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Unite Mode: Felis悪魔同化ユナイト モード:フェリス Yunaito Mōdo: Ferisu」 is a Shadow Magic spell.[1]


With an open grimoire, the user assimilates Plumede into their body through Shadow Magic. The spell enables the user to contain and control the power of the devil, dramatically increasing their own magic power and capabilities.

During the transformation, the user is covered in clothing made of shadow, which gives the user the appearance of a ninja. A scarf covers the user's mouth, wraps around their neck, and hangs down their back. The jacket has a hood with cat ear-like protrusions, and the sleeves reach down to cover their fingers with claws. Their upper arms have four belts each, and several protrusions appear along their arms. A series of wrappings cover their chest and cinch the lower part of the jacket. Several protrusions also appear on their legs, and their feet are clawed similarly to their hands.[1]

One of Plumede's abilities, Agility 「俊敏 Shunbin」 greatly enhances the user's physical speed, enabling them to dodge fast attacks.[2] Another of Plumede's abilities is peering through shadows, enabling the user to spy on other locations.[3][4]


  • Felis is Latin for "cat".


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