• Ddraig Lucifer
    Chapter 18: At the Back of the Treasury

    Hello guys, this is my first review ever about this series. I'm doing this because I think this week's chapter is so awesome that I need to talk about it. Unfortunately, none of my regular manga reviewers are tackling this manga just yet....

    The review: 3 Things that I got from this chapter:

    1. POWER UPS!!!

    Yuno is getting a new magic! Is it an entirely new magic or just a badass wind spell? I hope he got to use it in this arc. Because, I think Tabata is focusing too much on Asta and is kinda forgetting that Yuno is the prodigy of the series.
    I have been having mixed feelings about this dual protagonists stuff. Yuno is a great character but the main focus is Asta and his motley crews. It's like Game of Th…
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