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Then please leave a message on my talk page and maybe I could help you with anything! Ddraig Lucifer (talk) 21:42, April 29, 2015 (UTC)


The translation we're using in this wiki are consistent with my translation in which sometimes agree with Viz or other scanlation group but mostly not because they tend to create words that are fancier or cooler while I tried to stay as close as possible, literally. Ddraig - Talk 21:58 4/29/2015

I'll change Salim but not Charmy because I believe that is the correct spelling based on the katakana. Ddraig - Talk 22:29 4/29/2015

They're homophone, yes. And I chose Rack Boltia instead of Luck Voltia. For Finral, until a source confirms his last name, it will stay as Finral Roulakes. Ddraig - Talk 06:30 4/30/2015

  • Alecdra or Alecdora both of them doesn't make sense so just leave it for now.
  • Why do you think Klaus surname must means glasses? here
  • I checked and Vermilion with one "L" is more preferred than two"Ls".
    Ddraig - Talk 06:16 5/12/2015


Don't see it as a problem. Ddraig - Talk 21:10 5/25/2015

In case you have not read the updated policies, the arc pages will have the plot in great details. I don't see any of those mistakes that you have raised and plan to keep it that way. My opinion against yours. Ddraig - Talk 21:37 5/25/2015
No, I will not and I have enough of your excessive editing on someone else's work. I don't care if you're a native or whatever. It is clear that you're just here to leech of someone else's work without creating something of your own. Ddraig - Talk 06:48 5/26/2015
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