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The greatest witch genius since the founding of the country of witches has returned!!!

— To Witch Queen in Because He's Like That

Vanessa Enoteca 「バネッサ・エノテーカ Banessa Enotēka」 is a witch from the Witches' Forest[3] and a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad.[4]


Vanessa is a tall young woman with wavy mid-back length pink hair that she keeps loose in a lob hairstyle with bangs swept to the left side, purple eyes, full lips and a voluptuous body.

When she is indoors, she prefers to dress only in her undergarments, which consist of a pair of red, thin-strapped lingerie with frilly designs and she usually wears her squad robe on top of this outfit.

When in public, Vanessa covers most of her body, although the outfit itself is still very revealing. She wears a slim, sleeveless, fit, red-violet top and miniskirt with red-violet evening gloves. The design of the top allows her to showcase much of her torso, with a large v-shaped opening exposing part of her breasts and midriff, where it is only connected at one point around her navel region. The cups that hold her breasts have curvy edges. Her miniskirt is very short and only covers her buttocks. She also wears dark purple stockings and garter belts underneath her boots.

Her thigh-high red-violet boots are skin tight and split at the collars, creating a V-shape. Lastly, she wears a red-violet hat with a conical crown, which falls onto one side near the end. The hat also has a purple ribbon surrounding its circumference with a pin of intricate design attached to it, and a very wide brim. In addition, her grimoire is carried inside a purple pouch on her right side, which is strapped to a purple belt around her waist. Her outfit is completed with a pair of earrings.

As a member of the Black Bull squad, she also dons the squad's signature robe. The robe is short and barely covers her torso and the Black Bull insignia is on the left side. She wears it in a way that the button which holds the robe together is located at the center of her chest.

When she was younger and imprisoned in the witch's forest, her hair was shorter (which is shoulder-length) and she wore a conservative knee length white dress.



Vanessa loves alcohol

Vanessa's fondness of alcoholic drinks

Vanessa is a person with a very relaxed manner who does things at her own pace. She has a high fondness of alcoholic drinks and of handsome men.[5] Her love of alcohol had lead to her to be known as the Drunken Frenzy Witch by others. Additionally, she has been shown not to feel embarrassed when wearing revealing attire to attract men, and is most comfortable lying around the squad's headquarters in her underwear where all her squad mates, both male and female, can see her, proving that she has very little modesty. She even got confused when her bikini got no reaction out of Asta and Magna, who told her that it was not any different from what she usually wears.[6]

Furthermore, Vanessa is also a very caring person, as she offers her help to assist Noelle on finding a way to control her magic. However, she also likes to seduce her fellow squadmates, like her constant flirtation with Yami Sukehiro.[7] She also attempts to seduce Asta on their first encounter.[8]

She is also shown to be rather lazy, as she spent one of her days off doing nothing but drinking and sleeping. She also seems to enjoy shopping, as seen when she took Noelle and Asta shopping around town on their day off. She is aware of her faults and sees herself as little more than a "drunk woman", until Asta's faith in her gives her the will to stand by him and help him fight. This carries over into the witch's forest, where her desire to save Asta and her friends allows her to tap into the true power of her thread magic to affect the thread of fate.

She is also clever and somewhat conniving. She deftly maneuvered her opponent into a trap set by her threads, and offered herself to the witch queen in return for healing Asta (though she had a plan to use his Anti Magic to get out of it later).


Vanessa's cage

Vanessa's prison within the Witches' Forest

Vanessa was born in the Witches' Forest and became a favorite of the Witch Queen.[9] One day, Vanessa shows off her Thread Magic to the Queen.[10] Some time later, the Queen foresees the potential of Vanessa's magic to alter fate so she cages the young girl and demands that she improve her magic.[11]

Several years later, Yami Sukehiro invades the forest and accidentally breaks into Vanessa's prison. He tells her to ignore fate and to do whatever she wants,[12] so she leaves the forest with him and joins the Black Bulls.[13]

Black Bulls welcome their captain

Vanessa and the others welcome their captain.

After getting herself wasted through the night, Vanessa is woken up by the loud sound of Magna Swing bickering with Luck Voltia.[14] She starts arguing with Magna until Yami steps in and orders all of them to stop. Vanessa, along with the rest of the Black Bull members, immediately greet their captain, who had just returned from the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. She tries to ask him to join her for a drink, but quickly goes quiet when Yami introduces a new member, Asta. Vanessa tries to seduce the new member after hearing that he comes from a small village, but she accidentally vomits near him.[15]

Not long after, Vanessa witnesses Magna's initiation ceremony for Asta, who manages to pass easily and to become officially one of the Black Bull Squad.[16][17] To congratulate him, Vanessa embeds the squad's insignia on Asta's headband.[18] She then tries to introduce herself to him but Magna quickly takes the new member on a tour of the headquarters.[19]

Black Bulls assessing Noelle magical rampant

Vanessa sees Noelle's magical rampage up-close.

