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Sukehiro defends Ichika from their father

Sukehiro defends his sister from their father.

In Goshu, Sukehiro was born to the Yami Clan of the Hino Country. In line with the clan's history, Sukehiro is trained to be a magic swordsman by his father, who believes Sukehiro has the potential to be the strongest in the clan, but Sukehiro prefers to go fishing. When he is a child, his mother dies after giving birth to his sister, Ichika, so Sukehiro grows up defending his sister from their father's drunken violence. Sukehiro and Ichika also befriend Ryuya Ryudo, the son of the regional lord.[1]

One night, when Sukehiro is 13 years old, his father has grown dissatisfied with the clan's state in peace, so he offers Sukehiro the clan's secret drug to induce a bloodthirsty state and to forcefully draw out all of the mage's latent magic power. When Ichika shouts for him not to take it, their father gives it to her instead. Under the pill's influence, she slaughters the rest of the clan, except her brother, and collapses from exhaustion afterwards. Sukehiro and Ryuya agree to hide the truth from her, blaming Sukehiro for the massacre instead.[2]

Yami washes ashore

Sukehiro washes ashore in the Clover Kingdom.

Sukehiro then flees the country[3] and shipwrecks, washing ashore in the Clover Kingdom. There he is met with troubles because of culture shock and racial discrepancies.[4] After turning 15 years old, Yami receives his grimoire and displays his Dark Magic, for which others hate and fear him. Rumors spread about him, which attracts the attention of Nacht Faust. The two get along and have fun committing petty crimes together.[5] Around this time, Yami also encounters Captain Julius Novachrono, who is fascinated by his magic and invites him to join the Magic Knights.[6]

Months later, Yami takes the Magic Knights Entrance Exam and is recruited into Julius's squad, the Grey Deer.[7][8] Because Yami is a foreigner, Julius also has to teach him the Clover Kingdom's language.[9] In the squad, Yami befriends Morgen Faust, Nacht's younger twin brother.[10] Yami and Morgen are often paired up for missions[11] and become famous amongst the Magic Knights as the Light-and-Dark Duo.[12]

Yami visits Nacht at Morgen's grave

After Morgen's death, Yami promises to make Nacht his vice-captain.

Years later, after Morgen's death, Yami visits Nacht at Morgen's grave and promises to make Nacht his vice-captain when he becomes a squad captain. As he leaves, he takes Nacht's discarded pack of cigarettes.[13]

Yami later invades the Witches' Forest, fights the Witch Queen, and smashes into Vanessa Enoteca's prison, freeing her.[14]

Yami breaks Charlotte's curse

Yami rescues Charlotte from her curse.

The day after his nineteenth birthday, Yami is enjoying noodle soup when the Briar Magic curse on House Roselei causes the soup to spill on him. Cutting through the briars, Yami confronts and chastises Charlotte Roselei for relying only on herself. At that point, the curse is halted and the briars dissolve because Charlotte falls in love with Yami.[15]

After beating up those who trouble him, he becomes the boss of the Black Bull squad,[4] at the same time as William Vangeance's becoming captain of the Golden Dawn squad.[16][17] As promised, Yami names Nacht his vice-captain.[18]

While looking for a base for his new squad, Yami investigates a large house that is rumored to be haunted and discovers Henry Legolant, the bedridden and deathly weak owner. Since Yami is creeped out by the idea of someone dying in the house, he promises to bring others to live there.[19] He also recruits Henry as a squad member.[20]

During conflicts between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom, Yami fights and injures Lotus Whomalt, scaring and scarring the Diamond Kingdom mage.[21]

Yami recruits Asta

Yami recruits Asta.

Years later, before the annual Magic Knights Entrance Exam, Asta runs into Yami and other members of the Black Bull squad. Yami threatens to kill the boy but is stopped by the beginning of the exam.[22] During the exam, Asta's athletic ability and determination impress and weird out the Black Bull's captain.[23][24][25] When none of the other captains recruits Asta, Yami releases his magic power and tries to intimidate the boy. However, Asta remains determined, and amused by the boy's response, the captain recruits him.[26] Yami also recruits Noelle Silva.[27][28]

Later, Asta returns from the bathroom, and Yami threatens Asta again for making him wait and then throws the boy through Finral Roulacase's portal to the Black Bulls' base. There, Yami welcomes Asta to the squad.[29]

Yami introduces Asta

Yami introduces Asta to the Black Bulls.

As members are causing a ruckus, Yami yells at them to cut it out, slamming his fist against the wall. They stop and greet him on his return. Yami then introduces Asta to the squad, while also telling Asta that some of the squad members are absent.[30] After Asta introduces himself, Yami watches with the rest of the squad as Asta takes on Magna Swing's Black Bull Initiation Ceremony.[31] During the ceremony, Yami notices that Asta's Demon-Slayer Sword can cut and reflect mana.[32] After the ceremony, Yami watches as Asta receives his squad robe.[33]

Later that night, Yami notices that Noelle's magic has started to rampage. Upon reaching Noelle's location, Yami comments about how they will need Asta to cut the mana since everyone else could hurt her. As Asta is hit by the rampaging Noelle, Yami catches Asta and then throws him while telling him to cut through the mana.[34] After Asta manages to save Noelle, Yami compliments the kids for doing a good job.[35]

Yami shows the star of excellence

Yami presents the Black Bulls with their star.

The next day, Yami gives Asta and Noelle their first mission: to accompany Magna on a boar hunt in Sosshi. Yami explains that the mission comes from a lost bet, and when Asta and Noelle complain, Yami forces them to take it by threatening to kill them.[36] After Asta, Noelle, and Magna return from their mission, Yami compliments them for doing a good job and reveals that they have obtained a star. After Yami reveals that the squad has negative thirty stars, Yami gives Asta and Noelle their monthly wages.[37]

Later Yami sends Asta on a mission from the Wizard King to explore a dungeon, with Noelle and Luck Voltia.[38] After the three leave for the dungeon, Yami talks with Vanessa about sending Asta and Noelle to the dungeon and the reason he sent Luck with them.[39] After a while Yami remembers that the Golden Dawn sent a group to the dungeon too, and wonders if they will get along.[40]

A week later, Yami notices that Asta is up and tells him that he did a good job with the dungeon even though he was in tatters. Yami also tells Asta that he is to head over to the Magic Knights headquarters and report what happened in the dungeon. As Luck gets excited to head to the headquarters, Yami informs him that he will be going on a mission with Magna instead. Charmy Pappitson offers to go in Luck's place, but Yami says that she is not going since she will just eat while there.[41]

After Asta, Noelle, and Charmy return from the capital and reveal that they have been promoted for their parts in the Undead Invasion, Yami explains the ranking for the Magic Knights and how Magna and Luck have not ranked up since they joined. Yami also tells Asta that he has done a good job, and noticing that Asta is worried, tells him that Fuegoleon Vermillion will not die. When Asta decides to train, Yami tells him that he should relax. Suddenly Finral invites Asta out, and Yami points out that Finral needs to work.[42]

Yami blocks Licht's attack

Yami appears and saves Asta from Licht's attack.

