"Fall, or Save the Kingdom" 「滅亡か救国か Metsubō ka Kyūkoku ka」 is the 17th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"With the elves having taken control of many of their allies, Asta and the Royal Knights are in big trouble. Can Mereoleona lead the remaining Knights to victory? And where exactly does Yuno stand in this battle?!"

Author's Note

"The wife of Mizuno-san, one of my staff members, made me an unbelievably cute Nero to cheer me up!! Woohooooooo!! The quality is seriously incredible!! It sent my mood through the roof!! Thank you so much!!"

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Rhya, Lily Aquaria, and Orsi Ofai

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.1

  • Characters are ranked, best and worst, on how well animals like them.
  • Tabata's favorite parts in the anime are when Asta first takes hold of the Demon-Slayer Sword and looks up at the camera, when Yami Sukehiro fights Patolli in the cave, and when Sekke Bronzazza narrates the episode previews.

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.2

Most popular men and women
  • Finral Roulacase manages go on a date with 30% of the women he asks out, and of those, none turn into an actual relationship.
  • The Black Clover world's most popular characters, men and women, are ranked.
  • Finral may be more popular than Kirsch Vermillion because Finral has a consistent fan in Finesse Calmreich.

Collectible Card

Rhya stat card

One of the Eye of the Midnight Sun's leaders, the Third Eye, he fights by imitating the opponent's magic.

Magic Attribute: Imitation Magic
Magic: 1500
Affiliation: Eye of the Midnight Sun
Type: Wizard

Leaves: 3
Power: 3/5
Magical: 5/5
Wisdom: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Vitality: 2/5


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