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Team K vs. Team L is the sixth fight of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament.


As the officials announce that the sixth fight is about to begin, Luck Voltia gets excited while Klaus Lunettes tells him to take this tournament more seriously and not to act on his own. As Luck and Klaus talk to each other, Puli Angel wonders if this team will be okay because of both Klaus' and Luck's personalities. As Puli tells them that they should put on a fabulous performance, Klaus thinks about how he will have to take charge because of his teammates' personalities. Luck suggests that they share what they are capable of and form a strategy, which shocks Klaus, and the Golden Dawn suggests that they have worry about Team L's Rob Vitesse.[1]


As the sixth battle starts, the other participants watch as both team clash with each other in the center of the battlefield. As Klaus manages to block a spell from destroying their crystal, the Aqua Deer Francis suddenly flanks Klaus and launches another attack at Team K's crystal. Luck grabs the crystal and jumps away before it is damaged too much. Luck then strikes Team L's crystal with multiple Thunderclap Crumbling Orbs, but they do not manage to destroy the crystal. Klaus notices how Luck has managed to become stronger, but also thinks about how he also has become stronger while drilling through the Purple Orca Winston's attack. Luck suggests that he and Klaus fight after the match, but Klaus tells him to focus on the fight.[2]

As Rob arrives to the battle, Klaus notices that Team L's crystal is right behind him. Klaus says that they should break through Team L and destroy their crystal, with which Luck agrees. Puli suddenly grabs her team's crystal and flies high in the air using her Wing Magic. She then uses Angel Flapping to distract Team L and to help propel Luck after Klaus launches him with Steel Castle's Armored Wall. As Luck passes Team L, Rob uses his Wind Magic to appear between the boy and Team L's crystal. As Puli comments about how this is bad, Luck increases his power and attacks Rob, kicking him into the crystal and destroying it.[3]


The officials announce that Team K are the winners of the fight, and Luck comments about how this was fun. Team K high five each other, while Klaus yells at Luck and Puli compliments them both. Luck then looks at Team I and comments about how the next opponent will be more fun, while Lil comments about how he will be able to draw something even better.[4]


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