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Yami Sukehiro vs. Two Elves is a fight that occurs in the Royal Capital.


As Yami wonder what Patolli had done to this country, since the spell was not an attack but can still sense a magic presence across the kingdom.[1] Yami suddenly notices two mages being attacked and knocked unconscious.


Owen and Marx then appear before Yami, while riding in a mutant jellyfish spell. Yami comments about how the two look, which the two respond that they are elves that have taken over his friends bodies and that they are hear to destroy all the humans.[2] Yami comments about how this will be a pain, but Elf Marx says that it will not be a pain since he will not feel pain while firing arrows. Yami counters the arrows and dodges the jellyfish all, while bringing Julius's body with him. Yami then thinks about how both Marx and Owen's magic have increased to a destructive way. The elves notice that Yami is protecting Julius's body, and say that they will tear it to pieces. Yami tells the elves to not say that while their using his friend's bodies, and charges forward. Elf Marx says that it will be easy to hit Yami if he charges like that, and fires multiple arrows. Yami uses his Black Hole spell to absorb the arrows and Avdya Slash to destroy the jellyfish. As the elves are shocked by Yami's movements, Yami takes this time to knock the two unconscious.


After knocking the elves out, Yami comments about how much of a problem these two were even through they are not even battle type mages. Suddenly roses appears and grabs a hold of the elves. Charlette appears and comments about how the two were careless and that they can rest within her magic. Yami says that that is not like her, but Charlette replies that she does not know him but all humans must be eliminated.[3]


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