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Unite Mode: Canis悪魔同化ユナイト モード:カニス Yunaito Mōdo: Kanisu[1] is a Shadow Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user assimilates Gimodelo into their body through Shadow Magic. The spell enables the user to contain and control the power of the devil, dramatically increasing their own magic power and capabilities.

During the transformation, the user is covered in clothes made of shadow that give them a dog-like appearance. A furry cape and mantle are draped over their shoulders, and the cape's high collar folds over the top of the mantle. A studded collar wraps around the user's neck over the mantle and has a section of broken chain hanging from it. The user's horns poke through a hat; the hat's brim is pointed at the front, has two sections on the side that fold up and resemble a dog's upright ears, and splits into three sections in the back. On their arms are clawed gloves that reach up to their elbows. Similarly, their legs are covered by knee-high boots that have toes and claws and downturned collars.[2]

Pack clones attack Asta

The dog-like clones of Pack

One of Gimodelo's abilities, Pack 「群れ Mure」 allows the user to spawn a group of clones from their shadow. Although the clones have dog-like faces, their ki matches the user so the user can easily hide amidst them. The clones are strong enough to break stone with their strikes and kicks. Like other Shadow Magic, the clones can travel through shadows, even their opponent's, and ambush their opponent. The clones will not disappear until the user is defeated.[3]


  • Canis is Latin for "dog".
  • This mode's appearance resembles the Hunter outfit from the video game Bloodborne, which also contains werewolf-like creatures.


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