Later at dawn, Vanessa is having a drink on one of the headquarters' balconies when she sees a giant sphere of water suddenly manifest itself near the vicinity. She goes near it, along with Yami and a couple of other members, to assess the situation. Fortunately, Yami is able to find a solution and asks Asta to stop it from getting worse. As soon as Asta manages to save Noelle Silva from inside the sphere, Vanessa quickly tries to comfort her along with the other members by offering her assistance on finding a solution to better control her magical power and more.[20]

After that, Vanessa joins a few other members of the Black Bull in the dining hall for a meal. When Asta asks them about the duty of the Magic Knights, Vanessa drunkenly explains that their job is to protect while also mentioning the probability of finding a partner during a bodyguard duty.[21]

Black Bulls enter the black market

Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the black market.

Afterwards, when Magna, Asta, and Noelle return from their bout with Heath Graice at Sosshi, Vanessa is there to congratulate them and informs them that the Magic Forensic Division have begun their investigation. She then proceeds to offer Asta and Noelle to come with her on a shopping trip after Yami gave them their first salary. Arriving at Kikka, Vanessa and the two new members quickly garner the attention of the crowd. However, Vanessa remains calm and hopes that they might attract a few good men for her. As soon as they finish their errands at the castle town, Vanessa takes Asta and Noelle to the town's black market, which is hidden behind a wall of an alleyway.[22]

Vanessa and Noelle proceed to find a magic tool that could help improve Noelle's control over her magical power. While looking at a few items, Sekke Bronzazza abruptly approaches them and starts to flirt. Although, Noelle immediately rejects him while Vanessa boorishly watches. A robbery soon occurs, but Asta and Sekke manage easily to stop it. After Asta and Sekke stop the thief, Vanessa quickly inspects Sekke's foot where the thief managed to stab him with a magic tool. After assessing that the wound is harmless, Vanessa informs Sekke while applying a substance to the wound. She and Noelle then come along with Asta to return the stolen item back to the elderly woman before leaving the town.[23]

Vanessa and Yami talking about the new members

Vanessa discusses Asta and Noelle with Yami.

One day, Vanessa is hanging out with a few members of the Black Bull and getting drunk when Yami comes in and informs them about a dungeon appearing at the border between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom. Vanessa tries to explain the significance of a dungeon to the clueless Asta before Yami reveals that the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono, has requested the boy for the mission. After Asta, Noelle, and Luck have gone for the mission, Vanessa tries to ask Yami on the Wizard King's awareness of Asta but the captain can only give her a vague answer.[24]

Weeks later, while Asta, Gauche, and Noelle are visiting Nairn, Vanessa and some of the other Black Bulls enjoy a night of drinking, so when the squad receives a request to check on the town, only Yami and Finral are able to go.[25]

Vanessa and Grey confuse Charmy

Vanessa and Grey (transformed as Vanessa) shout directions at Charmy.

Days later, Vanessa joins the other Black Bulls to a party on Raque's beach.[26] She relaxes under an umbrella and enjoys a drink. She shouts directions to Charmy while Grey who is transformed as Vanessa shouts opposing directions.[27] Vanessa and Noelle are talking when Aphro and Phati try hitting on them, but Noelle coldly rejects the boys.[28] Yami later appears and buries the squad in the sand before detailing their mission to the Seabed Temple.[29]

A week later, Noelle's confidence wavers during her training. The other Black Bulls arrive to cheer her on, with Vanessa reminding her that she will not die if she fails. Encouraged, she completes Sea Dragon's Cradle and, in her excitement, loses her concentration, and the spell dissolves.[30]

The Black Bulls gather in Noelle's spell and head underwater, and the swirling water makes Vanessa seasick.[31] The Black Bulls enter the Seabed Temple and are directed to the High Priest Gifso, who tests them with a Monster Toy. Vanessa and Finral are impressed by the priest's magic.[32] When Gifso challenges the Black Bulls to a game, Vanessa initially refuses but the priest offers alcohol as a prize, so Vanessa accepts. Gifso then summons the other priests and uses his magic to scatter the competitors. After Gifso explains the rules of the Temple Battle Royale, Vanessa complains about the water sobering her up.[33]

The angler fish priest tries to lure Vanessa into a trap, but she instead traps him in one of her spells.[34] Later while Yami is ordering the Black Bulls to attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun members who invaded the temple, Vanessa brags to him about taking out one of the priests. Gifso then announces the changes to the game's rules.[35]

Three Black Bulls challenge Vetto

Vanessa teams up with Finral and Asta.

