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The Void of No Return 「還らずの穴 Kaerazu no Ana」 is a deep pit south of the Seabed Temple and the home of the ancient Nushi-sama 「ヌシさま」, a guardian of the sea and a servant of the Sea God.[1]


The Void of No Return is a deep, cavernous pit on the seafloor.

Ruins in the Void of No Return

Ruins within the void

Deep within the pit is an air-filled chamber. A large raised platform sits next to a large hole leading further down. The platform has a series of columns along its edges; however, most are destroyed and lie in ruins. It is here where temple priests can perform rituals to placate Nushi-sama.[1]


Nushi-sama is a giant fish with large horns, a fur-like mane, and four luminescent esca. She is a creature of such tremendous magic power that her rage disturbs the mana all around her and causes the nearby sea creatures to become violent themselves. She is very protective of her child and becomes violent when she feels her child is threatened.

Various types of sea creatures inhabit the pit. When Nushi-sama is enraged, she transforms the sea creatures into highly aggressive monsters that will attack anything that enters the pit. These monsters are bipedal and wield tridents.

A kraken also lives in the pit and serves as a protector of Nushi-sama, fighting anyone who tries to travel deeper. Its ink not only obscures vision but also disrupts the mana around it.[1]


  • Nushiヌシ」 is a title given to earthly deities in Shinto mythology.


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