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Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail 「ユルティム火山 登山道 Yurutimu Kazan Tozandō」 is a fiery Grand Magic Zone.[1]


A large concentration of mana deep underground keeps the volcano constantly erupting.[2] The high temperature, together with the uncontrolled atmospheric mana, also makes the surrounding air difficult to breathe, giving the sensation that the throat and chest are burning. Because of this, spells like Mana Skin are needed to explore the region.[3]

At night, the volcano stops erupting and the lava recedes. Heated water then bubbles out of the volcanic vent, turning the crater into a large hot spring.[4]

Beneath the region is the Ultime Underground Cave 「ユルティム地底洞窟 Yurutimu Chitei Dōkutsu」, a network of caves that leads to the underground mass of superheated mana that fuels the volcanoes. These tunnels are even hotter than the surface, so they serve as a more extreme training ground. Another hot spring sits deep within the caves.[5]


Magic Knights enter volcano dungeon

The dungeon's tunnels lined with crystals

Hidden within the caves is a dungeon.[5] The entrance is a plain doorway made of stone blocks that opens into a tunnel lined by large crystals. The path leads into a chamber with three doorways leaving to three separate paths. Each doorway has a large red gem above it, and the chamber is filled with a plethora of traps. The rightmost doorway leads to a tunnel full of traps, the central doorway leads to a tunnel with living treasure chests, and the leftmost doorway leads to the dungeon's treasury. The treasury is behind an ornate door and is guarded by several stone golems.

A powerful magic tool was placed in the dungeon to keep it from being used for evil. This magic tool makes the user's life force go berserk and turns them into a monster. A spider that activates the tool grows to a monstrous size and strength.[6] The spider becomes strong enough to take on multiple Magic Knights at once and intelligent enough to sense the strength of others[5] and to set up traps. When the spider is defeated, the magic tool sustains the damage rather than the spider.[6]

Wild Life[]

The mana also gives rise to magical lifeforms made of lava. The creature Borula attacks a group of Magic Knights training in the area and creature manages to block their way until Asta's One-Horn Bull Thrust pierces through it.[7]

A monstrously large spider invades the underground caves and kills off most of the native creatures that dwell in the caves.[5]


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