After Noelle reports about the kidnapped children, Yami has Finral take them both to Nairn.[43] Upon appearing in the cave, Yami blocks an attack by Licht.[44] As Finral uses his magic to get the children and wounded to safety, Yami tells Finral to come back while blocking the spells that Licht launches at Finral. As Asta is amazed by Yami's skill and sword, Yami explains what his katana is all the while continuing to counter Licht's spell. Licht tries to attack Yami from behind, but Yami easily counters.[45] As Yami and Licht start to talk, Licht tells a story about a powerful group that was killed by humans which Yami counters by telling Licht how he became the captain of the Black Bulls.[46] As Valtos yells at Yami for making fun of Licht, Yami just yells back about Valtos' face but is wounded for trying to counter Licht's spell.

Yami notices that Licht's attacks are gaining speed and continues to defend against Licht's attacks. Yami asks if Licht is the one that attacked Fuegoleon, which Licht affirms. Yami then launches a Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash and manages to cut Licht on the cheek, and tells Licht that he will show him that true strength of a Magic Knight captain. Yami then tells Asta that he is going to do that same, which shocks Asta.[47] Asta says that he cannot do what Yami is doing, but Yami says that Asta is going to copy his defensive style. While countering Licht's spells, Yami explains that he is using Ki to counter all of Licht's spells.[48]

When Valtos attacks Asta, Yami easily defends Asta and then tells Asta to surpass his limits if he wants to be the Wizard King. As Asta tries to use Ki and fails, Yami kicks him and explains how to use Ki;[49] however, when Asta manages to use Ki to reflect Valtos' Magic Bullet, Yami considers him a freak for learning so quickly.[50]

Angered, Licht lashes out with his Bright Judgment Whip, which Yami defends against, but the spell causes the cave to collapse. Yami and Asta are buried but survive by using Ki and dodging the rocks, and Yami comments that Asta will be hitting Licht next.[51] Yami then quickly takes that back and says that he still has to show Licht the true power of a Magic Knight captain, while Asta still has to face Valtos. Yami releases his mana and continues to battle against Licht. While battling Licht, Yami says that he wants to hear the rest of his story which Licht finishes his story and explains how flawed the Clover Kingdom is. As Licht says that they are going to fix this kingdom, Yami replies that he cannot stand the kind of guy that Licht is and continues to battle against him.[52]

Patolli prepares to kill Yami and Asta

Yami prepares a shield against Licht's magic.

As Valtos tries to help Licht, Yami easily defends against it and admonishes Asta for not having finished his fight with Valtos.[53] As Asta manages to defeat Valtos with a simple punch, Yami laughs and compliments Asta for his win. Licht takes this opening to attack Yami, who easily counters Licht's spell and manages to wound Licht.[54] Licht talks about Yami's Dark Magic and what it is capable of, which Yami confirms. Licht decides to use his greatest spell, and Yami wonders what to do against that powerful spell.[55] Yami puts up a Black Cocoon around himself and Asta, and both wonder what to do once Licht launches his spell. As Licht launches the spell, suddenly Gauche Adlai returns with Finral and reflects the spells with a giant mirror.[56]

After Licht is defeated, Yami compliments Gauche for defeating Licht but tries to take the credit for recruiting Gauche into the Black Bulls. As Yami prepares to restrain Licht for transport to headquarters, three more from Eye of the Midnight Sun arrive.[57] When Rhya suddenly appears in front of Yami and touches Yami's grimoire, Yami quickly attacks and manages to wound Rhya's arm.[58] After Licht introduces them as the Third Eye and boasts about their strength, Rhya attacks Yami with a copied slash, and the captain counters and says to stop copying him. Vetto blitzes Yami and breaks his katana, to Yami's surprise and anger. Fana then blasts the Black Bulls with Salamander's Breath, and Yami defends his team and takes note of her elemental spirit.[59]

Yami watches the three captains fight

Yami watches as the three captains confront the Third Eye.

As Yami continues to counter the three attacks, the others are worried about him but Yami tells them not to worry since he will surpass his limits. As the Third Eye prepare to finish the Black Bulls, the attacks are blocked by Jack the Ripper, Nozel Silva, and Charlotte.[60] After having brief conversations with Jack, Charlotte, and Nozel,[61] Yami watches as the three face off against Rhya, Fana, and Vetto. When Finral mentions that he can create another portal, Yami gets excited and has Finral transport him. Yami appears above Licht and swings his sword, but Licht anticipated this and has his own spell ready. However, this is a ruse to cover Asta, who suddenly appears from the smoke and slams his Demon-Slayer Sword into Licht.[62]

Yami compliments Asta for surpassing his limits and defeating Licht. Yami then watches as Licht starts to glow and release his mana.[63] Yami and Asta prepare to attack Licht,[64] but the Third Eye surround and seal Licht and his mana and retreat with Valtos. As he watches them disappear, Yami wonders if that means the Magic Knights won, and when Asta falls unconscious, Yami orders Finral to carry the boy.[65]

Later Yami meets with the other captain, minus Fuegoleon and William, in a room within the Magic Knight headquarters. After talking with the other captains, William arrives, and as the others question if William is Licht in disguise, Yami says that William cannot be him since William does not use Light Magic. As Rill Boismortier tries to lighten the mood by imitating Yami, Yami gets angry and yells at Rill while also saying that Julius better not have forgotten about them. Marx Francois suddenly makes contact with them and informs them that they are to head to the dungeon, and Yami heads there with the rest.[66]

Captains together in the dungeon

Yami and the other captains arrive for the interrogation.

