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The Witches' Forest 「魔女の森 Majo no Mori」 is a small, independent country of witches ruled over by the Witch Queen.[1]


Witches' Forest map

Relative location of the Witches' Forest

This forest Grand Magic Zone is the home to all witches and sits in a neutral area west of the border between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms.[1] The witches' homes and shops are up in the canopies of the giant trees. Flying brooms are the most common form of travel, but simple suspension bridges and large branches formed into makeshift pathways allow for foot travel between buildings and trees.

At the very center is the Witch Queen's palace, which is built into the side of a massive tree trunk. In the throne room, the Witch Queen's throne is set on a higher level, letting her look down on her audience. A leafless tree sits behind her throne and is where her birds roost. Two skulls of stags decorate the wall below her throne; the skulls are set in wreathes and flames burn between their antlers.[2]

A great stone wall encircles the central part of the forest. The main point of entry is a large wooden, fortified gate;[3] however, Dominante Code knows of a secret entrance.[4]


The entire population consists of women with special types of magic, like curses and familiars 「使い魔 tsukaima」. These women are not allowed to live outside of the forest, and those that choose to are considered fugitives.[1] Men and other non-witches are forbidden from entering the forest.[4]

Witches' Forest
Former Residents

Notable Events[]


  • The witch Akimo was designed for and voiced by Honoka Akimoto,[5] a member of Team Syachihoko, a fan of Black Clover, and the inspiration for Kahono.[6]


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