"Gold and Black Sparks" 「金と黒の火花 Kin to Kuro no Hibana」 is the 14th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"Asta and his teammates move on to the second round of the Royal Knights Selection Exam, but have they finally met their match? They'll have to go all-out if they hope to beat teams made up of some of the strongest Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom!"

Author's Note

"The Black Clover anime began airing without incident, so I filled in the right eye on my Daruma! To everyone who's involved with the anime: Thank you very, very, very much!"

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Alecdora Sandler, En Ringard, Hamon Caseus, Fragil Tormenta, and Marx Francois


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