"The Strongest Squad" 「最強の団 Saikyō no Dan」 is the 9th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"Asta lands what looks like the finishing blow on Vetto, the powerful mage from the Eye of the Midnight Sun. But is the battle truly over, or will Yami need to step in and save the day once again?"

Author's Note

"Flop... Hello, Amélie here. It sure has gotten cold, hasn't it?! Right over there, my old guy and his staff members are drawing manga and talking in a daze about how this year is almost over. C'mon lady, want to go for a walk?! I'm not leaving this spot for any other reason, you know."

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Gifso, Kiato, Langris Vaude, and William Vangeance


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