The Hot Spring Training Camp is a training exercise where the objective is to reach the top of the Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail before sunset.


After having talked to the Magic Emperor, Asta and Yuno come across the Crimson Lion squad where that new captain is yelling at the squad for coming in 5th place.[1] As the new captain starts calling Feugereon a failure for the way he has raised his squad, Leopold steps up and says that his brother is not a failure which the rest of the squad support Leopold. The captain says that they need to back up with what they say and that they are going to the Hot Spring Training Camp to train.[2] As Asta wonders what a hot spring is, Yuno explains what a hot spring is. As Asta comments about how a hot spring sounds nice, the Crimson Lion captain over hears this and grabs Asta while saying that he will be joining them. As Yuno starts to leave, the Crimson Lion captain grabs Yuno and says that he will be joining them too. Leopold then tells Asta and Yuno that the new captain of the Crimson Lion squad his sister Meleoleona and also explains who Meleoleona is.[3]

Elsewhere, Meleoleona meets up with Yami and grabs him while saying that he will be joining them too. As Charlotte thinks about how Yami deserves want he is getting, Meleoleona suddenly grabs Charlotte and says that she too will be joining them. Suddenly Noelle rushes in wanting Asta to say goodbye to Kiato and Kahono, which Meleoleona suddenly grabs her and says that she will be joining them.[4]

Hot Spring Training Camp

Once everyone arrives at the training camp site, everyone is shocked that they will be training on an erupting volcano.



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