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Yosuga Musyogatake 「無生ヶ嶽縁 Mushōgatake Yosuga[1] is one of the Ryuzen Seven of the Hino Country.[2]


Yosuga is a tall, muscular man with short dark-colored hair slicked back and has a scar on the right side of his chin. He wears a black shirt exposing his bare chest with a light-colored kimono wrapped around his waist, a pair of black fingerless bracers, a black hakama, and zori footwear.



Yosuga is a confident, brazen man that holds the upmost faith in himself and his skills as a swordsman, believing that way of thinking is what makes him the strongest around. This value in strength is what made him hesitate to sacrifice all of his yoryoku to gain the Tengentsu so as to stop a rampaging plague, momentarily thinking it would be better if the weak were to just die.

He also has a thing for strong women, preferably ones that use flame yojutsu.


Yosuga was born in Koshu of the Hino Country and was heir to the regional lord. While growing up, he spars and competes with Ryuya Ryudo, the heir of the nearby region of Goshu. When they are both 17 years old, a plague spread through their regions. As the two strongest, Yosuga and Ryuya are asked to acquire the Tengentsu in order to find the special herb that will cure the sick; however, the one who does will lose all of their magic power. Yosuga is unwilling to make that sacrifice, but Ryuya immediately accepts. After Ryuya acquires the eye and finds the herb, Yosuga initially resents Ryuya for giving up being his rival but grows to appreciate how much Ryuya does for the country despite his lack of magic power, so when it is between Yosuga and Ryuya as the next Shogun, Yosuga supports Ryuya and opts for a position among the Ryuzen Seven.[3]

At Ryuya's request, Yosuga and Fujio Tenmanyashiki continue Asta's Zetten training, while the rest of the Ryuzen Seven prepare to fight the three Paladins and the revived, purified five-headed dragon.[2] Although Yosuga repeatedly smashes Asta into the ground and walls, Asta remains determined and Fujio reinforces Asta's body. Eager to fight against the dragon, Yosuga pushes Asta to overcome his self-doubt and master Zetten. When Asta denies any doubt, Yosuga points out that Asta's attacks are hesitant due to shaky convictions. Yosuga believes his sword can cut anything and demonstrates that strength by unleashing a slash that cuts into Asta's left shoulder, as well as hits along the whole length of stairs behind Asta. Yosuga calls Asta out for getting lost in thought and then challenges Asta to unleash everything at him.[4]

Once Asta eventually masters Zetten, the three make their way over to Goshu, and Asta arrives in time to save Ichika Yami from a Bogeyman disguised as her father.[5] Yosuga watches as Asta faces the Bogeyman which turns into Asta and voices his self-doubt. When Asta cuts it down without hesitation, Yosuga points out to Ichika that Asta has found his own answer during their training. After Asta cut down Yrul, Yosuga noted that Asta's Anti Magic Zetten severed only the Paladin's power, and described the Zetten as the ultimate counterstrike to magic.[6] Yosuga then challenges Heath Graice to keep Heath from interrupting the reunion between Asta and Lily Aquaria.[7]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Iron Magic: Yosuga uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate iron.[8]


  • Master Swordsman: Yosuga boasts that there's nothing his sword can't cut, with his swings creating flying slashes that cut through faraway objects and crush stone. Even Asta, a skilled swordsman himself, thinks he's insanely tough during their training session.
  • Enhanced Speed: Yosuga is incredibly fast, being able to dodge Asta and Liebe's Zetten at close-range.[9]
  • Enhanced Strength: Yosuga has exceptional streangh, being able to knock back the head of a giant dragon.
  • Immense Magic Power: As the strongest member of the Ryuzen Seven, as well as a candidate to be the Shogun, Yosuga possesses an immense amount of magic power.[10]
  • Ki: Yosuga is able to manipulate his own ki, increasing it to enhance his physical abilities.[11]
    • Zetten: Yosuga is capable of manipulating his ki to concentrate his magic power in his body and subsequently release it.[11][12]


  • Katana: Yosuga carries a katana that he uses for combat purposes.[2]
  • Scroll: Yosuga possesses a scroll that contains various iron-based spells.[13]


Ryuya Ryudo[]

Originally, Yosuga and Ryuya were rivals due to them both being powerful young lords in neighboring domains, often competing to see who would become shogun. After Ryuya acquired the Tengentsu at the cost of losing all his yoryoku while Yosuga was unwilling to make that sacrifice, Yosuga initially resented Ryuya for giving up on being his rival but grew to appreciate how much Ryuya bettered the Land of the Sun despite his lack of yoryoku, supporting Ryuya as the next shogun and choosing to serve under him as one of the Ryuzen Seven.


  • Yosuga's favorite things are oysters and an evening drink while watching cherry blossoms at night.[1]


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