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William Vangeance vs. Broccos is a fight that occurs in the city of Kiten.


Broccos looks at the tree that William Vangeance created and comments about how most of his men were completely beaten. Broccos yells at William that he is going to pay for what he has done to his men. Not paying attention, William compliments the amount of mana that was swirling around the battlefield, and comments about how he has pretty much cleaned up the city.[1]


Broccos suddenly appears in front of William and says that he underestimated the captain. Broccos comments about how William has some crazy mana, to which Williams replies that Broccos has some nice mana too. William tells Broccos that there is no need for him to lose his life and that Broccos can just take his men and leave. Broccos replies that the word retreat is not in the vocabulary of the Diamond Kingdom's armed forces, and fires a spell at William, who counters by throwing a seed. Broccos mocks him for it and asks if William used up all his mana, but the seed suddenly grows into a tree that surrounds Broccos and defeats him.[2]


William tells an unconscious Broccos that he should feel honored since his mana will be nourishment for the Clover Kingdom. Lotus Whomalt ambushes William, but Yami Sukehiro arrives and drives the mage back.[3]


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