When Vetto attacks the fallen, Vanessa pulls them to safety and applies a tourniquet to Kiato's leg. She also binds Vetto, but he easily breaks them.[36] When Vetto releases another blast of mana, Finral saves them by redirecting the blast back at Vetto. Vanessa teases Finral before ordering Noelle to protect the others and teaming up with Asta and Finral to take on Vetto. She secures the Demon-Dweller Sword to Asta's hand, and when Asta charges forward, Finral changes the boy's position while Vanessa changes his direction, keeping Vetto from predicting his movements. Using this strategy, Asta manages to score a hit to Vetto's jaw.[37] Vanessa then pulls Asta back, saving him from Vetto's counter.[38]

When Vetto charges at them, the Black Bulls try the same strategy but Vanessa realizes that Vetto has worked out their timing. Inspired by Asta, Vanessa promises to surpass her limits and asks Asta to trust her, which he does.[39] The Black Bulls continue their onslaught despite their fatigue, and manage to skewer Vetto on Asta's sword.[40] They celebrate until Vetto reveals it was a ruse and crushes Asta's arms with his cursed magic.[41]

Vanessa and Finral hug Asta

Vanessa and Finral hug Asta after defeating Vetto.

Asta, however, refuses to give up. Shocked, Vanessa splints Asta's broken arms and tells Finral that they are going to start again. She slings Asta over to his Demon-Slayer Sword.[42] Taking advantage of Vetto's weakened state, they maneuver Asta and, with a single swing, defeat the terrorist.[43] With the enemy defeated, Vanessa pulls Asta into a hug with Finral. Noelle complains about being ignored, so Vanessa compliments her Sea Dragon's Roar.[44]

Suddenly Vetto's mana begins to overflow and forms a giant cloud, and he threatens to destroy the temple. Despite the power destroying her threads, Vanessa and the others resolve to attack again but are interrupted by Yami's sudden arrival.[45] The captain pats them on their heads and thanks them for their efforts, which makes Vanessa blush. Yami then releases his Dark Magic and displays his new spell, which shocks the others.[46] After Yami kills Vetto, the Black Bulls rush toward and grab onto Yami, with Vanessa admitting her crush. He drives them off with his sword.[47]

While the Black Bulls are recovering in the temple's infirmary, Vanessa threatens Finral for being lecherous toward Grey but also admonishes Grey for being too easily embarrassed. Magna suggests that Vanessa could do with being more reserved. The bickering is interrupted by the shouts of the temple's citizens thanking the Magic Knights.[48] Later, the Black Bulls gather outside to leave, and Vanessa asks Charmy about the captured Eye of the Midnight Sun members. They then leave through one of Finral's portals.[49] Back at the base, Vanessa relaxes and gets drunk, while Yami, Asta, Charmy, and Finral leave for the Royal Capital.[50]

When Yami returns to the base, he throws a feast for the squad because they have managed to reach zero stars. After Asta leaves early, Finral reveals to the others that the curse on Asta's arms could not be cured, which saddens Vanessa and the others.[51] The Black Bulls are spying on Asta when he declares that he is not giving up, and Vanessa wonders if magic from the Witches' Forest could help.[52]

The next day, Vanessa heads out on her own, and upon arriving outside the gates of the Witches' Forest, she demands entrance. The gates open and a flock of birds grabs her and pulls her in.[53] She is taken to the queen's throneroom, where she is chastised for being weak and having defected. After an outburst from the queen destroys a wall, Vanessa demands to be taught how to dispel ancient curses[54] and offers her own freedom in exchange.[55] The queen instead punishes Vanessa, beating her until she is lying barely conscious on the floor.[56]

Vanessa stops Asta's self harm

Vanessa stops Asta from hurting himself further.

As she wakes, Vanessa remembers her first meeting with Yami and opens her eyes to see Asta similarly silhouetted. She is puzzled when she sees her teammates and friends nearby, and Domina points out that she had the same idea for curing Asta. Reminded of her mission, Vanessa turns to talk to the queen, but Asta stops her, refusing to let her be a slave. When Asta tries to cut the curse out with his sword, Vanessa points out that the curse is too deep and that he cannot do anything to stop fate. His refusal to give up reminds Vanessa of Yami once again. She grabs the sword, stopping him from cutting himself again, and tells him that he should rely on his teammates and friends. She also accidentally reveals that she planned to use his Anti Magic to escape the forest.[57]

After Noelle volunteers the group to take on the two enemy forces, the queen agrees to heal Asta's arms, which surprises and elates Vanessa.[58] Asta announces that they should head to the battlefield, but Vanessa, Noelle, and Finral tackle him for being too reckless so soon.[59]

Vanessa throws Asta at terrorists

Vanessa throws Asta at the terrorists kidnapping witches.

