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Team G vs. Team H is the fourth fight of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament.


After Team E wins their match, Langris Vaude listens as the other participants talk about how amazing Finral Roulacase is and how the Black Bulls are also amazing this year.[1]


As the fourth fight begins, Sekke Bronzazza freaks out after seeing how strong everyone else is and complains that it was too soon for him to be here. He also wonders why his captain decided the rookies should have a chance too, while also wondering why he was chosen, but remembers that he did say that he could do this. Fragil notices Sekke and asks if he is okay after witnessing how amazing the Black Bulls are. She asks if Sekke is also strong, so he quickly acts cool while explaining that he does not like to stand out. He also suggest that he should start out by blasting around on his Shooting Star, with which Langris agrees.[2]

On Team H's side, Gareth finishes putting an iron defense around their crystal when he notices that Team G is approaching. Medio thinks that they are fools because Team G is about to set off his Trap Magic, but Simon recognizes Langris and panics. After getting close enough, Langris easily destroys Team H's crystal with Spatial Magic, and the officials announce that Team G has won.[3]


As the fight ends, the other participants are shocked at what Langris did. Kirsch Vermilion comments about how beautiful it was, while Asta wonders if his sword is capable of cutting through that. Langris then walks up to Finral and comments about that Finral's magic is nothing more than a delivery service. Langris also warns Finral not to get caught in his magic since his body would get taken away, and that their parents along with that person would be sad. Finral replies that he will not let that happen since he will beat Langris, to which Langris responds by saying that Finral is acting pretty high and mighty for a big brother.[4]


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