The Diamond Kingdom 「ダイヤモンド王国 Daiyamondo Ōkoku」 is a rival country of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


Geography and Government

The Diamond Kingdom lies north of the Clover Kingdom. This country of mines and wasteland is poor in resources,[2] so it focuses its efforts on building up its army and invading other countries to steal land and resources.[3]

The country is ruled by an unknown monarch, who is currently with his weakened health,[4] however, through an unknown path, the Magic Scholar Morris has taken control of the Kingdom and currently controls it of  the shadows.[5]

Armed Forces

Standard uniform of Mage Warriors.

Os soldados militares diamante são chamados ☃☃ , que estão a serviço do Rei, e semelhante aos capitães Magic Knight da Clover Unido, que lideram sua própria unidade de esquadrões mago, o Diamante O Reino tem sua própria unidade especializada chamada Os Oito Generais Brilhantes que têm a mesma tarefa de liderar os exércitos de seu reino e executar as ordens de seu monarca. ☃☃☃☃[6][7]

Gabriel being surgically modified

Mage Scholars perform human experiments to bolster the power of the Mage Warriors 「魔導戦士 Madōsenshi」,[8] whether embedded in children, with great magical power, a Mage stone[9] or execute a reconstruction surgery to give them certain abilities.[10]

It was also mentioned the existence of an assassination squad, of which Mariella was part.[11]


The Diamond Kingdom sends a team, led by Lotus Whomalt and Mars, to a dungeon that appears along the border with the Clover Kingdom.[1] Although the team is defeated in battle by Magic Knights from the Golden Dawn and Black Bull squads, Lotus successfully escapes with his men and a large amount of treasure.[12]

Months later, three Shining Generals lead an army to invade Kiten, a town along the border between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms. After the Purple Orcas stationed there are defeated, ten Golden Dawns and four Black Bulls arrive to defeat the invading army. Ragus, Yagos, and most of the Mage Warriors are captured,[13][14] while Lotus manages to escape with Broccos and some Mage Warriors of his own.[15] Upon returning to the Diamond Kingdom, Lotus reports on the battle to Morris.[16]

Days later, the King sends an army, including Mars and Ladros, to invade the Witches' Forest and obtain the Witch Queen's secret to long life. Three defectors from the Diamond Kingdom organize the witches and help them defeat most of the army.[17] Mars turns against Ladros after Ladros starts killing indiscriminately.[18] It takes the combined effort of Mars, Fanzell Kruger, Fana and Salamander, and Asta to defeat Ladros.[19][20] Afterward, Mars receives a bottle of Puppet Bloodflow from the Witch Queen and plans to use it in a plot to control the King himself and remake the Diamond Kingdom.[21]

Months later, a single mage from the Spade Kingdom invades the Diamond Kingdom and defeats one of their armies, including two of their Shining Generals.[22] Six Months later it was confirmed that a majority of the Diamond Kingdom's territory and land have been completely conquered by the Spade Kingdom,as they slowly advance towards the Clover and Heart Kingdoms.



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