Once there the captains listen as the prisoners, under Marx's control, reveal that Gueldre Poizot is the traitor within the Magic Knights. Gueldre claims that he is being framed, so Yami suggests that Gueldre have Marx look into his mind if he is not hiding anything.[67] As Gueldre tries to escape, Yami and the others are blocked by Gueldre's Invisible Soldiers; however, Yami realizes that Gueldre's Permeation Magic cannot hide his Ki and Asta uses it to track Gueldre and hit him with the Demon-Slayer Sword.[68] Rill then rushes to capture Gueldre before Yami and the other captains destroy the building.[69] As the captains watch Marx displays Gueldre's memories, Yami comments that Gueldre might be better suited to lead the Black Bull squad because his illegal activities make him pitch black. Julius orders the captains to search their own squads for more traitors but not to make the information public.[70]

After the captains are dismissed, Julius has Yami and Asta meet him, and they discuss the Eye of the Midnight Sun's search for magic stones, one of which is in the Seabed Temple. Julius gives the mission of securing the stone to the Black Bulls.[71] Yami salutes and agrees to the mission.[72] As they leave, Yami and Asta talk about how Yami let him join the Black Bulls because he thought he would achieve his dream.[73]

While the Black Bulls party on Raque's beach, Yami searches for information on where to find the Seabed Temple and how to enter. He then returns to the beach and buries the squad in the sand before briefing them on the mission. Yami says that they will use Noelle's magic to get there, but when Noelle tries to back out since she cannot control her mana, Yami replies that she will have to surpass her limit by the full moon since there is no one else to take the mission.[74]

A week later Yami watches as Noelle manages to gain some control of her mana and comments that they will be heading out.[75] The Black Bulls gather in Noelle's Sea Dragon's Cradle and head towards the Seabed Temple.[76] After passing through the Grand Belt, they encounter a wall of magical whirlpools, so Yami grabs and throws Asta at it, ignoring that Asta cannot swim. Asta pierces the wall with Demon-Slayer Sword, allowing the others to pass through.[77] Yami offers Charmy a pastry for making a platform to lower them down, and as they enter the temple, they encounter several citizens. Yami intimidatingly asks to see the temple's boss, and in a similar manner, one of the men tells him that would be the High Priest, before several other citizens lead the Black Bulls. They enter the building at the top of the stairs, while the citizens wave goodbye as the doors shut.[78]

High Priest monitors Black Bull

Yami and Gifso watch the matches.

Gifso greets them and tells that they will have to play a game to obtain the magic stone, to which Yami agrees. Gifso then announces the Temple Battle Royale, summons the other priests, and then separates everyone to different parts of the temple, with himself and Yami in a room to monitor the competition. Yami asks why he is not allowed to play too, and Gifso replies that Yami is too powerful. Pleased with the answer, Yami sits on the couch and watches the fights.[79] Gifso asks what ranks the Black Bulls are, and Yami tells him that they are all low ranked Magic Knights, which makes Gifso laugh. As Luck, Magna, Asta, and Gauche knock out their opponents, Yami points out that their ranks do not reflect their strength.[80]

Laughing, Yami suggests that they bet on which team will win, offering 100,000 yul.[81] When Finral tries to run away, Yami threatens to kill him if he does not fight, and Gifso summons a Monster Toy to chase Finral. Yami then sketches a more terrifying monster fish for the priest to summon.[82] When Kahono puts Charmy to sleep, Yami declares that she will go without food for a week.[83] He is then mildly surprised when Vanessa strings up her opponent,[84] and is impressed when Asta replicates Kiato's movements and disarms the priest.[85]

Yami finds himself trapped

Yami is trapped within the Seabed Temple.

When the Eye of the Midnight Sun crash into the temple, Yami recognizes Vetto and decides to leave, but Gifso informs him that he cannot per the rules of the game. Yami tries to cut his way out but one member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun has trapped them inside. Yami then informs the Black Bulls about what is happening and tells them to surpass their limits, and Gifso announces a change in the rules.[86]

Yami commends Magna and Luck even though their combined spell did not injure Vetto, and wishes for Asta to learn from them.[87] When Noelle releases her mana, Yami wonders if she has finally awoken.[88] He is then surprised by the power behind Noelle's Sea Dragon's Roar.[89] Vetto releases his demonic mana and regrows his destroyed arm, which greatly troubles Yami, so the captain yells for Noelle to run.[90] When Vetto fires a blast at Noelle, Yami is glad to see Asta defended her.[91]

Yami breaks through the spatial barrier and knocks out the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Yami then arrives as Vetto is preparing to blow everything away. Yami first compliments Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa for defeating Vetto, and then confronts Vetto himself. He slices through Vetto and the cloud of mana with Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash.[92] As Vetto's corpse drops to the ground, Yami points out that he did not fall into despair. Asta, Noelle, Vanessa, and Finral all hug Yami but he threatens them away with his sword. Yami then looks over when he hears Gifso crying over Kahono and Kiato. The High Priest thanks the Black Bulls and offers them whatever they desire, and Yami asks only for the magic stone that Nero has found in the temple.[93]

Vetto Memorial

Yami holds a memorial for Vetto.

Later while the others are resting, Yami holds a small memorial for Vetto. He then notices Asta and asks what he is doing here, to which Asta replies that he found some flowers and puts them by Vetto. Yami and Asta then talk about Vetto and his despair, but Yami tells him not to think about too much and just to chase his own dream. He then pulls Asta's headband down over his eyes and leaves the blinded boy alone.[94]

A day later, Yami leaves with the rest of the Black Bulls to their headquarters. After their return, Yami heads to the Magic Knights headquarters with Asta, Charmy, and Finral and the magic stone and prisoners. Once in the Royal Capital, Yami thanks Finral, letting him go elsewhere.[95] In the meeting with Julius, Yami recounts the events of the mission and hands over the prisoners, corpse, and magic stone. Julius praises the Black Bulls and Yami, and the captain responds that he just wanted to prove Julius and himself right on their choices. When Asta asks for Julius' signature, Yami offers to write it between Asta's eyes. Julius then asks if Charmy is Yami's child, but Yami refuses.[96]

Marx suddenly contacts the Wizard King and alerts them that the Diamond Kingdom has invaded Kiten. Marx also says that the Diamond Kingdom's army is lead by three of their Eight Shining Generals, on which Yami then has to inform the confused Asta.[97] After watching the Golden Dawn arrive and battle the army, Julius brings up that idea of sending reinforcements, and Yami suggests ordering him to go. When Asta asks to go along, Yami refuses since Asta is injured, but Charmy offers to look after him. Yami agrees and they leave to find Finral.[98]

They sneak up on Finral and scare away the women to whom he was talking, and Yami then forces him to take them to Kiten.[99] Upon arrival, they notice the giant tree, which Yami as William's World Tree Magic. Yami then orders the others to help the citizens as he heads up the tree.[100] As he reaches the top, Yami senses Lotus trying to ambush William and defends his fellow captain, driving off Lotus. Yami decides that he needs to have a chat with William.[101]

Yami and William chat

Yami questions William.

