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"A Meeting of the Magic Knight Captains" 「魔法騎士団団長会議 Mahō Kishi-dan Danchō Kaigi」 is the 7th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls were able to survive the battle against the Eye of the Midnight Sun, but the trouble is just beginning. The first order of business is to determine who the Clover Kingdom traitor is. Could it be on the Magic Knight captains?!"

Author's Note

"Hello, I'm Amélie. Since the Golden Week break started today, we went to an inn near the sea. Even sandy beaches don't slow me down, and when I ran, the only one who could keep up with me was the lady... The old man hadn't been out in the sun for a really long time, so he lagged way behind us, all tired out. I hear the people from the Black Bulls are playing around in the ocean in this volume, and I think they're insane. It's a demon, you know. I eats everything... And so, lady, please don't go down to the waterline. Pleeeeeease!!"

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Nozel Silva, Charlotte Roselei, Jack the Ripper, Gueldre Poizot, and Theresa Rapual

Concept Art sketches for the Seabed Temple priests

The Assorted Questions Brigade

  • Captains bring randomly selected members to accompany them to entrance exams.
  • Tabata uses analog methods when crafting pages.

Collectible Card

Magna stat card.jpg

A Fire Magic user, in combat, he produces fireballs from his magic power and throws them at enemies.

Magic Attribute: Fire Magic
Magic: 500
Affiliation: Black Bull
Type: Wizard

Leaves: 3
Power: 3/5
Magical: 3/5
Wisdom: 1/5
Stamina: 3/5
Vitality: 4/5


  • The Japanese volume sold 78,464 copies in its debut week.
  • For the Vietnamese version, Vanessa's lingerie on the cover is edited to be bigger and make her breasts less exposed.[1]



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