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Yami Sukehiro vs. Rhya, Vetto, and Fana is a fight that occurs in a cave outside of Nairn.


Yami is about to restrain Licht when he suddenly notices three individuals that have arrived.[1] Asta notices that Valtos is still unconscious and wonders how the three were able to arrive here. Yami prepares to draw his katana when one of the individuals suddenly appears before him. The guy touches Yami's grimoire, which Yami quickly attacks but only manages to cut his arm as he dodges.[2] The guy uses Light Healing Magic, which shocks Asta. Another of the individuals use Fire Healing Magic to began healing Licht. Licht apologizes to the three, which the three tells him to not to worry and that will make Yami pay. Licht then reveals to Yami and the other that the three are the strongest members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[3]


The fight begins when Licht introduces Rhya, who uses Imitation Magic to attack with one of Yami' spells.[4] Yami counters the spell and tells Rhyato not use his spells. Yami notices that another one of the individuals coming and defends, but the guy uses Beast Magic to destroy Yami's sword. Licht then introduces him as Vetto, which Vetto says that he wants to see the despair on Yami's face.[5] Yami complains about how much the katana costs, when he notices that the last one is attacking with Fire Spirit Magic. Licht introduces her as Fana, and she hates Yami and wants to kill him.[6] Yami then protects Finral, Gauche and Asta in darkness and begins to defend against the three attacks. Asta says that he can help, but Yami tells him not to worry and that he is going to surpass his limit. The three then attack when they are suddenly countered by three Magic Knight captains.[7]


Yami complains that something within him was about to awaken and why they are here. Nozel tells Yami to stop complaining and that he will execute him one day. Another one of the captains says that the fight looks interesting and says that he will join in to play, too.[8]


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