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The War Merits Conferment Ceremony is an annual event where Magic Knights that have produced multiple excellent results are being promoted at the Clover Kingdom's Royal Capital.


Knights gathering for an award ceremony

Knights waiting for Julius' arrival.

After a meeting with several young Magic Knights that managed to complete a mission to explore a dungeon, Julius Novachrono invites those Knights to come with him and attend a conferment ceremony. He is scheduled to honor several Knights that have given astounding results, which are better than the achievement made by the group of young Knights. When they arrive, ten Knights are already waiting for them at the ceremony hall.[1]

War Merits Conferment Ceremony[]

Julius begins the ceremony by calling the first candidate for promotion, Leopold Vermillion. The Emperor promotes him into a 2nd class Intermediate Magic Knight after collecting 7 stars. The Emperor advises him not to go too far against his opponents, but the nobleman politely disagrees. Secondly, Julius calls Sol Marron as he promotes her to a 3rd class Intermediate Magic Knight after collecting 6 stars. He advises her to follow the rules a bit more, but she replies by saying that she would only obey her captain's orders.[2]

Subsequently, Julius promotes the Silva siblings, Nebra Silva and Solid Silva, to a 3rd class Senior Magic Knight and a 3rd class Intermediate Magic Knight, respectively for collecting 9 stars and 6 stars. The Emperor gives them some advice as well, and the siblings politely show their gratitude.[3]

Finally, the Emperor promotes three members of the Golden Dawn squad of Alecdora Sandler, Siren Tium, and Hamon Caseus to a 2nd class Senior Magic Knight, a 1st class Intermediate Magic Knight, and a 2nd class Intermediate Magic Knight. The awards are given after they managed to collect 11 stars, 8 stars, and 7 stars respectively.[4]


At the end of the ceremony, Julius proceeds on inviting everyone in attendance to a celebratory banquet that he had prepared. At that moment, he also highlights the presence of the five young Magic Knights that he brought and asks the honored Magic Knights to get acquainted with them.[5]

Not long after the banquet started, Julius decides to leave earlier than the others while citing that he has another matter that needs his attention.[6]


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