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Unite Mode: Canis × Equus悪魔同化ユナイト モード:カニス × エクウス Yunaito Mōdo: Kanis × Ekūsu」 is a Shadow Magic spell.[1]


With an open grimoire, the user assimilates Gimodelo and Slotos into their body through Shadow Magic. The spell enables the user to contain and control the power of two devils, dramatically increasing their own magic power up to the level of a highest-ranking devil.

During the transformation, the user is covered in armor made of shadow with large round pauldrons and two large shields covering the arms. Both devils' horns protrude from the user's head through the enclosed helm. The user's hair hangs loose and wild out of the back of the helm. Around their neck is a spiked dog collar with a chain.

Nacht restrains Lucifero

Nacht creates large dog heads and chains.

In this form, the user can summon two large, horned dog heads from the shadows in order to bite down on a target. The user can also create several long chains to wrap around and restrain a target.[1]


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