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Tiulyu 「チュリュー Churyū」 is a town within the Common Realm of the Clover Kingdom.[1]


Tiulyu is a town placed among gently rolling hills and surrounded by forest and farmland. A river borders one side of the town,[1] and a stone bridge connects to a road leading through another forest.[2] In the center of the town is a tall, multistoried tower.[1]

Bow Nocde's house

Bow Nocde's house

Bow Nocde's house sits among the trees on the far side of the farming fields.[1] Bow works as the town's apothecary, and her medicines are used as substitutes for Healing Magic since the town has little access to healers.[3] The house has a hidden basement, which serves as the hideout for the Devil Banishers.[2]


During the elves' attack on the Clover Kingdom, three possessed Purple Orcas ransack the town, killing many of the townspeople and destroying many of the buildings. Without aid from the Royal Capital, the town falls into poverty.

When news reaches them that the two people blamed for the attack—Asta and Secre Swallowtail—have had their punishment postponed and are allowed to return to their duties as Magic Knights, Dazu Tayak and Bow Nocde decide to take justice into their own hands. They organize a vigilante group called the Devil Banishers and enlist some disgruntled guards of the Magic Parliament.[1][4]

After the Devil Banishers abduct Marie Adlai and Secre, the Magic Knights track Secre to the town.[2] As the Magic Knights conduct a search of the town, they discover the town's impoverished condition and the townspeople's distrust of the Magic Knights.[4] After obtaining Asta's grimoire, the Devil Believers kill the three Magic Parliament guards and leave the town on a journey to the Spade Kingdom.[3]


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