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|kanji= 未踏峰の氷壁
|kanji= 未踏峰の氷壁
|romaji= ''Mitō-hō no Hyōheki''
|romaji= ''Mitō-hō no Hyōheki''
|english= Unclimbed Ice Wall (Funimation)
|english= Unclimbed Ice Wall (Sub), Ice Wall of the Untrodden Ridge (Dub)
|user= #[[Fragil Tormenta]]
|user= #[[Fragil Tormenta]]

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Snow Magic: Unclimbed Ice Wall 「雪魔法『未踏峰の氷壁』 Yuki Mahō "Mitō-hō no Hyōheki"」 is a Snow Magic spell.


With an open grimoire, the user raises their hands out in front of them and creates a thick sheet of ice.[1]


  1. Black Clover Anime — Episode 81.



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