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Unite Mode: Gallus悪魔同化ユナイト モード:ガルス Yunaito Mōdo: Garusu」 is a Shadow Magic spell.[1]


With an open grimoire, the user assimilates Walgner into their body through Shadow Magic. The spell enables the user to contain and control the power of the devil, dramatically increasing their own magic power and capabilities.

During the transformation, the user is covered in clothing made of shadow, which gives the user the appearance of a bird. A bird-like mask covers the upper half of the user's face. The top hat has a feather stuck in the left side, and the devil's curved horns protrude through the hat's brim. The jacket extends down to midcalf and has an eyespot-like pattern along the bottom. The shoulders are covered in feathers, and their hands become clawed. Two large, feathered wings grow from the user's back, as well as a long, prehensile tail with four feathers at the tip.

Gallus Crow paralyzes Lilith and Nahamah

Crow paralyzes Lilith and Nahamah.

One of Walgner's abilities, Crow 「鳴声 Nakigoe, VIZ: "Call"」 creates over the user a rooster-shaped shell of shadow, which issues a loud crow that momentarily paralyzes those who hear it. This ability even affects high-ranking devils.[1]


  • Gallus is Latin for "rooster".
  • VIZ initially translated Walgner's ability as "Cry" but amended it in the volume release.


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