Black Clover: Theme Song Best 「ブラッククローバー 主題歌ベスト Burakkukurōbā Shudaika Besuto」 is a compilation album of the opening and ending themes from Black Clover.

Song List

  1. Haruka Mirai
  2. Aoi Honoo
  3. PAiNT it BLACK
  4. Amazing Dreams
  5. Black Rover
  6. Black to the dreamlight
  7. Guess Who Is Back
  8. four
  9. Gamushara
  10. Tenjou Tenge
  11. Rakugaki Page
  12. My Song My Days
  13. JUSTadICE
  14. Hana ga Saku Michi
  15. sky & blue
  16. against all gods

Limited Edition

The limited edition also includes a DVD containing the videos for each opening and ending, including the alternate versions of "PAiNT it BLACK", "four", and "JUSTadICE".


Haruka MiraiPAiNT it BLACKBlack RoverGuess Who Is BackGamusharaRakugaki PageJUSTadICEsky & blueRiGHT NOWBlack CatcherStories

POSSIBLE (Squishy!)

Aoi HonooAmazing DreamsBlack to the dreamlightfourTenjou TengeMy Song My DaysHana ga Saku Michiagainst all godsJinsei wa Senjou daNew PageAnswer

Dream on (OVA)

Music Collection Vol. 1Music Collection Vol. 2Theme Song Best
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