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Unite悪魔同化ユナイト Yunaito, literally meaning: Devil Assimilation」[1] is a special transformation available to devil hosts who have undergone the Devil-Binding Ritual.[2]


The host draws on the full power of their devil and assimilates the devil into their body, enabling them to contain and control the power of the devil and dramatically increasing their own magic power and capabilities. The host takes on physical traits of their devil, such as horns, a tail, and slit pupils, as well as being garbed in their devil's power.[3][4][5][6][7]

Additionally, the host can integrate the devil's characteristics into their magic. For example, Gimodelo's "Pack" enables the host to create multiple clones of themselves.[8]

If the contract is one between master and servant, the host can easily use Unite due to having full command over their devil. However, a contract of equals makes the process more difficult,[9] requiring the host and devil to work together and synchronize their thoughts.[10]

If the host is contracted to more than one devil, then they are able to unite with more than one devil at a time, resulting in a more powerful unite mode.[11]




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