As the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are capturing witches, the Black Bulls arrive on the battlefield, with Vanessa swinging Asta around with her threads. Asta decides to go after their leader, so Vanessa throws him up to the group even though he will be moved out of her range to pull him back.[60] She watches impressed as Asta single-handedly defeats the terrorists, including their leader.[61] Fana attacks Asta, who reflects the fireball back. Salamander counters with a second fireball, and the resulting explosion knocks Asta out of the air. As Asta falls, Finral redirects him into one of Vanessa's nets.[62]

The Black Bulls square off against Fana, and when Salamander slashes through the trees, Vanessa has to pull her squadmates to safety. She worries about Salamander's strength until Asta cuts the spirit with his Anti Magic Weapon. She decides that they should go on the offensive, but Asta stops and wants to talk it out. Fana refuses and Vanessa pulls Asta away from Salamander's attack and into a portal that drops him next to Fana. He holds his swords against her so they can talk.[63] Fana opens her third eye, and the sinister mana enlarges Salamander and burns away Vanessa's threads. Vanessa is forced to tether herself and Finral to trees when the flapping of Salamander's wings threatens to blow them away.[64]

Salamander swoops down at them, pushing them back with the wave of heat, which also burns away Vanessa's threads. Salamander attacks again, and Noelle protects her squadmates with Sea Dragon's Cradle. The spirit's overwhelming power forces them to escape, with Vanessa and Noelle flying away on a tree branch.[65] Vanessa maneuvers them into position so Noelle can hit the spirit with Sea Dragon's Roar. With the spirit weakened, the Black Bulls celebrate and ready Asta for his attack.[66] For Asta's finishing move, Vanessa ties him with bundled thread to her and Finral's tree branches and then uses their momentum to sling the boy forward. The Black Bulls celebrate as Asta's Bull Thrust pierces through Salamander.[67]

Vanessa and the others watch as Asta approaches Fana and then redirects her fireball at Ladros.[68] The three panic when Fana is overcome with anger and activates self-destructive magic.[69] Noelle protects them from the wild attacks.[70] Despite the risk and their inability to help, the three remain due to their belief in Asta.[71] After Asta and Mars defeat Fana, the three Black Bulls mob Asta. They all listen as Fana recounts what she remembers.[72] Vanessa wonders why the Eye of the Midnight Sun came to the forest, which reminds Fana of the mission to find a magic stone there. Before they can ask the queen about it, the group is suddenly barraged by lasers, and Vanessa is heavily injured and knocked unconscious.[73]

Vanessa vs

Vanessa unlocks the Red Thread of Fate.

Vanessa regains consciousness in time to see the Witch Queen arrive on the battlefield. To Vanessa's shock, the queen secures all of them to crucifixes and takes control of Asta's body. Vanessa realizes that the queen had been wanted the Anti Magic Weapons from the beginning.[74] The queen directs Asta to kill Noelle, but the boy stops his hand. As he struggles against the queen's control, Vanessa begs for the queen to stop and offers herself in exchange. The queen refuses since she plans to kill the others so that Vanessa has no more reason to leave.[75] Vanessa remembers her first encounter with Yami and all of the good memories with the Black Bulls, and she acknowledges them and not the queen as her family. Her resolve to save and protect her family forces her magic to evolve, and a red cat is spun from her threads and sits on her head.[76] The cat alters fate, protecting the Black Bulls and preventing Asta from killing Noelle and Finral. It touches Asta's head and causes him to dispel Puppet Bloodflow. When the Witch Queen realizes the truth, she tries to control Vanessa's body and to kill the Black Bulls herself. However, the cat touches the queen, and all of her spells come undone. Vanessa approaches the queen and tells her that they share no bonds,[77] and the queen admits defeat. Noelle hugs Vanessa in celebration.[78]

The Black Bulls return to the queen's throne room after she heals everyone, and the queen gives them her magic stone and tells them about it, the elves, the possible connection to the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and Asta's swords.[79] Afterward, the queen invites Vanessa to visit the forest whenever she desires.[80] The Black Bulls part ways with their allies and return to their base, and Yami welcomes back Vanessa, which pleases her.[81]

Vanessa and Charlotte drunk at the festival

Vanessa passes out from drinking at the festival.

