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I came up with new layouts for battle prowess sections. Below is an example for [[Asta]]'s [[Asta#Battle Prowess|Battle Prowess Section]].
==Battle Prowess==
<gallery type="slideshow" widths="300" hideaddbutton="true" position="right">
Bull Thrust.png|Bull Thrust
One-Horn Bull Thrust.png|One-Horn Bull Thrust
Black Asta.png|Black Asta
Black Meteorite.png|Black Meteorite
Black Hurricane.png|Black Hurricane
Black Divider.png|Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider
Black Slash.png|Demon-Dweller Sword: Black Slash
*'''[[Anti Magic]]''': Asta uses this unique energy to nullify magic.{{Ref|name=c1p49|ch=1|p=49|ep=2}}
**'''[[Bull Thrust]]''': Asta points both the [[Demon-Slayer Sword]] and [[Demon-Dweller Sword]] in front of himself after being flung through the air.{{Ref|ch=88|p=6-11|ep=59}}
***'''One-Horn Bull Thrust''': Asta could also use just one of the swords while channeling Anti Magic.{{Ref|ch=110|p=10|ep=72}}
**'''[[Black Asta]]''': After the [[Witch Queen]] uses her [[Blood Magic|blood]] to remove the limits on Asta's Anti Magic,{{Ref|ch=97|p=9-10|ep=63}} he learns to channel the energy throughout his body and attains a form where Anti Magic courses through him and covers part of his body.{{Ref|ch=110|p=6-7|ep=72}} He needs to stand still with [[Anti Magic Weapon|one of his swords]] and concentrate on circulating the energy to attain the form.{{Ref|ch=122|p=11-12|ep=78}}
***'''[[Black Meteorite]]''': After coating his body with Anti Magic,{{Ref|ch=97|p=6-7|ep=63}} Asta charges towards a target, dealing a powerful slash once he is in range.{{Ref|ch=97|p=12-19|ep=63}}
***'''[[Black Hurricane]]''': After coating his body with Anti Magic, Asta spins rapidly and is pulled toward magic spells, which are dispelled by the swinging Demon-Slayer Sword.{{Ref|ch=122|p=12-15|ep=78}}
**'''[[Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider]]''': While wielding the Demon-Slayer Sword, Asta pushes and condenses the Anti Magic to the edges of the blade.{{Ref|ch=208|p=14-15|ep=119}}{{Ref|ch=229|p=14-15|ep=}}
**'''[[Demon-Dweller Sword: Black Slash]]''': While holding the Demon-Dweller Sword, Asta fills the sword with Anti Magic, swings it, and releases the energy as a flying slash which cuts through magic and carries enough force to knock an opponent back into a wall or up through a ceiling. Asta could also swing the sword in rapid succession to create a flurry of slashes for targeting multiple opponents.{{Ref|ch=230|p=4-7|ep=}}
[[File:Mirror Slash.png|200px|thumb|right|link=Mirrors Slash|Asta using [[Mirrors Slash]].]]
*'''Expert Swordsmanship''': Asta initially has a rough style due to having an unconventional sword and having only received basic training from [[Fanzell Kruger]].{{Ref|novel=1}}{{Ref|ep=55}} Over time he develops greater skill through battle experience, additional swords, and ki-sensing.{{Ref|ch=62|p=10-14|ep=43}}
[[File:Asta without magic power.png|200px|thumb|left|Asta unable to use magic.]]
*'''No Magic Power''': Asta possesses no [[mana]] and so is unable to use magic.{{Ref|ch=1|p=36|ep=1}} This enables Asta to wield Anti Magic without suffering the weakening effects since he has no magic to drain.{{Ref|name=c22|ch=22|p=12|ep=20}} This also makes him undetectable to mana-sensors,{{Ref|ch=52|p=18|ep=37}} and immune to the life-draining substance of the underworld.{{Ref|ch=203|p=9|ep=117}}
*'''Enhanced Strength''': Asta possesses a high level of physical strength, able to do a thousand single-handed handstand push-ups,{{Ref|ch=1|p=16|ep=1}} to swing heavy swords single-handedly,{{Ref|ch=49|p=14|ep=35}} and to punch holes in rock walls with no injury to himself.{{Ref|ch=42|p=8-9|ep=32}} Asta can swing his swords with such force that his opponents break stone when they crash.{{Ref|ch=1|p=49-51|ep=2}}{{Ref|ch=2|p=23|ep=4}} The Witch Queen further enhances his arm strength using blood magic.
