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Walgner 「ワルグナ Waruguna[1] is a mid-ranking devil[2] who serves Nacht Faust, the vice-captain of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights.[3]


Walgner as familiar

Walgner as a devil familiar

As a devil familiar, Walgner appears as a small, dark-colored figure with horns, wings, and a tail.

When merged with Shadow Magic, Walgner appears as a large, black figure with black horns and a red, rooster-shaped mask.[4]


Nacht interrupts captains meeting

Nacht summons his devils to hold the captains.

After Nacht Faust interrupts a captains meeting, he summons four masked beasts to stop the captains from attacking him, with Walgner holding back Charlotte Roselei. After Julius Novachrono vouches for Nacht, the captains relax and the beasts disappear.[3]

When Asta defeats Liebe and insists on forming a contract of equals with the devil, Walgner appears alongside Gimodelo and the other devils.[5] The devils cling to Nacht's head and shoulders as Nacht enters the circle and compliments Asta's choice. Walgner and the other devils disappear when Gimodelo merges with Nacht to continue Asta and Liebe's training.[6]

After Nacht admits defeat, he leaves behind Gimodelo to continue Asta and Liebe's training since their union needs more work. The devil is terrified of the possibly lethal attack again, and Nacht's other devils comfort Gimodelo.[7]

During the invasion of the Spade Kingdom, Nacht sends Walgner to accompany Ralph Niaflem for a meeting with the Resistance in the castle town.[8] When the first gate opens, Nacht spies that Moris Libardirt has altered the ritual, speeding it up,[9] so Nacht sends Walgner to lead Dorothy Unsworth to Moris's location.[10]

Nacht in Gallus Mode

Nacht and Walgner unite.

Once Walgner returns, Nacht merges with the devil and use Walgner's characteristic, Crow, to paralyze Nahamah and Lilith in order to drag them to another part of the castle. Nacht then merges with Plumede and traps the devils in Dark Prison Hunting Ground.[11] The devils eventually pierce Nacht with several needles of burning ice.[12] Nacht decides to surpass his limits and assimilates both Walgner and Plumede. With the increased magic power, Nacht creates Monument of Atonement, trapping and sealing away himself, Nahamah, and Lilith. However, the devils break out of the seal, and Walgner's and Plumede's broken masks lie in pools of shadow.[13]

Walgner and Plumede both recover thanks to Mimosa Vermillion's Healing Magic.[14] After the Black Bull base smashes through the castle to the ritual chamber, Nacht and his devils watch from above as the other Black Bulls defeat Moris and Yami Sukehiro wakes up.[15]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Crow 「鳴声 Nakigoe」: When Walgner assimilates with Nacht via Unite Mode: Gallus, Nacht can issue a loud rooster crow that momentarily paralyzes those who hear it.[16]


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