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Team I vs. Team P is the fourteenth and final fight of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament.


After Yuno easily and quickly destroys Team M's crystal, Team P prepares to face Team I in the final match of the tournament.[1] Despite his easy victory, Yuno is frustrated he will not be allowed to fight Asta, as the latter is injured and his team was evicted due to a draw in the semi-finals.


As the match begins, the fight splits into two fronts.[2] Noelle and En protect their crystal from Nils and Ruben, while Yuno faces off against Rill. In the infirmary, Mimosa watches the match and notices Asta angrily fighting back tears, sadly knowing how disappointed he is, like Yuno, about not getting to fight him. As Rill easily manages to block all of Yuno's spells, Yuno decides to use his trump card. Yuno uses a spell to coat himself with spirit magic.[3] Rill gets excited and creates a creature to counter Yuno. Yuno and Rill fire a blast at each other, with enjoying the exchange. As Rill gets lost in the exchange, Rill accidentally destroys his crystal.


The officials announce that since Rill has destroyed his crystal, Team P are the winners of the match.[4]


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