Yami asks William to remove his mask, but William refuses and asks if Yami suspects that he is the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Yami notes that William and Licht have different magic but same build, voice, and Ki. Yami mentions their shared past, which convinces William to remove his mask, revealing his scarred face.[102] Yami listens as William explains his scar and talks about his childhood along with his meeting with Julius.[103] Yami believes that William is telling the truth and decides to trust him. They then receive word that Diamond Kingdom forces have been defeated.[104]

Yami collects Asta and takes him to see Owen, before heading out to gamble.[105] Afterwards Yami treats the Black Bulls to a feast, celebrating the squad reaching zero stars.[106] After Asta leaves the party, Yami listens as Finral tells everyone that Asta's arms cannot be healed.[107] Yami and the others spy on Asta[108] and after seeing that Asta is perfectly fine, he starts to cheer up.[109]

Empty Black Bull Base

Yami and Asta are alone in the base.

The next day Yami is sitting in the common room and reading a newspaper when Asta comes down. He professes not to know where the others are.[110] After finding out that they are searching for cures, Yami comments about how much better off they would be if they put this much effort in their normal jobs.[111]

After Asta, Noelle, Finral, and Vanessa return from the Witches' Forest, Yami greets them and is unimpressed by Asta's healed arms. Asta points out that they have another magic stone, so Yami sends him for more booze. Yami then welcomes Vanessa back.[112]

Later Yami forces Asta to take some time off from missions because he works too much.[113] After the others return unsuccessful, Yami tells Charmy that he will not be paying her for the time she spent away. Yami then tells Asta and Noelle about the Star Awards Festival, and changes outfit before they head out.[114] Once they reach the festival, Yami tells them to have a blast and that the ranking announcement will happen at 8 pm.[115]

Yami finishes for Charlotte

Yami finishes Charlotte's drink.

Coming to see what the commotion was, Yami meets up with Asta and teases Charlotte about her dress.[116] When Vanessa shows up and challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest, Yami watches along with the crowd.[117] After witnessing that Charlotte cannot handle liquor, Yami grabs her drink and reminds her of what he told her once. As the crowd heads towards the stage of the ranking announcement, Yami comments about how they are late.[118][119]

Yami is surprised when Black Bull places second,[120] and changes into his normal outfit. When Julius asks for one of the Black Bulls to join them on stage, Yami puts the Black Bulls robe on Asta before throwing him up onto the stage.[121]

After the ceremony, Yami boasts about his squad's position to the other captains, which angers Nozel and Jack. However, Rill sticks up for Yami, and Dorothy Unsworth snores which Yami still does not understand. As Nozel and Jack leave, Mereoleona Vermillion arrives holding Yuno and Asta. Yami laughs at them until he, too, is grabbed by the Crimson Lion captain. After also grabbing Charlotte and Noelle, Mereoleona carries them to the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail to train with the Crimson Lion squad.[122]

Yami and Charlotte tackle volcano

Yami and Charlotte head out together.

Yami then heads out first with Charlotte and uses his Dark Magic to cut through falling lava.[123] He then realizes that he and the others are being used to motivate and model for Mereoleona's men.[124] After reaching the top, Yami sits with Charlotte and witnesses Mereoleona evade and punch Asta in midair.[125]

Yami joins the men on their side of the hot spring and suggests peeping on the women. The Crimson Lions refuse, but Yami says that it is something men have to do. When Yuno also refuses, Yami tries to coerce him but Asta tries to defend his friend. Leopold Vermillion realizes that Fuegoleon also likes baths, and Yami tells the Crimson Lions that they should not be like their former captain but should surpass him. Convinced, the Crimson Lions head toward the partition, and Yami invites Asta, who refuses vehemently, shocking everyone else.[126]

Sekke appears in bathroom

Sekke appears while Yami uses the toilet.

A week later, Yami is using the Black Bull base's bathroom when Sekke Bronzazza suddenly appears standing in front of the captain, who declares that he will kill the young Magic Knight.[127] Yami beats up the young Knight and is preparing to finish him off outside when Cob Portaport arrives to fetch Sekke.[128]

Several days after the exam ended, Yami warns his squad about a wild animal on the loose when he sees Mereoleona barging into the Black Bulls' base. She holds him down and gives him a bottle of alcohol as thanks for visiting Fuegoleon's bedside. He is hesitant to accept the gift, but she threatens him before carrying off Asta, Noelle, and Luck.[129]

Yami later leaves the base[130] and travels to the Golden Dawns' base, where he is made to wait for William's return. Yami complains to two Knights, pointing out that their vice-captain took out his transport so he should not be the one who has to travel for the apology. One of the Knights apologizes and wishes that Yami trusts William as they do. After thinking over his past with William, Yami reluctantly decides to continue waiting.[131]

Yami sees Patolli stab Julius

Yami witnesses Patolli stabbing Julius.

After hearing from Marx that Julius is fighting Patolli, Yami puts out his cigarette and flies away on his broom.[132] He reaches the Royal Capital and sees Patolli's Arrows of Judgment poised overhead.[133] After Julius saves the kingdom, Yami arrives at the castle tower but is too late to save the Wizard King from Patolli's sword.[134]

After Julius collapses and Patolli steals the magic stones, Yami draws his sword and calls out Vangeance, but Patolli informs him that William is sleeping. Yami notices that Marx is watching, and then orders the attendant to fetch Owen. Valtos arrives and teleports away with Patolli, narrowly escaping Yami's attack.[135]

Concerned, Yami crouches next to Julius and listens to him talk.[136] Julius warns Yami about the Eye of the Midnight Sun's plan and apologizes for failing as the Wizard King. He then requests Yami to look after the kingdom, and Yami accepts and salutes Julius one last time. After Julius passes away, Yami stands up and declares that he will help protect the kingdom.[137]

Yami is confused when he sees beams of light and strong magic power suddenly appear around the kingdom. He notices two such presences below him and watches as Marx and Own, who are possessed, kill two Magic Knights. The two confront Yami, who realizes that it was not the Eye of the Midnight Sun members who were transformed. The elves attack and Yami retreats back with Julius' body. Realizing that the body is someone important to Yami, the elves decide to target it, which angers the captain. He goes on the offensive, charging them, slicing apart the jellyfish, and knocking them unconscious.[138]

Charla, possessing the body of Charlotte, then arrives and separates Yami from the fallen elves.[139] As he is forced to retreat through the city, Yami yells at the nobles to retreat. Sol arrives, having chased Charlotte to the capital. Yami passes Julius's corpse to her, but she refuses to let a man save Charlotte. When she fails, Sol begs Yami to save Charlotte. Yami accepts and tosses Sol to safety.[140] Charla tries to trap Yami, but he pulls the briars into a Black Hole and then clashes swords with her. He chastises her for making her subordinates cry. The two jump back, and as Charla prepares a spell, Yami recognizes its strength and is forced to cut it with Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash.[141]

The spell destroys the buildings along the street, and Yami is buried in the rubble. He emerges after Charla departs and Sol returns to check on him. Instead of pursuing Charla, Yami decides that he and Sol should focus on protecting the citizens.[142]

Yami makes his way to the Magic Knights infirmary and kicks Finral out of bed.[143] After they see Ratri carve open the castle gate, Finral teleports himself and Yami to the Clover Castle's entrance. After Jack arrives, the two captains fight the four possessed Golden Dawns guarding the gate[144] and, with Finral's help, knock them all unconscious.[145]

The three then take notice of the dungeon floating over the capital, and Yami is pleased to see the royals from the Royal Knights also flying in.[146] The group of Magic Knights then split up and head to different parts of the castle, with Yami, Jack, and Finral heading to defend the Kira Estate.[147]

Finral warps back Yami and Jack

Yami and Jack return to attack Ratri.

