Undine 「ウンディーネ Undīne」 is the spirit of water and has served the princesses of the Heart Kingdom for generations.[1]


Undine takes the form of a beautiful woman whose long hair and gown are made of water. She has fish-like fins in place of ears.


At first glance, Undine is smug and condescending; however, in reality, she is motherly doting. She acts very similar to her fellow spirit, Sylph.


Undine and Princess Lolopechka watch as Asta enters the Heart Kingdom.[2] Along his journey, Asta is kidnapped in a ball of water[3] and brought before Undine and the Princess.[4] Undine creates multiple armored knights to attack Asta, but he uses his black form and Black Hurricane to cut through them all. Laughing, Undine traps him in a whirlpool and then tries to drown him by manacling his wrists and staking them to the floor.[5] Secre Swallowtail dives underwater and releases the manacles, and Undine is surprised by Secre's magic.[6] Undine shouts when Asta heads toward Lolopechka's room.[7]

Asta's sudden entrance startles Lolopechka, and she accidentally headbutts him. Undine pulls the boy away and comforts the Princess.[8] When Asta mentions that he is searching for information on a devil's curse in the country, Undine reflects that they are unable to talk about it, but Lolopechka blurts out that she has the curse, much to Undine's shock. Undine then reveals that the curse is from Megicula and that they were testing Asta and the others in order to take on Megicula.[9]

Suddenly Lolopechka breaks off from the discussion to handle various tasks around the kingdom. Undine grabs the Princess and dresses her in her formal attire, which causes her to trip and stumble. Undine tells Asta and Secre that the kingdom cannot afford to lose Lolopechka and then reveals the location of Megicula.[10]

Battle ProwessEdit



  • Immense Magic Power: As a spirit, Undine possesses a vast amount of magical power.[11]



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