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Temple Battle Royale 「神殿バトルロワイヤル Shinden Batoru Rowaiyaru」 is a competition between the members of Black Bull and the priests of the Seabed Temple.


The Black Bulls enter the Seabed Temple and are suddenly attacked by a monster.[1] Magna, Gauche, and Luck swiftly defeat the creature, about which the High Priest Gifso is excited. Greeting them, Gifso reveals that the monster was made from his magic, and Vanessa and Finral wonder what kind of magic Gifso has and who he even is. Gifso tells the Black Bulls that if they want the magic stone, then they are going to have to play with him. Magna asks Gifso how he knows what they are after, and Gifso says that his eyesight is a little special.[2] Gifso then asks if they want to play, and Yami replies that they will play. Gifso says that they will play the Temple Battle Royale and uses his magic to summon the other priests.

Temple Battle Royale[]

Gifo then uses his magic to teleport both the Black Bulls and the priests to other locations. Gifso tells the players the rules of the game and that he will also be interfering with the game to make it more fun. Yami asks Gifso why he was not sent too, which Gifso replies that Yami is too strong and that it would not be fun.[3] Yami is glad about Gifso's reply and joins him to watch the game.

Asta, Gauche, Magna, and Luck each suddenly encounter an opponent, whom the four Black Bulls easily defeat.[4] Elsewhere Finral hides from the hammerhead priest and tries to leave but Gifso tells Finral that he cannot leave the area until the game is finished.[5] Gifso then summons a monster that eats Finral, but Finral use his magic to get away from the creature.

At another location, Charmy is eating some food when the dolphin priest happens to find her. Charmy is ready to fight but the priest easily puts Charmy to sleep with her magic and heads out to her next opponent.[6] Elsewhere Asta is defeating some monster, when he comes across the swordfish priest who has defeated a large monster. The priest notices Asta and introduces himself as Kiato. Kiato also tells Asta of his dream of being a dancer that everyone wants to see, along with how they are not able to enter the Kingdom. Kiato then says that if the priests win the game, then they will be allowed to enter the kingdom. Kiato suddenly attacks Asta, who counters and reveals his dream of becoming the Wizard King. Kiato gets excited and continues his clash with Asta. Elsewhere Noelle meets up with the priest who defeated Charmy, who reveals herself as Noelle's friends Kahono.

At another location Vanessa manages to defeat a priest, and Gifso thinks about how his son and grandchildren can still turn this game around.[7] At Noelle location, Noelle asks why Kahono helped her even through she lives at the Seabed Temple, which Kahono replies that she was looking for strong people to play the game with so that she can make her dream come true. Noelle accuses Kahono of just using her, which Kahono says that they are friends and that they can still fight while also still being friends. Kahono tries to put Noelle to sleep but Noelle counters with a spell. Kahono tries to break through Noelle's barrier but the barrier remains strong. Noelle tries to attack Kahono but the attack turns to a different direction. Kahono asks what Noelle is doing, which Noelle says that she still cannot properly use her magic. Kahono says that that is not true and that Noelle subconsciously does not want to hurt anyone. Kahono then asks what was Noelle trying to gain here, and that Noelle will not get it is if she does not earn it with her two hands.[8]

At Asta's location, Asta and Kiato continue their clash which Asta thinks about how its hard to read Kiato's moves. Kiato says that he has the advantage with his Butoh Magic and continues to assault Asta. Asta tries to mimic Kiato's magic which Kiato says that that is not going to work. Kiato attack but Asta manages to dodge by copying Kiato's dancing style.[9] Kiato is shocked which Asta uses this chance to knock one of Kiato's swords away.

At a different location Magna and Luck are facing against Gio, who tells them to both attack him together. Gio says that he is going to end this in an instant, which Magna and Luck reply that it will not end so quickly. Suddenly Vetto shows up along with three members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Gio compliments Vetto on getting into the temple and asks why they are here, which Vetto says that they are after the magic stone. Vetto then sends the Eye of the Midnight Sun members out to defeat anyone they come across. Gio tells Vetto to head home, but Vetto tells him to just came at him. Gio uses a spell to attack Vetto but Vetto easily blocks the attack with a spell. Vetto then defeats Gio and attacks Magna and Luck. After witnessing this, Yami decides to go face Vetto but notices that he and Gifso are trap within a barrier.[10] Vetto notices that Yami is watching and says that he is going to kill all of his comrades. Yami uses Gifso's magic to inform the Black Bulls what is happening and to surpass their limits. Gifso then uses his magic to tells them other that he is changing the rules and that he will grant their wishes if they win. Kiato and Asta decide to postpone their fight and head out to where Vetto is.