Yami and Jack defeat all of the Golden Dawns along their way to the throne room. They charge at Ratri, but the elf's automatic defense forces them to back off.[148] Finral creates a portal out of the castle and orders his father to escape. Ledior refuses, but Yami picks up him and Liliane and throws them through the portal.[149] After Jack cuts away part of the throneroom, allowing Augustus to escape, Ratri retaliates with a barrage of Spatial Magic. Yami has to dodge and block some when the barrage overwhelms Finral's counter. Yami then tries to attack through the elf's defense, but the slash is blocked. Finral saves Yami from Ratri's counter. Once Jack's blades adapt to Ratri's Spatial Magic, the two captains release slashes that neutralize the elf's defense. Before they can get close, though, Ratri forces the captains out of the room, dropping Yami through the floor, and focuses his attention on Finral. The Black Bull lets himself take damage so that he can summon the captains back into the room.[150] Jack cuts through Ratri's attack, while Yami strikes the elf's nape. However, Ratri retains consciousness and lashes out, destroying most of the throneroom. Yami jumps back and pushes Jack and Finral to safety. Yami then watches as Finral warps his brother over to himself and punches him. As Finral collapses from exhaustion, Yami compliments him[151] and magically restrains Ratri. Yami and Jack then turn their attention to the dungeon overhead.[152]

After the Apostles of Sephirah open the Shadow Palace, a group of elves descends from the dungeon to stop any humans from interfering. Yami and Jack prepare to fight them, but the Black Bull base emerges from a spatial portal and punches the elves.[153] Yami is amused at how his squad has arrived and later at how they defeated the group of elves. However, he switches to panic when he notices Reve descending in a cloud of Dream Magic.[154] Yami leaves his squad to handle Reve, Drowa, and Eclat, while he and Jack follow the Apostles through to the Shadow Palace.[155]

As they pass through the gate, Yami and Jack are split up and land in different locations within the Shadow Palace. Yami starts making his way through the Shadow Palace when he feels dark elf Patolli's swelling magic.[156] Sensing another sinister magic, Yami leaves Nozel to handle Patolli and heads to the topmost chamber, where he finds Licht and Charla fighting a devil, Zagred. After noting the devil's malicious ki, Yami decides to help the elves and slices through the bindings around Licht's sword.

When Zagred creates a wave of flames to burn Charla's briars, Yami uses Black Hole to create an opening through them and attacks with Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash. The devil dodges and rains down a multitude of bladed weapons, which Charla blocks with more briars. When Zagred withers them, Yami emerges and uses Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash to cut through the devil's left arm and wing.[157]

The devil complements the two for their coordination even though he was sure that the two hated each other, which Yami replies that he wonders why that is. Zagred then repairs his severed limbs and summons another storm of blades. Yami and Charla analyze the devil's Kotodama Magic and test their theories. Yami attacks with Dark Cloaked Avidya Slash, which Zagred dodges. Licht uses the Demon-Dweller Sword to absorb and release the spell again, managing to cut off the devil's tail.[158] Annoyed, Zagred decides to use his new grimoire and summons a massive monster from another dimension. Yami and Charla are forced to retreat when the monster resists their magic.[159] Yami and Charla manages to dodge the creatures attack, which Charla notices that the creature is disintegrating her magic. As the creature goes to attack Charla, Yami uses a spell to push her away but at the cost of his arm. As Yami manages to free his arm, he notices that the creature has stolen his mana and life energy. The Devil explains to them that the creature is capable of devouring all life and will not stop until it has devoured everything.[160] Yami is shocked by this and thinks about how the Devil is bad news. He then forms Black Cocoon around himself and Charla, while she uses her magic to heal his arm.[161] After Charla finishes healing Yami's arm, the pair look up at the destruction caused by Licht's attack.[162] When even more of the devil's magic pours down, Charla worries that it will destroy everything, with Yami worried about what was going on up above.[163]

Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash Equinox

Yami uses Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash:Equinox.

Charla then relays to Yami information about the events and layout of the upper room. After hearing this, Yami decides to join in on the fun by preparing an attack of his own. She then decides to aid in his final attack and wraps her magic around his sword.[164] Although she is impressed by Yami's focus, she is still uncertain that his attack will reach. However, Yami manages to pinpoint where Zagred is above him, and releases Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox and slices Zagred in half.[165] After this, Asta and the others above are successful in bringing down the devil. After Asta kills Zagred, Charla compliments Yami and supports him when he slouches from exhaustion. They then notice that the devil's magic has not disappeared whereas Lemiel Silvamillion Clover's protection is waning.[166] As the two begin to escape from the devil's magic, they reach another room and Yami takes notice of Gueldre Poizot and Revchi Salik with his Ki. After finding the two Purple Orcas, Yami takes them and has hold of Gueldre, while Revchi and Charla pull the four of them up through an opening Yami cut to the topmost chamber, leading them to the rest of the assorted Magic Knights and elves.[167] With everyone gathered, they all head to the exit.[168]

After escaping the Shadow Palace, the group returns to the Clover Kingdom, where Yami watches as William Vangeance is brought back, and he, along with Licht, and Asta exorcise the remaining elves, saving the kingdom from the Reincarnation Magic.[169] After Rades Spirito resurrects Patolli in Licht's artificial body, William catches the unsteady elf and remarks that there is much he wants to say but he must apologize to Julius first, asking a disgruntled Yami to take him to Julius.[170] William and Yami travel to where Sol buried Julius's body but the grave is empty. They are then greeted by a young Julius, which greatly shocks the two captains.[171] Yami quickly snaps out of it and says that he saw that Julius was dead. He then grabs Julius and comments about how Julius had entrusted a certain something to him. He also tells Julius to give back all the determination and resolve he gave to him, while also commenting about how Julius gets to do his life all over again. He lets Julius go and comments about how Julius is a real pain, but also says that it is not bad that he's able to see Julius again. William stammers out a response, but Julius interrupts him and says that William will have to work to make up for betraying the kingdom and its people. Yami suggests that Julius is being too lenient with William, but Julius adds that the responsibility lies with himself since he invited William to the Magic Knights, appointed him a captain, and lost the battle with Patolli. Julius then asks William to join him in enduring the bitterness of the kingdom so that they can help it move forward. Yami then watches as William salutes and devotes himself to Julius and the Clover Kingdom again.[172]

