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Team I vs. Team K is the twelfth fight of the Royal Knights Selection Exam.


Klaus Lunettes questions how they will be able to overcome Rill Boismortier, and Luck Voltia volunteers an idea. On the other side of the battlefield, Rill Boismortier wonders what to paint, while Nils Ragus and Ruben Chagar figure that they will win as long as they support Rill.[1]


In order to attack faster than Rill can counter, Team K combine their magic to create a steel railgun that shoots a Thunder Arrow. Nils and Ruben consider moving their crystal, but Luck points out that it would be useless since he can sense their positions. As Rill paints a large figure, Luck says that it is also useless.[2]

Team K launches the arrow, which pierces through the hill between the teams. Rather than blocking the attack, Rill uses his painting to redirect the attack back at Team K, who are caught by surprise.[3]


Team I is declared the victors.[4]


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