At Vetto's location Vetto wonders who his next prey be, when Magna and Luck get back up and says that they will not break. Magna thinks about how he cannot take another hit, when Luck tells Vetto to attack again. Vetto attacks but Luck dodges and launches an attack but it does nothing. Vetto and Luck continue to clash, which Magna remembers when he first meet Luck. Magna uses a spell to launch an attack, which Luck remembers when he meet Magna and how Magna is his first friend.[11] Vetto tosses Luck into Magna and says that he is done playing with them. Elsewhere Asta and Kiato are heading to Vetto's location and talking about what each other is capable of. Back at the battle Luck and Magna continue to clash against Vetto and try to defeat Vetto with a union spell but are defeat by Vetto. Vetto goes to finish off both Magna and Luck, but Asta shows up and blocks the attack. Vetto is glad to see Asta since he can inflict pain to him for hurting Licht. Vetto also says that Asta is going to end up like Magna and Luck, but Asta says that he will not since defeating Vetto has been passed on to him. Asta then pulls out his second sword and attack Vetto with it.

Vetto comments about how being hit by the Anti-magic sword feels. Asta then asks what they want the Magic Stones for, which Vetto says that he is not going to tell him and that he will also kill everyone here until he gets the stone. Kiato says that he will not let that happen and Asta and Kiato charge at Vetto. Asta and Kiato attacks Vetto but Vetto easily pushes them back with a single attack. Vetto comments about how they are weak, which both Asta and Kiato decide to attack serious and charges. Kiato and Asta continue to assault Vetto but Vetto easily sents them flying into the wall. Vetto comments about how those attack will not work on him but Asta suddenly gets back up.[12] Vetto continues to battle Asta and explains why Asta is not able to defeat him. Vetto holds Asta up by his arm and says that he wants to hear Asta scream, but Asta bites Vetto's arm and says something that Vetto does not understand. Noelle and Kahono see and attack Vetto to release Asta, while also saying that Asta said that he will not give up being alive.[13]

Elsewhere, Gauche is facing against a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Gauche is sent flying by the guy. The guy goes to finish Gauche off but Gauche appears behind the guy and defeats the guy.[14] It is revealed that the Gauche the guy was facing was Grey is disguised. Grey and Gauche decide to go look for another opponent when they come across Charmy, who is still asleep. Grey and Gauche are suddenly trapped by a spell, which Gauche thinks about how Charmy was a decoy. Gauche thinks about how he has to do something, but remembers what Asta had told him and comments about how he was able to revert to his old self. A member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun suddenly appears and reveals that his spell will drain their mana from them. Gauche then tells Grey to transform a large boulder into a large piece of meat, and Gauche tells Charmy that the guy is after her food. Charmy wakes up angry, which the guy notices that inside of Charmy's mana is a beast. Charmy then uses a spell to easily defeat the guy. Charmy goes to eat the meat but it turns back into the boulder. Grey magic starts to wear off and reveals that grey is a woman.[15] Grey then comments about how his embarrassing to be seen and wants to transforms. Grey, Gauche, and Charmy then talks about how old Grey is.

Back at Vetto's location, Noelle notices that Magna, Luck, and Asta were all beaten. Asta suddenly attacks Vetto but Vetto easily sents Asta flying. Kahono uses a spell to catch Asta and give him a softer landing. Kahono then yells to her brother Kiato about the promise they have made, which Kiato wakes up. Kiato and Kahono use a union spell to at Vetto with, which Kiato explains how their magic was born and what its meant for.[16] Vetto says that he does not care and rips Kiato's leg off along with crushing Kahono's throat. Gifso tries to defend Kahono by creating monsters to attack Vetto but Vetto easily destroys them. Vetto picks Kahono up, in order to see despair in Kahono but only sees a different look. Vetto decides to rip Kahono limb from limb, which Noelle tells Vetto to let Kahono go. Noelle then wonders what to do since she might hit Kahono, which Kahono uses magic to tells Noelle to attack Vetto with everything she has. Noelle then releases her mana and tells Vetto to let go of her friend.[17]

Vetto recognizes the mana and says that Noelle is royalty. Noelle says that it does not matter and that she is going to defeat him for hurting her friends and teammates. Vetto tosses Kahono away and tells Noelle to attack with her most powerful spell, which Noelle says that she was going to anyway. Noelle then fires a spell powerful enough to rip right through Vetto and break right through the walls to the outside.[18] Vetto remembers a tragic moment in his past and then reveals that he has a third eye along with releasing a sinister mana. Vetto uses a spell that restores his arm, which Yami tells Noelle to get out of there. Vetto then fires a blast at Noelle, but Asta steps in and cuts through the blast to save Noelle. Asta says that they have not given up yet, which Vetto says that they are now going to feel true despair.