Later Julius is with Yami at the Clover Castle, and has called Asta, Secre, Noelle, and Mimosa to them. Julius tells the four that even through the battle is over, that there are still three problems. Julius says that the Wizard King is gone, which Yami says that Julius is still alive in front of them, which shocks everyone. Julius explains how he has lost most of his magical power, along with his influence with the nobles has also weakened. Asta asks why Julius is so young, which Julius explains how he found an artifact that is capable of storing magic and used its magic to store magic in the mark that was on his forehead. Suddenly Julius notices Secre and starts to ask her about what her magic is, which Yami pulls him away from Secre and everyone accepts that the young Julius is the Wizard King. Yami tells Julius to continue his story, which Julius informs the others the Clover Kingdom will be destroy by a foreign nation which shocks the others. Julius final says that the final problem is that Asta will die,[173] which Asta wonders why he will die. After hearing this, Yami explains that Julius is normally right about these things, and joking bids Asta farewell, which greatly upsets him. Julius explains how Asta's power comes from a devil, and how the horns that Asta obtains in his black form is the sign of a curse called Weg. After hearing Julius go into more detail about Asta's powers, Yami is creeped out that Asta is associated with a devil, and Asta points out that Yami's bluntness hurts. Julius then goes into further details about the three Kingdoms bordering the Clover Kingdom, and how it was likely that the Spade Kingdom would attack soon. Julius also explains how the Magic Parliament will condemn the devil's power and make Asta the scapegoat for the resent events with the elves since he uses the power of a devil. Asta wonders who will run the Magic Parliament, which Julius says that the royal house of Kira is in charge of that, which irked Yami.

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days later, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre from their rigged trail.[174] After busting into the court, Yami tells Damnatio Kira to release Asta and Secre because they belong to their squad, regardless if they are connected to the devil or not. Secre tries to get them to take Asta and leave without her, but Yami bluntly says no, and assures her that she is a part of their group regardless of her attempt to use them, placing one of their robes on her and says that it would not cause a change to their squad if a weirdo like her joined. He also tells her that the squad was a bunch of weirdos to begin with and how that is what makes them the Black Bulls.[175]. Secre then uses her magic to break her handcuffs. Damnatio calls the Black Bulls' actions foolish and that they understood nothing and then he shrinks the squad's spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. As Damnatio notices that his magic has been erased, Yami prepares to attack Damnatio. Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[176] As Asta wonders what is going on, Yami tells him that they are taking a trip out of the kingdom to prove his innocence.[177]

Later in the capital, Yami takes Asta and Secre with him to visit Charlotte Roselei and ask her about her curse. However, after mentioning his conversation with her elf counterpart, she panics and runs out of the room before he can finish his question, with Yami shocked by the reaction, commenting that he just wanted to ask about her curse. He and Asta then go the Blue Rose's base to ask again, with Charlotte nervously trying to apologize and confess her true feelings to Yami, who then cuts her off and comments that she does not have to explain because he knows how much she hates him, worrying Charlotte even more thinking that he's misunderstood the situation. Asta then interrupts and says that he's wrong, prompting Yami to grab Asta, asking who asked him for his opinion. Asta then explains how its harder for Charlotte to be honest with him, the more that she trusts and relies on him, similar to how Noelle is with him. Yami asks if Asta is now embarrassed about proclaiming that Noelle trusts and relies on him. Asta replies that he and Noelle are comrades that have walked the line between life and death, and have come out on top countless times together. Charlotte comments about how they are blessed with such wonderful knights in their squads, which Yami replies that its also because of Asta that they are currently in trouble. Charlotte then tells Asta that she had heard what had happened to him and apologizes for it, but Asta tells her that its not her fault since she was possessed. Charlotte asks Yami to join her for dinner since there is something that he wants to discuss with her. Yami agrees to it, but thinks about how he does not get what is going on here.

Later Charlotte and Yami are having dinner at a restaurant. Charlotte is surprised when Yami asks about the curse she was afflicted with. Charlotte explains how that curse was placed on her by mages that bore a grudge against her family, and how it was impossible to dispel since the curse was unique and unlike any magic known within the kingdom. Charlotte also explains how forbidden magic meddles with the very natural order of the world and life, and how the curse would alter the form of her soul and magic once she had turned 18. Charlotte then says that the curse was mostly from a forbidden magic spell that had borrowed power from another world, which Yami says that he had figured. Charlotte tells Yami that is all that she knows about her curse, but there is someone in Yami's squad that has experienced the effects of such a curse that is to an even greater extent than hers, referring to Gordon Agrippa.[178]

Days later, Yami asks Gordon to go see his family and ask them more about curses. Yami also has Asta, Gauche, and Grey join Gordon since he does not want to go. Later after gathering news about a potential curse being in the Heart Kingdom, Yami informs them that there is no way to get there due to the Kingdom's tough borders. After Noelle suggests asking Mimosa to help them get to the Heart Kingdom legally, Yami sends Asta, Noelle, and Finral to the Golden Dawn base to get it done. Days after sending them to the Heart Kingdom, Yami is contacted by Asta and Noelle, who try to ask Yami for permission to assist the Heart Kingdom in their fight with the Spade Kingdom. However, due to being on the toilet at the time, Yami tells them to call back later, forcing them to contact Marx Francois in the capital instead, with Julius at his side listening to the situation and organizing an alliance between the Heart and Clover Kingdoms as a result. With the alliance officially formed, the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom make arrangements to get stronger in the next six months, with the Black Bulls moving their base into a forest near the Border of the Spade Kingdom as part of the squad's mission to investigate devils.[179]

Dark Cloaked Iai Slash

Yami cuts through Dante.

