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"Humans and Evil" 「人間と悪 Ningen to Aku」 is the 25th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"The Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has launched an all-out attack on the Heart Kingdom and the Black Bulls. While Asta and company have gotten stronger, can they stand up to these new devil-possessed mages? This might be the perfect time for Yami to save the day!"

Author's Note

"COVID-19 has turned the world on its ear... My workplace has gone mostly remote as well, and many things are a lot harder. Being hold up in the house is normal for me, though, so not much has changed. And I think I'm actually pretty good with this type of stress. I'll do my very best, so all my readers can have as much fun as possible!!!"

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Svenkin Gatard, Sivoir Snyle, and Dante Zogratis

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.1

  • Characters are ranked based on the number of fan clubs they have.
  • Rhya is 25–26 years old since he has been reincarnated for a while. His human vessel was a fallen noble who was on the verge of suicide.

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.2

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.3

  • While Healing Magic can restore physical strength, it cannot restore magic power. Only Charmy Pappitson's magic is known to restore magic power.
  • When a mage runs out of magic power, they are temporarily unable to use magic. Their physical performance also drops slightly. Their power will gradually recover with rest and sleep.
    • Storing magic in a magic tool, like Gauche Adlai's left eye, will allow a mage to continue using magic. However, these tools are rare and few people possess them.


  • The Japanese volume sold 80,781 copies in the first 3 days.[1]


  1., Weekly Comics Ranking: June 29-July 05, 2020


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