At the Star Awards Festival, Vanessa runs off after booze.[82] She later searches for Yami so they can drink together, and finds him talking with Charlotte Roselei. Assuming she is a rival for Yami's affection, Vanessa challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest, which Sol Marron accepts for her captain. However, Vanessa is unable to finish her first drink due to her heavy drinking beforehand.[83]

A few weeks later, Vanessa tries to comfort Asta who has been zoned out since the end of the Royal Knights Selection Exam.[84] When Mereoleona Vermillion barges into the base and leaves a bottle of alcohol for Yami, he refuses it so Vanessa asks if she can have it.[85]

Magna and Vanessa find Luck

Vanessa and Magna find Lufulu destroying a town.

Vanessa later leaves the base[86] with Magna, and they watch the floating dungeon pass overhead.[87] They investigate a town being attacked and find Luck has been possessed by the elf Lufulu. Rouge prevents Lufulu from hitting Magna and Vanessa but also prevents Magna from attacking Lufulu. Magna asks her to recall her power and then fights Lufulu again, hoping to wake up Luck. She agrees but wraps thread around Magna's waist to help him evade the elf's attacks.[88] During the fight, Vanessa protects the townspeople from the resulting destruction, catching any falling rubble and pulling citizens to safety.[89]

Vanessa is forced to reactivate Rouge when Lufulu breaks free of Magna's restraints and clads himself with more lightning armor. After Manga is saved from death, Lufulu decides to test the duration of her spell and continuously attacks them until Rouge begins unraveling. Vanessa and Magna refuse to give up on Luck, and she binds the elf's arms with thread. However, Lufulu breaks them with ease and tries to kill Magna, but Rouge's last thread pulls Asta to stop the Thunder Arrow.[90]

Luck freed from reincarnation spell

Vanessa and Magna hold Lufulu down while Asta exorcises him.

While Lufulu begins overwhelming Asta, Vanessa helps distract the elf by using her magic to throw several large pieces of rubble, but the elf dodges around them and kicks Asta into a wall. After Magna creates a smokescreen, Vanessa ties thread around Asta's ankle in order to slow Asta and throw off the timing of Lufulu's attack. Magna then throws a fireball to sever Vanessa's thread and allow Asta to hit Lufulu.[91] Asta attempts to exorcise the elf spirit, and Vanessa and Magna jump in to pin down Lufulu's arms.[92] The elf decides to discharge all of his magic and destroy them all, and Vanessa panics as Lufulu's magic becomes more sinister.[93] Asta's Demon-Destroyer Sword, however, manages to break the Reincarnation Magic, and Luck regains control of his body, causing Vanessa to cry with joy. She then joins Magna in hugging Luck.[94]

Vanessa suggests that they regroup at the squad's base, so Luck pulls them with Vanessa's threads. When they reach the base, they find that it has fallen apart[95] and that an elf possessed Gauche, attacked Gordon Agrippa, Grey, and Henry Legolant, and then left. Vanessa wants to rescue Gauche but is low on magic. Suddenly, they feel a powerful, angry magic and see Charmy walking toward them. They think she is also possessed, but she reveals that she is angry over the destruction of her vegetable garden. When Asta blames the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the elves, Charmy tells the others to follow her in defeating them. Vanessa points out that they are low on magic, so Charmy has her Master Chef sheep prepare magic power-restoring food and forces them all to eat. Once Henry's magic reassembles the base, the Black Bulls head out to save the kingdom.[96]

The Black Bulls first head to Hecairo where three elves are attacking the townspeople. The base crashes through the giant wall blocking their path, and Vanessa and Charmy use their magic to protect people from the falling debris. The elves try to attack the base, but Rouge causes their spells to miss.[97] After Asta exorcises the elves, the Black Bulls' celebration is interrupted by Rades Spirito, Sally, and Valtos.[98] Once all three are convinced to help the Black Bulls save the kingdom, Valtos teleports the base to the capital.[99] When they see a group of elves attacking Clover Castle, the base is warped into the central courtyard and punches the elves.[100] Rouge protects the base from counterattacks, while Knights inside defeat the elves.[101]

Charmy feeds Vanessa to fuel Rouge

Vanessa keeps eating so Rouge will not fade.