Six Months later, Yami returns to the base with Finral from a Captain's meeting to see his squad struggle fighting against Dante Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad. After seeing Dante go near Vanessa and Grey, Yami releases a dark slash dividing Dante from the others. As Dante notices Yami, Yami asks him what he is doing since nobody messes with his people. Dante is glad to see Yami, along with the malice that Yami is giving off, but uses his Presence of the Demon King spell to force Yami and Finral to the ground. Yami manages to keep standing, but uses his Black Moon spell to create an area that negates the effect of Dante's spell, then drops Finral to the ground and tells him to go help the others.[180] Dante notices how the spell works and throws a boulder at Yami, who easily cuts it in half with his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash spell, while Finral portals to the others. Dante uses his Heavy Infighting Gladiator spell to create a sword and attacks Yami in close combat. As the two clash, each of them notices what the other are capable of. Dante is excited to see Yami's capabilities, and Yami asks if Dante is some kind of stalker. Dante says that he is after Yami because Yami is the key that links this world to the underworld. Dante then thanks Yami since he is now jealous of Yami for having so many people with unique magic around him. Dante also says that all of Yami's arcane mages now belong to him. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about since he let those guys in the Black Bulls because he liked them. Yami then condenses his Mana Zone, so when Dante attacks Yami from behind, Yami slashes Dante with Dark Cloaked Iai Slash and says that he will not give up a single one of them to a guy like Dante.[181]

As Yami comments about how his spell never misses, Dante laughs and uses a different magic spell to heal his wound.[182] Dante comments about how he excited and that nothing originally satisfy him his malice before. Dante also comments about Yami is the key that would open this world to be far more magnificent. Yami wonders what Dante is talking about, so Dante explains how he needs a Dark Magic and World Tree Magic users in order to create the magic channel, the Tree of Qliphoth, in order for the devils from the underworld to pour out and into this world.[183] As Dante laughs about this, Yami says that he will have to wipe Dante out right here.

Death Thrust

Yami uses Death Thrust against Dante.

Yami continues to injure Dante, and Dante continues to heal himself with the magic that he does not like. Dante gets excited and says that he will show Yami the true power of a devil host, to which Yami responds that he will show Dante the power of a regular human.[184] As Dante releases 80% of the devil's power, Yami comments about how that is Dante's limit. Dante explains how a devil's host cannot use all 100% unless they open a door to the underworld.[185] Dante then throws his Gravity Singularity spell at Yami. It obliterates everything around it, but Yami dodges it. Yami counters with his Dimension Slash, but Dante creates a second Gravity Singularity which warps the attack around him. Yami wonders what to do, and figures that he needs to attack at close range. As Dante blocks Yami path, Yami realizes that he needs to attack with power since Dante can easily heal any cut. Yami then continues to dodge and blocks Dante's attacks until he figures something out. Dante manages to slam a chunk of earth on Yami, but Yami gets up and proclaims that he will surpass his limits. Dante says that Yami will not be able to defeat him, but Yami uses his Death Thrust spell to obliterate Dante's chest.

Dante laughs and starts to regenerate his body, while explaining how his original magic is Body Magic and that the devil's power boost his magic to the point where he is unable to die.[186] Dante then transforms into a monstrous form and comments about how he is grateful since he is able to go all out. Dante continues his assault but Yami dodges them all and then lands another Death Thrust spell. Dante heals himself again, and explains how Yami cannot defeat him and that there is no one that is capable of defeating him. Asta sees the fight and becomes frustrated that he is not able to do anything. Yami stop and says that he is not able to defeat Dante. Yami also says that he needs Asta's help. Asta calls forth his sword and quickly gets to Yami's side.

Asta slashes Dante with katana

With Yami's Katana, Asta slashes Dante.

As Dante gets excited to face the two, Yami tells Asta to follow his lead which Asta agrees to. As the two charge, Dante tries to block their charge but the two easily break through. As Yami manages to continue to wound Dante, but Asta has trouble and needs Yami's help. Yami figures that Asta's Anti Magic is the key to winning this fight, while Asta thinks about how he is holding Yami back. As Dante launches his Gravity Singularity spell, Asta uses the power of the devil to destroy the spell and proclaims that this is everything that he has right now. As Asta manages to land a hit, Dante notices that he cannot heal the wound that Asta landed on him, so he quickly forces Asta away, creates more arms, and creates swords for each hand. Yami notices that Dante is being cautious of Asta, and figures that they can win if Asta lands a blow on Dante with the power that is radiating from Asta's right arm. Yami decides to put more into the fight and attacks Dante. Dante says that he will crush them and win. Dante then manages to disarm Asta and bury all three swords. As three seconds remain, Dante attacks Asta but Yami stops him with his Death Thrust. Dante says that he is indestructible and regenerates his wound while proclaiming that it is over. As one second remains, Yami passes his katana to Asta, who grabs and imbues it with Anti Magic. Asta manages to land a slash on Dante, who falls to the ground. Dante's transformation is nullified, and a large gash stretches across his torso.[187]

As Asta collapses, Yami catches him and compliments him on a job well done. Yami then gives Asta to Finral, and heads over to Dante to seal him with a spell. Suddenly Zenon appears with a captured William Vangeance and retrieves Dante, while also capturing Yami. Zenon notices Asta and tries to kill him, but Finral uses his magic to divert the attack. Zenon notices that it is time to leave and opens a portal. The Black Bulls try to stop Zenon, but Zenon easily counters all their attacks. Zenon then takes Yami, William, and Dante through the portal, which shocks the members of the Black Bull.[188] As he disappears through the portal, Yami tells his subordinates to live however they wish.[189]

Moris accelerates Qliphoth Advent Ritual

Yami, William, and Moris fuel the Tree of Qliphoth's growth.

Beneath the Spade Kingdom castle, Yami and William are placed in coffins set in the middle of a large array, from which the Tree of Qliphoth grows.[190] When the team from the Clover Kingdom infiltrates the castle, Moris takes his place in the array and acts as an additional accelerant for the ritual, causing the first gate of the underworld to open.[191]

After the Dark Triad are all defeated, Moris further modifies the ritual and tree so that it can continue running without them. The added strain causes Yami's and William's skin to crack. Yami stirs when he senses the Black Bull base smashing through the castle to the underground chamber.[192] After they defeat Moris, the Black Bulls shout for Yami.[193] The Black Bulls' words echo in Yami's mind, and he wakes when he hears them shout his name. He laughingly asks if they all like him that much, which they enthusiastically affirm, and he echoes the sentiment.[194]

Before they can reach Yami, Lucifero uses the last of Moris's magic and life to accelerate the ritual and open the second gate opens. Lucifero then combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William.[195] The Black Bulls work together to transform the base into the Ultra Giant Bull, which attempts to grab and pull out the coffins, but the monster blocks their attempts by damaging the base's arms.[196] Asta and Liebe's Infinite Slash Equinox then slices through the monster, destroying the coffins holding Yami and William without harming them.

