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Team E vs. Team F is the third fight of the Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament.


Both Hamon Caseus and Leopold Vermillion suggest that their magic should be used as the main focus. As Hamon and Leopold both argue with each other, Finral Roulacase asks if they leave the offensive to him since he cannot lose here. Finral also thinks about how he did not fight with the Black Bulls just for show, and that they will not pass on the exceptional movement powers of his Spatial Magic. Leopold says that that might be interesting and that they should see how masterfully Finral can use them.[1]


Leopold uses Finral's portal to attack one of Team F's members. The Silver Eagle thinks about how it is because of the Spatial Magic user that Team E can use such perfect timing counterattacks. As the teams continue to fight, Finral thinks about how he can see everything that is happening on the battlefield. Hamon uses one of Finral's portal to appear behind Team F's crystal and attacks it with multiple glass swords, while also admiring Finral's masterful use of Spatial Magic. Leopold drops down from a portal and unleashes a full power Spiral Flame, destroying Team F's crystal. The officials announce that Team E are the winners.[2]


The other participants praise the skills of Finral and the other Black Bulls, but Langris remains silent. Hamon suggests to his teammates that they have a nice meal, to which Leopold suggests an eating contest, but Finral says that he is not feeling up to it right now.[3]


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