Once the group of elves is defeated, Reve pulls the upper section of the base into her Glamour World,[102] trapping Vanessa, Luck, Magna, Charmy, and Sally.[103] Rouge protects them from Reve's repeated attacks, so Vanessa has to keep eating Charmy's food. After the others manage to turn Reve's wave of water into a massive explosion, they are all suddenly hit by the drowsiness effect of the dream world.[104] Sally tricks Reve into creating multiple exits, and Luck pulls the others toward them. Reve chains the doors closed, preventing their escape. Luck then formulates a plan to trick Reve into creating a copy of Dorothy Unsworth, her human vessel. The two Dream Magic users' competition overwhelms the spell and causes it to collapse. Once back in the real world, Vanessa slings Luck and Manga up into the air so they can hit Reve with Flame-Lightning Explosive Cannon,[105] knocking the elf unconscious. The group then falls down in a large clump of cotton on top of the floating dungeon, crushing the other Black Bulls beneath them. Vanessa is delighted to see that Gauche has returned to normal.[106]

With the Black Bulls reunited, everyone gathers down in the castle below to recover before heading into the Shadow Palace. Mereoleona and Fuegoleon Vermillion arrive and save the group from a pair of possessed Magic Knights.[107] When more possessed Golden Dawns arrive, Vanessa and most of the Black Bulls remain behind to help fight them, while the captains and others head into the Shadow Palace.[108] A short while later, Yuno and a group of Magic Knights arrive in the castle and defeat the elves. Luck then watches as Yuno and Charmy fly into the Shadow Palace.[109]

Black Bulls barge into courthouse

The Black Bulls crash the trial.

A few days later, the Black Bulls barge into the Magic Parliament Courthouse to rescue Asta and Secre.[110] Damnatio Kira shrinks their spells, but Asta uses the Demon-Destroyer Sword's ability to remove the effect. Nozel and Fuegoleon then interrupt the fight and pass on a mission from Julius: the Black Bulls will be exiled while the squad investigates devils and monitors Asta and Secre.[111]

A few days later, Vanessa discusses with Yami and Noelle how to get through the Heart Kingdom's magical barrier. She doubts that Rouge would be able to protect them, so Noelle suggests asking Mimosa Vermillion about the exchange student program.[112]

Vanessa, Magna, and Luck leave to scout out the Diamond Kingdom. They see a mage from the Spade Kingdom defeat a contingent of Diamond Kingdom soldiers, including two Shining Generals. Vanessa holds Luck back, but he admits that even he does not want to fight the mage.[113]

Dante breaches Black Bull base

Dante invites Vanessa to be his woman.

Six months later, Vanessa greets Asta and Finral when they return to the base with fruit from the Heart Kingdom. After Finral leaves to retrieve Yami, Dante Zogratis attacks the base, and Vanessa deploys Rouge to defend the base and her teammates.[114] After Rouge saves Asta from an attack, Dante breaks into the base to investigate the magic's owner. Vanessa summons Rouge back to protect herself, Grey, and Gauche and leaves Asta unprotected, so Dante sends the boy slamming into the ground. Dante then compliments Vanessa and invites her to join him, which leaves Vanessa speechless. Asta reappears in his black form and chases Dante out of the base. Vanessa watches in shock as Dante continues to evade Asta's various homing attacks.[115]

When Vanessa uses Rouge to save Asta again, Dante grows furious and draws on 60% of his devil's power, forcing Vanessa to exhaust her magic and immobilizing her, Gauche, and Grey in midair. Vanessa watches in horror as Dante creates a sword and impales Gauche with it. Overcome with rage, Asta lashes out at Dante[116] and inadvertently erases the magic holding his squadmates.[117] The three fall onto a cushion of cotton, and Vanessa watches in stunned amazement as Asta fights wildly. She turns her attention to Gauche who is bleeding out, and despairs over the gravity of his injury.[118] Vanessa watches in amazement as Grey transmutes the sword from stone to flesh, reparing Gauche's wound. She then turns to see the defeated Asta fall to the ground. Dante prepares to take the two women but is stopped by Yami's arrival.[119] Vanessa is overjoyed to see her captain.[120]

After Yami slices open Dante's chest, Vanessa watches as Dante uses a mysterious power to close the wound.[121] She and her squadmates panic when Dante delightedly reveals his plan to unleash devils on the world.[122]

Zenon knocks back Rouge and Vanessa

Spatial Magic explosion knocks back Rouge and Vanessa.