[[File:Asta and Sekke - Exam Battle.png|200px|thumb|right|Asta's speed.]]
*'''Enhanced Speed''': Asta is capable of moving in an above-average speed, which causes William Vangeance to think that he has used magic to aid himself.{{Ref|ch=2|p=22|ep=5}}
[[File:Asta senses Anti Magic with ki.png|150px|thumb|left|Asta sensing Anti Magic with Ki.]]
*'''Enhanced Durability''': Asta possesses a high durability, as seen when he is able to keep standing up, despite receiving numerous attacks from Heath.{{Ref|ch=8|p=3-7|ep=10}} He is even able to emerge from Licht's attempted cave-in relatively unharmed alongside Yami.{{Ref|ch=48|p=18|ep=34}}
*'''Enhanced Instinct''': Asta possesses a heightened level of instinct, as demonstrated when he can unconsciously move his body in the best way to defend himself.{{Ref|ch=4|p=11-13|ep=6}}
*'''[[Ki]]''': A principle originating from Yami's homeland, this allows Asta to use a sixth sense and to perceive and react to unseen attacks and people.{{Ref|ch=48|p=9-11|ep=34}}
*'''Keen Intellect''': Despite his hyperactive and headstrong nature, Asta has shown to be intelligent and thoughtful in his own right. He understands many situations he finds himself in and can be tactical when needed such as cutting out curses with his swords and thinking of different tactics in battle. He is shown to be a fast learner, as he quickly learned to use Ki from Yami's guide in the middle of combat,{{Ref|ch=48|p=10|ep=34}} as well as tapped into the [[Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider|dormant powers]] of the [[Demon-Slayer Sword]] by simply observing its [[Licht|original owner]] fighting.{{Ref|ch=208|p=13|ep=119}}
<gallery type="slideshow" widths="300" hideaddbutton="true" position="right">
Asta Grimoire.png|Asta's grimoire
Demon-Slayer Sword.png|Demon-Slayer Sword
Demon-Dweller Sword.png|Demon-Dweller Sword
Demon-Destroyer Sword.png|Demon-Destroyer Sword
*'''[[Grimoire]]''': Asta wields a five-leaf clover grimoire, which he receives during his fight with Revchi. The grimoire is tattered and filthy, a black five-leaf clover insignia at the center of its front cover.{{Ref|ch=1|p=45|ep=1}} This clover symbol is largely unseen due to the dirt covering it, making most (including Asta) assume that the grimoire possesses unusual magic but is otherwise ordinary. Asta is able to summon [[Anti Magic Weapon|swords]] from it, which he uses for his Anti Magic.{{Ref|ch=6|p=11|ep=9}} His grimoire used to be a four-leaf clover grimoire that belonged to [[Licht]], before being corrupted by a [[devil (Kotodama Magic)|devil]] and inhabited by [[Devil (Anti Magic)|another]].{{Ref|ch=196|p=3|ep=}}{{Ref|ch=53|p=8|ep=37}}
*'''[[Demon-Slayer Sword]]''': Asta's first sword can cut spells with its edges and deflect them with the flat of the blade.{{Ref|ch=4|p=13|ep=6}}{{Ref|ch=5|p=15-16|ep=7}} After six months of training in the [[Heart Kingdom]], Asta has gained the abilities to ride his sword through the air{{Ref|ch=229|p=6-7|ep=}} and to summon his sword back to himself by holding his hand open and calling its name.{{Ref|ch=229|p=11-12|ep=}}
*'''[[Demon-Dweller Sword]]''': Asta's second sword can cut spells with its edges, much like the Demon-Slayer Sword. It can also borrow the magic from the people around him, thereby increasing the force and range of his attacks.{{Ref|ch=19|p=17-18|ep=18}}{{Ref|ch=20|p=1-2|ep=18}} Besides Licht, only Asta can wield this sword because he possesses no mana, as other mages would not be able to use any magic while in contact with the sword and would have their mana reserves depleted.{{Ref|name=c22}}
*'''[[Demon-Destroyer Sword]]''': Asta's third sword can cut spells with its edges, much like his other two swords.{{Ref|ch=161|p=12|ep=104}} It can also absorb and remove the effects of spells{{Ref|ch=164|p=2|ep=}}{{Ref|ch=159|p=8-10|ep=103}} and negate [[Reincarnation Magic]].{{Ref|ch=159|p=14-15|ep=103}}{{Ref|ch=163|p=11|ep=}}
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