily and Heath unleash a combined spell that strikes down the five warriors, but Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku and Ichika Yami remain standing. When Ginnojomorifuyu turns her attention toward Yrul, he summons a Bogeyman, which transforms into a large frog and incapacitates her due to her fear of frogs. As he explains how the spell works, Yrul directs a Bogeyman at Ichika, and it transforms into her father. This triggers repressed memories and causes her to lose focus. The Bogeyman takes advantage of her dropped guard to repeatedly attack her; meanwhile, the five-headed dragon restores itself completely. As the Bogeyman swings its sword down at Ichika for a final strike, Asta arrives in time to block the blade.[3] Yrul summons a bogeyman of Asta, reminding him of his fear of being too weak to become Wizard King, but Asta cuts the illusion in half before slashing Yrul with an Anti-Magic Zetten, targeting his magic and purified devil, unlinking him from Lucius Zogratis and leaving him comatose.[4]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Beast Magic: Yrul uses this magic attribute to manipulate and summon animals,[5][6] as well as to generate a beast-shaped aura that boosts his physical prowess.[7]


  • Devil-Possessed: As a Paladin, Yrul is host to a devil which has been incarnated inside him and purified. This grants him incredible magic power and a nearly immortal body.[1]


  • Grimoire: Yrul possesses a grimoire that contains various beast-based magic spells.[5]


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