After Asta defeats Dante, Vanessa and Finral rush forward to congratulate Yami and Asta. Vanessa laughs about Grey and Gauche's awkward conversation. When Yami goes to restrain Dante, Zenon Zogratis arrives and captures Yami.[123] After the other Black Bulls' attacks are stopped, Finral opens a portal for Vanessa to send Rouge to Yami, but Zenon cancels the portal with his devil's Spatial Magic, which causes an explosion that knocks Rouge and Vanessa backward. The Black Bulls watch helplessly as Zenon carries Yami through a spatial portal.[124]

That night, the Black Bulls return to the Clover Kingdom and take Asta to be examined by Owen. After the examination, Owen advises them all to rest.[125]

The next day, Vanessa and the others are sitting in the base when the squad's vice-captain, Nacht Faust, briefly visits them. Nacht informs them of the coming mission to infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and criticizes the members' reputations. As he leaves, he advises them to get stronger if they want to help save Yami.[126]

Three days later, Asta uses his new Unite to defeat the demon sent from the Spade Kingdom. He suddenly drops out of the form but is saved by Finral, who uses portals to drop him onto the roof of the base. Vanessa and some of the other Black Bulls greet him.[127] They travel to the Spade Kingdom[128] and smash through the walls of the castle to the ritual chamber.[129] Vanessa tells the others to stop bickering about the destruction they have caused to the castle.

Moris Libardirt attacks them with tendrils that begin disassembling the base and bypass Rouge's protection, much to Vanessa's shock. Moris explains that his devil-boosted magic can interfere intangible concepts, like Rouge's power. Grey, with Gauche's help, transmutes the tendrils into plants. Moris switches to Gravity Magic, but Gordon enables Henry to absorb Moris's magic power, which reinforces the base. After the base punches Moris, the rest of the Black Bulls show up.[130] The Black Bulls shout for Yami, waking him up. When he laughingly asks if they all like him that much, they enthusiastically affirm that they do, and he echoes the sentiment.[131]

Before they can reach Yami, the second gate opens and Lucifero combines the bodies of the devils from the first two levels into one giant, monstrous body, which also pulls in the coffins holding Yami and William Vangeance. The Black Bulls retreat into the base and work together to create the Ultra Giant Bull, with Vanessa having Rouge protect everyone from Lucifero's gravity.[132] As the base fights the devil, Vanessa struggles to keep up with protecting the cockpit where she and her squadmates are, even with Charmy's magic-restoring food.[133] They all encourage Asta to defeat the monster without hurting the captains[134] so they do not lose hope when Lucifero heavily damages the base.[135]

Grey saves Yami

Vanessa helps Grey escape the rubble and save Yami.

After Asta slashes the monster in half, the base catches Yami as he falls. The Black Bulls then gather around Yami on the hand and are overjoyed to see him. However, Lucifero compresses the monster's remains into a body, through which he manifests in a half-complete form. He then forces the humans to prostrate themselves before him, and the intense gravity crushes the base.[136] Rouge saves Vanessa and Yami, but its power and Yami's health wane beneath the gravity. Vanessa panics when Asta crashes nearby and Lucifero approaches, with his gravity increasing as he draws closer.[137] Vanessa is desperate to save Yami, so Rouge reaches into the rubble of the base and enables Grey to transmute the rubble into more plants and to escape. Grey reaches Yami and repairs the damage to his body, and Yami thanks Vanessa and Grey for their help. Patolli, Langris Vaude, and William then fly over, and Vanessa watches as William hands Yami a Mistilteinn Blade.[138] During the ensuing battle, Vanessa and Grey watch in shock as Asta defeats Lucifero.[139]

After the battle, Yami and Nacht are dying from the holes in their torsos. When Charlotte Roselei confesses her love for Yami, Rouge pulls the other Black Bulls out of the rubble of their base, and Charmy force feeds Mimosa some of her Master Chef's food. With her magic power restored, Mimosa saves Yami and Nacht. With the Black Bulls reunited, they thank Nacht for his help, welcoming him to the squad, which he accepts.[140]

A year and three months later, Vanessa attends the special awards ceremony for Asta.[141]

Battle Prowess


  • Thread Magic: Vanessa uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate thread.[142] She often uses it to mend and alter clothing for her squadmates.[18][143] Due to her ability to change fate, Vanessa is ranked as an Arcane Stage mage.[144]
  • Compound Magic: Vanessa combines her thread magic with others' magic to create more powerful spells.[145]


  • Dexterity: During the fight at the undersea temple, Vanessa showed great agility easily dodging her enemies attacks while luring him into a trap laid by her threads. She also shows split-second reaction time when controlling Asta with her threads.
  • Intelligence: Despite her lazy and seductive demeanor, Vanessa is pretty intelligent and cultured, having a great knowledge of herbs and salves which she can use for first aid and field medicine in lieu of healing magic. She also knew how to help Noelle with controlling her magic and where to find the right wand for her. She is also a clever and tactical fighter when needed.

