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Yami Sukehiro and Jack the Ripper vs. Four Elves is a fight that occurs outside the gates of Clover Castle.


As Finral and Yami arrives at the royal castle through a portal, they notices that there are four elves. They both thinks about how bad a situation this is, since they sense the elves magic power. An elf says that it does not matter how many humans comes to their location, they can easily handle them easily. Suddenly an attack happens, which Finral notices who attacked. Jack appears, and says that he knew that the most power ones would appear hear and that he will have some fun with them.[1] Yami comments about how their backup is this weirdo, which Jack asks if Yami wants to get ripped up. Yami then comments about how Jack almost cut him and Finral up too, but says that it is alright since Jack was not turned into an elf too. Jack replies that Yami should not have all of the fun for himself.


As Jack and Yami charges towards the elves, The elves prepare their spells and one of them says that not a single one of the humans will be left alive. As Jack attacks an elf, the elf is unhurt and comments about how Jack will not be able to cut his magic with that kind of power. Yami defends and dodges the elves attacks, while Jack also dodges the elves attacks. As Finral is helping the wound castle knight to safety, he notices that the two captain are having a tough time. As Yami and Jack are pushed back, Yami says that its about time that Jack cuts that out which Jack agrees. As Jack prepares his spell again, an elf says that Jack does not have the ability to cut him and that his magic will have no effect. Jack attacks and manages to cut the elf's armor, much to the elf's surprise. Jack thinks about how he had changed the property of his blade to match the magic of his opponent.[2] Jack then tells the elf that he will show him what real cutting is like since there is nothing he cannot cut.

As an elf is surprised that Jack was able to cut an elf's magic, Yami takes this chance to knock the elf out. The last two elves launches attack's at Jack and Yami from behind. Yami calls out to Finral, who creates portal that Jack and Yami jump through. Jack and Yami appear behold the elves and knock them out.[3]


As Finral complements both captains, Jack also compliments Finral but with a scary face. Yami gets angry at Jack for talking to his ride (Finral). Both Jack and Yami get into an argument about Jack borrowing Finral, which Finral says that they should be heading out.[4]


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