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Toike 「トイケ」[1] is a rogue mage and a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[2]


Toike has black hair.


Toike is shown to be ruthless in battle.


Dancing Doll

Vanessa ties up Toike.

Toike infiltrates the Seabed Temple with Vetto and other members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.[2] The mages spread out,[3] and Toike confronts Vanessa Enoteca.[4] He fires several needles around Vanessa and then uses Mosquito Noise to create an opening to drain her mana. However, Vanessa lures him in close so she can restrain him with her Thread Magic. She then forces him to drain his own mana. Weakened, Toike falls unconscious, and Vanessa absorbs the mana for herself.[5]

After the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are defeated, Charmy Pappitson binds Toike and the other captives in cotton[6] and carries them to the Magic Knights Headquarters, where they are interrogated.[7]

Months later, after Patolli places the last magic stone in the sephirot, the Eye of the Midnight Sun members are all sacrificed. Their bodies burn up as their mana and souls are extracted.[8]

Battle Prowess[]


  • Mosquito Magic: Toike uses this magic attribute to generate metallic needles with mosquito-like properties.[1]


  • Grimoire: Toike possesses a grimoire that contains various mosquito-based magic spells.[1]


  • Vanessa Enoteca vs. Toike: Loss



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