Cleverness Love of Alcohol
2 3 4 4 3 5


  • Grimoire: Vanessa possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various thread-based spells.[146]
  • Wand: Vanessa carries a wand that she uses to cast her magic. It is in a shape of a rod with a round tip. It is made of light-colored material with an amorphous surface.[18]




Yami Sukehiro

Vanessa has a one-sided flirtatious relationship with her captain, Yami Sukehiro, constantly asking him out to drink with her and to have fun. Despite her advances, Vanessa is very grateful to Yami and is loyal towards him. She respects and admires him for saving her from her cage when she was trapped in the Witches' Forest. As Yami is the first man she ever placed eyes on, he holds a special place in her heart.


The first time Vanessa meets Asta she flirts drunkenly with him and tries to seduce him before vomiting. She acts like an older sister to him though she also wonders about his appeal with the other members of the squad until the battle with Vetto where his belief in her despite her view of herself wins her over. Throughout the fight with Vetto, Vanessa watches Asta and his determination and will not to give up boosts her confidence in herself. Vanessa believes Asta is the boy who will change the world and can become the Wizard King. Vanessa cares for Asta very much and is very distraught when she hears he could not use his swords after being cursed by Vetto. She goes as far as offering herself up to the Witch Queen in exchange for healing Asta's arm. When Asta speaks of changing fate and not being tied down to it, she realizes he is just like Yami and further puts her trust into him. Later in her fight against Lufulu, she uses the last of her magic to summon a fate where Asta is there to help, showing how much she relies, trusts, and believes in him.

Magna Swing

Vanessa and Magna Swing often bicker, with Vanessa calling him a virgin delinquent and Magna calling her lewd due to her usual state of undress.

Finral Roulacase

Vanessa and Finral Roulacase get along very well. Because they are both the laziest among the Black Bulls, they are both often looked down upon by others. Vanessa often teases Finral, calling him a wuss, but sees great potential behind him. She uses her charm and sexual appeal in order to motivate him, such as in their fight against Vetto. She also works extremely well with him as they are both support types in battle. During their fights against Vetto and Fana, they easily combine their abilities to support Asta.

Noelle Silva

Vanessa has taken on a sisterly role with Noelle Silva, helping her find a wand to control her magic and offering her "womanly advice". During their time in the Witches' Forest, Vanessa and Noelle's friendship grows; when Noelle is about to be decapitated, Vanessa offers herself up to the Witch Queen in order to save her. Due to seeing Noelle's death, Vanessa is able to awaken her Red Thread of Fate power. After the fight is over, Noelle hugs Vanessa and thanks her for saving them, showing just how much they care for each other.

Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is Vanessa's mother and the queen of all witches. Vanessa was very close with her when she was a child and often showed her the magic dolls of thread she would create which made the queen happy. However, once the queen discovers Vanessa's potential ability to control fate, she enslaves her daughter in a cage until she can master that power. Vanessa grows up in the cage for most of her life and grows to fear and resent her mother. Years later, when she returns to the forest, Vanessa and the Queen clashed and fought.

Charlotte Roselei

Vanessa and Charlotte Roselei see each other as rivals for Yami's affection. During the Star Awards Festival, Vanessa challenges Charlotte to a drinking contest, hoping to prove that she is the better drinker. However, both pass out during their first mugs.

Notable Quotes

  • "The greatest witch genius since the founding of the country of witches has returned!!!" 「魔女の国始まって以来の天才魔女っ娘が帰って来たわよ〰〰!!! Majo no kuni hajimatte irai no tensai majokko ga kaette kita wa yo~o!!![147]
  • "Let my magic change destiny!!!" 「私の魔法よ!!! 運命を変えてー "Watashi no mahō yo!!! Unmei o kaete—e"[148]

Appearances in Other Media


  • Vanessa's favorite things are alcohol and snacks, like cheese.[1]
  • Vanessa's grimoire design is the background for Volume 9's cover.
  • Assorted Question Brigade Rankings:
    • Vanessa is the fifth smartest Black Bull.[149]
    • Vanessa is the fourth most beautiful woman.[150]
    • Vanessa is the fifth best singer.[151]
  • Vanessa ranked #8 in the first popularity poll, #16 in the second, #19 in the third, #21 in the fourth, #31 in the fifth, and #26 in the sixth.
    • In the VIZ popularity polls, Vanessa ranked #6 in the first and #15 in the fifth.
  • Vanessa is the third worst chef in the series.[152]
  • Vanessa is one of the favorite characters of Snow Man.[153]
  • Vanessa's surname, Enoteca, is an Italian word used to indicate a shop specializing in the sale of wines, especially fine ones


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