As Yami falls, the base reaches up an arm crafted from plants to catch him.[197] The Black Bulls in the base rush out and gather around their captain. He compliments them, and they are overjoyed to see him alive. However, Lucifero compresses the monster's remains into a body, through which he manifests in a half-complete form. He then forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him, and the intense gravity crushes the base.[198] Rouge saves Vanessa and Yami, but its power and Yami's health wane beneath the gravity.[199] Rouge pulls Grey out of the rubble, and she repairs the damage to Yami's body. Afterwards, Patolli, Langris, and William fly over, and William hands Yami a Mistilteinn Blade, which he filled with his World Tree Magic. Yami accepts the sword, considering it repayment for William's involvement with the elves, and suggests that they share a drink when they get back to the Clover Kingdom.[200]

When Nacht attempts to sacrifice his life to protect Asta from Lucifero, Yami jumps in the way and uses a wooden sword to block the devil's punch, saving his vice-captain.[201] The force of the punch sends Yami and Nacht flying back, and Zora and Secre jump in the way of Lucifero's follow up attack on Asta, which impresses Yami. Nacht requests that Yami leave and let him die, but Yami refuses to do so because he wants Nacht to help people like Morgen and because friends do not need reasons to save each other. After remembering Morgen pointing out their similarities and being slightly jealous of their affinity, Yami and Nacht bicker over the childishness of Yami's sentiment but stand united to take on the King of Devils.[202]

After Lucifero cancels out the double power punch from Zora, Yami and Nacht reappear in front of the devil, and Yami is motivated by his squad's example. The captain and vice-captain then combine their magic to create Kids' Playground and drop down into the shadow. United with Slotos and Plumede and boosted by the synergy with Dark Magic, Nacht creates shadow clones of himself and Yami to swarm Lucifero, which provides Yami an opportunity to strike the King of Devils with Dark Cloaked Deep Black Blade. Although the devil suffers only minor damage, he acknowledges that humans do have the potential to defeat him and so resolves to annihilate them all with the full power of his half-manifested form. As Lucifero transforms, the gravity around him increases. Asta and Yuno then rejoin the fight alongside Yami and Nacht.[203] They all slip into the shadows as Yami and Nacht's spell once again surrounds Lucifero; however, the devil warps space, tearing apart the magic and the clones of Yami and Nacht. When Asta merges with Liebe, their overflowing Anti Magic negates the shadows hiding them, and Lucifero warps to their side. Yami then interrupts Lucifero's attack on Asta and Liebe, but the King of Devils crushes Yami's left arm. Yuno teleports Yami out of further harm, for which Yami thanks him.[204]

Lucifero stabs Yami and Nacht

Lucifero stabs his new hands through Yami and Nacht.

Yuno then appears in front of Lucifero and uses a star to cast a shadow behind the devil. Yami and Nacht emerge from the shadow and simultaneously attack the devil with mirrored attacks. However, Lucifero transforms his upper pair of wings into arms and plunges the new hands through the chests of Yami and Nacht.[205] When Asta and Liebe perfect their Unite, they sever Lucifero's arms that are piercing Yami and Nacht, who fall to the ground.[206] After Asta and Liebe chop Lucifero into pieces and their Unite ends, Lucifero rises again and slams the two into the ground. Despite their own grievous injuries, Yami and Nacht come to their aid, emerging from the shadow and negating the gravity. As Nacht uses shadow hands to help Asta stand and lift the Demon-Slayer Sword for one more sword strike against Lucifero, Yami notes that the King of Devils is terrified of Asta. Lucifero attempts to fly away, but Yuno teleports the devil back under Asta's sword swing, which ultimately defeats the King of Devils.[207]

Yami and Nacht collapse, and when Adrammelech steals Lucifero's heart, Lucifero's body crumbles, including the arms in Yami's and Nacht's chests. Yuno summons Mimosa to heal them, but she does not have enough magic power. Charlotte rushes to Yami's side and confesses her lover for him. Rouge then manages to pull the other Black Bulls from the base's rubble, and Charmy feeds Mimosa with Sheep Cook: Master Chef's magic-restoring food. Mimosa then uses her Ultimate Magic to save Yami and Nacht. Yami thanks Charlotte for keeping him alive but did not hear what she said to him, which causes Charlotte to pass out. Yami also chastises Asta for damaging his katana but allows Asta to keep it since he has a new one. The reunited Black Bulls thank Nacht for his help, welcoming him back to the squad, which he accepts.[208]

A year and three months later, Yami and the other Captains attend a special awards ceremony for Asta. During the banquet afterward, Yami tries to talk to Jack and Charlotte, but she briskly walks away. Yami has been confused by her strange behavior around him ever since the Spade Raid, and Finral informs him about her love confession. Yami then goes to the toilet and puzzles over the new, contradictory information.[209] Shortly after, Lucius Zogratis stops time for most of the tower, including the captains. After Asta and Liebe negate the spell,[210] their fight with Lucius takes them further into the city. The captains chase after but are too late to stop Lucius from grievously injuring Asta and teleporting him away. Seeing Lucius, Yami notes the physical resemblance to Julius but senses the difference in ki and magic. The Magic Knights then watch as Lucius and Lily Aquaria escape.[211]

Once Yuno returns to the capital, the captains and Yuno listen as Secre, Noelle, and Mimosa recount the events of Lucius's attack. Yami calls on Nacht, who reports that he is unable to locate Asta's shadow, concluding that Asta is either somewhere far away or dead. The other captains and Yuno discuss how to deal with Lucius.[212]

Days later, in preparation for Judgment Day, the citizens of the Clover Kingdom are moved into the Noble Realm, with the Magic Knight squads stationed around as defenders. Yami, William, Jack, Charlotte, and Yuno stand together on a rooftop and await Lucius's arrival. Charlotte apologizes to Yami for avoiding him, so Yami suggests that they have tea and talk after the battle. In a flash of light, Lucius and the Paladin Morgen appear behind the captains. Yami and Jack are caught off guard by Morgen's presence, and Morgen pierces a hole through Jack.[213] Yami catches Jack's body, while William spawns a tree to heal the injuries. When Lucius has the Guardian Angels unleash a barrage of lasers on the Noble Realm, Yuno raises a shield that deflects all of the lasers away, and Yami is amazed at how strong enough has become since the Spade Kingdom invasion.[214]

After Yuno casts Never-Never Land, Yami prepares to fight Morgen, but Jack insists on pulling off one final attack. The slash slices through Morgen's magic and multiple Guardian Angels and a large ravine into the land itself. Yami admits that the attack was impressive. After Jack collapses and his grimoire fades, Yami glares at Morgen as the Paladin promises that more people will die but be reborn.[215]


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