"The Briar Maiden's Melancholy" 「荊乙女の憂鬱 Ibara Otome no Yūutsu」 is the 12th volume of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


"After a successful trip to the Witches' Forest, Asta and friends receive some well-deserved time off. But when the Magic Knights assemble in the capital for a special festival, a new adventure awaits Asta and Yuno!"

Author's Note

"Nyup nyup... Hello, Amélie here. We just moved. Wow, did she ever have it rough. Who's 'she'? The lady at our house. I tell you, she is the minister of moving. The old guy just drew manga the whole time. What a jerk. I got pretty worn out myself... I'm going to take a little nap here with my cheese stick. Nyup nyup...zzzzz..."

List of Chapters

Extra Pages

Character Profiles: Witch Queen, Sol Marron, Augustus Kira Clover XIII, and Mereoleona Vermillion

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.1

  • The Black Bulls list off traits that they find attractive in people.

The Assorted Questions Brigade No.2

Most beautiful women and men rankings.png

  • The most beautiful women and men are ranked according to the Clover Kingdom's and Tabata's tastes.

Collectible Card

Charlotte stat card.jpg

The captain of the Blue Roses, she produces briars from a sword handle and engulfs opponents with them. Also she is in love with Yami.

Magic Attribute: Briar Magic
Magic: 1400
Affiliation: Blue Rose
Type: Attack

Leaves: 3
Power: 3/5
Magical: 4/5
Wisdom: 5/5
Stamina: 3/5
Vitality: 4/5


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