Noelle thinks about how Vetto looks like a demon from a story she once heard.[19] Finral who is hiding close by thinks about how powerful Vetto is and thinks about escaping through the hole that Vetto made. Noelle asks how Asta is standing, which Asta says that Kahono used the last of mana to heal him. Asta then says that they are going to defeat Vetto and heal Kiato and Kahono. Asta then comments Noelle on her power and to leave the rest to him. Vetto then asks what can Asta do, which Asta replies that he will not give up until he gets what he wants. Vetto decides to finish off Kiato, Kahono, Magna, Luck, and Gio and fires a spell at them, but Vanessa shows up and saves the others while also bidding Vetto.[20] Vanessa says that he is going to help Asta, which Vetto frees himself and fires a blast at them. Finral creates a portal and directs the blast back at Vetto, but Vetto easily deflects the blast. Finral tells the others that he will help fight too. Vetto says that it does not matter how many there are, which Vanessa tells Noelle to defend the wounded. Vanessa also says that no regular attack with work on Vetto because of the mana that he is releasing, and that Asta is the only one that can attack because of his Anti-magic. Vanessa then says that she and Finral are not going to let Asta die.

Asta charges at Vetto, which Vetto fires a blast at Asta but it is wrapped back at Vetto. Vetto easily deflects the blast, which Asta jumps through a portal and appears behind Vetto. Vetto notices Asta and going to counter, but Vanessa uses her string to help Asta dodge. Asta then jumps through another portal and manages to land a blow on Vetto. Vetto goes to attack Asta but Vanessa pulls Asta through a portal to safety. Vetto thinks about how his wound is not healing because of the Anti-magic sword, and that Vanessa magic is more dangerous to combat. Vetto then charges and says that he will not give them a sliver of hope, which Asta jumps through portals in order to distract Vetto. Vanessa and Finral both remember why they joined the Black Bulls and says that they are going to increase the speed to attack Vetto.[21] Vetto compliments on their concentration, but also says that they are reaching their limit soon. Vetto tells them to fall into despair already, but Asta replies that they have no time for that nonsense and pierces his sword through Vetto.

Asta, Vanessa, and Finral think that they have won, but Vetto grabs Asta arms and start to crush them. Vetto explains that he let them hit him and starts to yell despair. Asta says that its not over yet, which shocks everyone. Vanessa quickly pulls Asta back and uses her strings to binds his arms so that he can hold his sword. Asta, Vanessa, and Finral continue to fight, with Asta going through a portal to retrieve his second sword. Vetto asks why they will not fall into despair, to which Asta replies that his promise that he made will not lose to some despair. Asta then continues to jump through portals, which Vetto notices that he can no longer follow Asta's movements. Vetto notices that the sword is stuck in him is weakening him.[22] Vetto pulls out the sword and says that he cannot lose to them, which Asta asks if anyone he fought has surrendered to him. Vetto thinks about how Asta is a despair eating demon, which Asta lands a hit on Vetto and defeats him.

Vanessa pulls Asta back and both Finral and Vanessa hugs Asta for winning. Finral, Vanessa, Noelle, and Asta start to talk to each other, which Vetto decides to blows everything up. Finral, Vanessa, Noelle, and Asta prepare to attack, when Yami suddenly shows up.[23] Noelle says that yami was captured, which Yami says that he managed to escape. Yami then compliments each other them for surpassing their limits and says that he will take care of Vetto. Yami then uses a new spell to cut Vetto right in half.[24]


Finral, Noelle, Vanessa, and Asta rush over to Yami and compliment him, which Yami swings his sword to get them away. Nero suddenly shows up and reveals that he has found the magic stone. Gifso also shows up and hugs his grandchildren while also says that this happened because of his silly game. Gifso then thanks the Black Bulls for defeating the terrorist and says that he will grant whatever they want. Yami says that they will take the Magic Stone, which Gifso says that they can have it.[25] Charmy, Gauche, and Grey suddenly show up looking for the enemy when they notice that they enemy is not here.


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