Wegヴィーグ Vīgu, literally meaning: "wheel track or rut"」 are black horns that appear on humans who use Forbidden Magic.[1]


These black horns sprout from the heads of humans who use magic or power from the underworld. They are considered a curse since they indicate a loss in humanity.[1][2]

A mage who receives power from a devil will sprout horns only while they actively use a significant portion of the devil's power.[3] Devil-possessed mages, like the Dark Triad, sprout horns that resemble their devils' horns,[4][5][6] whereas the Dark Disciples, who receive power indirectly from devils, sprout simpler horns.[7][8][9] The horns dissipate as soon as the mage stops drawing on the power.[10][11]

Overuse of Forbidden Magic results in permanent horns.[2]



  • Weg is German and Dutch for "way, path" or "gone, missing, vanished".


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