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Hi, thanks for the little tip there. It's been a while since my last wiki day that I kind of forget everything I know about japanese. And I know so little from the start... Anyway, what I'm trying to ask is, would you mind being a consultant for everything nihongo-related? Or you already have a lot in your hand right now.

Ddraig - Talk 22:40,3/8/2015

So great to hear that! Thanks. I hope these new series could get their time in the spotlight :)
Ddraig - Talk 22:55,3/8/2015

Hi, if you have some time to spare. Could you double check these names, please? Also does it make sense to you? Thanks :D

  • Finrar Roulakes 「フィンラル・ルーラケイス Finraru Rūrakeisu」 Ch 2
  • Gordon Agrippa 「ゴードン・アグリッパ Gōdon Agurippa」 Ch 2
  • Magna Swing 「マグナ・スィング Maguna Swingu」 Ch 4
  • Vanessa Enoteca 「バネッサ・エノテーカ Banessa Enotēka」 Ch 6
  • Rack Horutia 「ラック・ホルティア Rakku Horutia」 Ch 6
  • Gauche Adorei 「ゴーシュ・アドレイ Gōshu Adorei」 Ch 6
  • Charmy Babittoson 「チャーミー・バビットソン Chāmī Babittoson」 Ch 6
  • Gray 「グレイ Gurei

Ddraig - Talk 16:21,3/23/2015 16:21, March 23, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for the help :D
I saw the translation and it was really good. Too bad no scanlation house is picking it up. Regarding the name variation, I think I'm not going to follow either Viz or Shadow-skill to the note because both have a few iffy translation that I'm not agreeing with. Like Viz's Wizard King, that's definitely an ass-pull because the kanji definitely said Magic Emperor and Shadow-skill's Black Sheep's rod, IMO the kanji means Violent Black Cow which I think Black Bull sums it up. Story-wise, I think Shadow-skill is very close.
Ddraig - Talk 19:16,3/23/2015 19:16, March 23, 2015 (UTC)
I know what you meant... Actually I stumbled upon one of yours when scouring Seven Deadly Sins, the one about Gowther's weapon. Ddraig - Talk 21:08,3/23/2015 21:08, March 23, 2015 (UTC)

Hi, Unok. I managed to compel a LIST of all the terms used in the series so far. If you could give it a look, that would be amazing. Many thanks.

Take your time, we're in no rush :) Ddraig - Talk 18:40,3/24/2015 18:40, March 24, 2015 (UTC)

Thanks Unok :D As I said before, you can take your time. No worries Ddraig - Talk 08:47,4/11/2015 08:47, April 11, 2015 (UTC)

Lebuty profile

Thanks Unok for the info! Must've missed it when I asked my sister to take pictures of the profile. Btw, does it give any information about the spelling of his name? Ddraig - Talk 15:52 6/22/2015

It would be very helpful if you can. Thanks! :) Ddraig - Talk 16:23 6/22/2015

Sweet! Thanks, those look amazing. I've already got a copy of the omakes from Mangahelpers but thank you for the offer. I'll be in touch, in case I need anything else. Thanks, Unok! Ddraig - Talk 17:00 6/22/2015

Vol. 1 cover image

Hi Unok, Do you have a HQ large size version of the cover of vol. 1 with you? I was wondering if you can upload it for the wiki... Ddraig - Talk 18:56 6/25/2015

Awesome! Thanks so much for the contribution XD Ddraig - Talk 20:27 6/25/2015
No worries. Will do just that. Ddraig - Talk 20:28 6/25/2015

Raw images

Those pages actually look awesome. Too bad, Asta got cut off again at the leg :/ To be honest, I'm not very keen on redoing any of those color profile pic that I did. They were just so much work that just remembering the process makes loose the mood to do it... Maybe if Tabata does another CP and it's eligible for profile pic, I might do it because it'll be different. Ddraig - Talk 23:02 6/26/2015

Tabata's avatar

Hi Unok, Do you have access on the assistants page on BC volume 1? I was wondering if you could upload it or you can cut it for me as well because all I want is the image of Tabata's avatar. Also, it would be great if you could provide me with his assistant's names as well. Thanks in advance. Ddraig - Talk 11:00 7/25/2015

Thanks, Unok! Actually what I wanted was the duck picture from the assistants page which is his avatar for toc comments. But I got it anyway so thank you. Btw, did you physically scan all the pages from volume 1? because I was not aware that we could buy the volume digitally.. Ddraig - Talk 15:42 7/25/2015
Are you planning to buy vol.2? because it'd be so great if you could provide HQ images of the volume exclusive content. Ddraig - Talk 17:25 7/25/2015

Vol. 2 images

Hey Unok, long time no talk! Hope you're doing okay. Anyway, thank you so much for the HQ vol. 2 images that you've uploaded. They're great!

Also, can you upload the extra chapter as well, please? The one about grimoires, Charmy and the one about Beelzebub's author. So, I can make the extra chapter pages. Thanks :D
Ddraig - Talk 11:21 8/18/2015

Hahaha cool man! Thanks for the Extra chapters as well :) Ddraig - Talk 04:12 8/19/2015
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